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Epoch TV Review: Is Your Child Addicted to Their Phone?

Commentary Every generation worries about the upcoming youth, but does the age of smartphones and digital addiction pose a more serious threat than ever before? In an episode of NTD’s “The Nation Speaks,” host Cindy Drukier interviews teacher and author Jeremy Adams, as well as psychologist Hilarie Cash, to answer this question. It has only […]

Psychic Addiction: Warning Signs You Could Be Addicted Plus Tips to Break Your Habit

April 27th 2021 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Many people, particularly those who count themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’, enjoy getting readings from psychics, mediums, tarot readers, astrologers and other psychic readers. There’s nothing wrong with that – I’m an astrologer myself, and I hope my clients find my services […]

Are You Addicted to Spiritual Escapism?

February 8th, 2021 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World Aren’t you sick and tired of running? As a species, we’re always running and hiding from everything, whether we know it or not. We run from love, forgiveness, mental ideas, other people, beliefs, inner fears … but above all else, we run from ourselves. We are […]

Phone-addicted teens aren’t as happy as those who play sports and hang out IRL – New Study

To no parent’s surprise, too much smartphone use makes teens unhappy.      So says a new study from San Diego State University, which pulled data from over one million 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders in the U.S. showing teens who spent more time on social media, gaming, texting and video-chatting on their phones were not as […]

Are You Addicted To “The Scroll”? Why It’s Time To Face Smartphone Addiction & Take The Power Back

Next Story Is it time to really look at what social media is doing to us? The issue here is that we really don’t know the long term consequences of too much screen time, because being attached to screens for hours at our time is a relatively new aspect of our day-to-day lifestyle. It’s been […]

Hospitals Recruited Volunteers To Cuddle Babies Addicted To Drugs

Next Story Ever wondered how something as simple as a hug can somehow fix so many things? You might be upset, angry, lonely, or scared, and yet when you receive a hug in that moment, even if it’s from a complete stranger, you feel comforted. We’re creatures who not only love connection, but crave it, whether that […]

Tulsi Gabbard: US Addicted to Regime Change; CIA Funded and Armed Al Qaeda in Syria

Content originally published at In a brazen attempt at honesty, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D) of Hawaii went on Tucker Carlson tonight and declared the US was addicted to regime change and that we armed and funded Al Qaeda in Syria. In late 2016, Gabbard introduced the ‘Stop Funding Terrorist Act‘ to Congress […]

Fearless 7 Year Old Takes On An Armed Robber

Most little boys dream of becoming soldiers, cops, or firemen when they grow up because they want a chance to be a real-life superhero, but one fearless 7-year-old decided he wasn’t going to wait until he was a grown up to become a hero. The brave 7-year-old was with his mom at a local GameStop […]

Study Finds That Medical Error Is The Third Biggest Killer In The United States

Long gone are the days when it’s safe for people like us to assume that only death is inevitable. A recently published article in The British Medical Journal has discovered that not only death, but human errors are also inevitable. This is an alarming situation wherein authors of The British Medical Journal have estimated 251,000 […]

Israeli geneticist: Ashkenazi jews come from Turkish villages, not Palestine

     Israeli geneticist: Ashkenazi jews come from Turkish villages, not Palestine New research suggests that the majority of the world’s modern Jewish population is descended mainly from people from ancient Turkey, rather than predominantly from elsewhere in the Middle East. The new research suggests that most of the Jewish population of northern and eastern Europe […]

Gene editing with no boundaries now aggressively pursued by China … Plants, animals and even soldiers to all become GMOs

(NaturalNews) American corporations are racing against Chinese companies to develop technology that would allow them to genetically modify everything on the planet, including human beings. As reported by Bloomberg News, Chinese firms are pouring no small amount of resources into building expertise on genomics. Also, the Chinese government is throwing money and resources […]

Massive bloody tumors appearing ever more frequently in Pacific sealife, as U.S. government and media continue to ignore Fukushima radiation

(NaturalNews) Large, bloody tumors continue to turn up in Pacific marine animals, raising concern that the ocean food web may be widely contaminated by radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Unfortunately, no U.S. government agency has tested the ocean or its animals for this contamination, making it impossible to know how many […]

Undercover Terrorists: Israeli Soldiers Caught on Film Posing as Palestinian Rioters

As violence once again engulfs the Gaza/Israel border, video footage has emerged showing undercover Israeli soldiers posing as Palestinian rioters, and after throwing rocks at Israeli forces, shooting other Palestinians who have joined them. The footage, filmed from two angles on October 7, 2015, shows a group of about ten undercover Israeli soldiers, dressed […]

The 14th Intifada is on the way and its global consequences

     Below I discuss briefly why I think Israel is intent on ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories, the recent upheaval here and the killing of children, who is Benyamin Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu) behind the spate of recent war crimes including murdering a 13 year old child (pictures below), ask whether a 14th Intifada on […]

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