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BBC Chairman Made ‘Significant Errors of Judgement’ Over Boris Johnson’s Loan, MPs Say

BBC Chair Richard Sharp made “significant errors of judgement” when failing to declare his role in the facilitation of a loan to the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a Parliamentary committee has said. Sharp is under investigation over potential conflicts of interests after allegations emerged that he had helped secure an £800,000 ($987,000) loan guarantee […]

Michael Collins Piper: FINAL JUDGEMENT lecture Mossad connection to JFK Conspiracy

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YCP – From Creation Day to Judgement Day in II Esdras

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Korea needs diplomatic judgement

Korea needs diplomatic judgement – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN— The South Korea ambassador to Iran has “donated” 2000 masks to a hospital in Tehran. The move angered Iranians, as they considered it an insult to the great nation of Iran. The insulting move, that occurred on October 26, annoyed the Iranians, as they started to recount all […]

Backward ClassReservation after Supreme Court judgement on Maratha case: who is to gain or lose?

On May 5 Supreme Court quashed Maharashtra State Reservation for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Act (SEBC Act) of 2018, providing reservation to Maratha community in public services and educational institutions. This judgement is significant in multiple ways thanks to the increasing lobbying power of reservation politics, both at centre and state. After the Indira […]

Releasing Judgement – of Yourself

January 22nd, 2021 By Kelly Brogan, M.D. Guest Writer for Wake Up World I’m sure you’ve heard the spiritual trope – let go of what no longer serves you. But does that actually mean anything to you? Do you really have any idea what it would feel like to loosen that toxic grip? Let alone what […]

UNHRC 46th Session In February/March 2021 – Judgement day for Sri Lanka and its War Victims

The forthcoming 46th UNHRC Sessions in February/March 2021 holds the key to uphold accountability, justice and human rights in Sri Lanka while halting Sri Lanka’s history of evasions and denials  of its obligations to comply with and implement the recommendations in the 30/1 of 2015 and 40/1 of 2019 Resolutions. It has so far successfully […]

European Hypocrisy Laid Bare in Kosher-Slaughter Legal Judgement

Rabbi Yitzchak Eliezer Yakav, chief slaughterer from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, responsible for kosher slaughter of cattle imported to Israel from South America. Photo: Kobi Gideon / Flash90. – Last time I checked, the French were still preparing their famed foie gras delicacy using the method of “gavage.” This involves force-feeding a duck […]

Catholic Bishop CONDEMNS Biden: Expect ‘Judgement Before God’ Over Abortion

One of the highest-ranking Catholic Church officials in America has slammed Joe Biden over his unGodly pro-abortion policies, warning the Democrat nominee that he can expect “judgement before God” for his sins. The Roman Catholic bishop of Knoxville, Tennessee, Rick Stika, urged Biden to rethink his support for killing unborn babies or face divine judgment. “A question […]

Review of “Against Our Better Judgement” by Alison Weir: Documenting Zionist Control of America & The Creation of Israel

From Wear’s War …While Zionists considered such places as Argentina, Uganda, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and Texas,[6] they eventually settled on Palestine for the location of their proposed Jewish State, even though Palestine was already inhabited by a population that was 93-96 percent non-Jewish. The best analysis says the population was 96 percent Muslims and […]

Judgement day: Is Nibiru going to wipe out life on Earth today? (POLL)

Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and Trump’s war of words with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have dominated the news cycle in recent months, which many have taken as signs of the impending apocalypse. However, a combination of Christian numerology, signs in the stars, and a fictional planet named Nibiru heading towards the Earth have proven a […]

Judgement Day for the entire nation

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Hybrid Wars: America’s Strategic Plan to Contain and Destabilize China

Hybrid Wars: America’s Strategic Plan to Contain and Destabilize China

Syrian Army makes significant Progress: Saudis warn Moscow of “Serious Consequences”

nsnbc : Over the last days the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Air Force has made significant progress in its fight against ISIL, Al-Nusrah and other extremist insurgencies. Saudi officials warned that the country would continue to support moderate rebels and warned Moscow of “serious consequences”.  Photo courtesy of SANA On Monday Syrian Arab […]

Bolt, Bromberg and a profoundly disturbing judgement

Posted September 29, 2011 15:37:40 Photo: Andrew Bolt is featured in the Herald Sun on September 29, 2011, the day after Justice Mordecai Bromberg found two of Bolt’s columns were unlawful under the Racial Discrimination Act. (Herald Sun) Andrew Bolt dishes it out. He is, one might say, a professional disher-out. So the self-pity in his […]

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