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Nicole Kidman’s Father Silenced by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

Nicole Kidman’s Father Silenced by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult May 14, 2017 35 by G.I. Joe (Editor’s note: With the explosive claims in the week-end papers of child sex abuse levelled against Cardinal George Pell, we reflect back to 2014. This article was originally posted September 15, 2014) Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday (September 12, […]


» The Song of My People xox I know You’re Out ThereYesterday at 11:26 am by PurpleSkyz » DHS footage shows UFO buzzes A10 warthog nearby Davis Monthan AFB Yesterday at 10:47 am by PurpleSkyz » VICTIMS OF COVID VACCINE INJURY WHO ARE BEING SILENCED BY MEDIA WANT TO BE HEARD!!Yesterday at 10:29 am by PurpleSkyz » TESS Discovers Planetary Systems around […]

Stigmatized But Not Silenced: Growing up Palestinian in Germany

I was six years old when I first experienced the meaning of being a Palestinian descendant growing up in Germany. It was the day when my primary school teacher asked me where my mother was from. Innocently I replied, “from Palestine.” I immediately saw a rapid change in her behavior.  Enraged and appalled, she raised […]

Digital Apartheid: Palestinians Being Silenced On Social Media

Social media companies, from Zoom to Facebook and Twitter, are reinforcing Israel’s erasure of Palestinians. “Big Tech’s censors material related to the Palestinian struggle on Israel’s demand.” In 1984, Palestinian American intellectual and Columbia University Professor Edward Said famously argued that Palestinians are denied “permission to narrate”. More than 30 years later, in 2020, Maha […]

‘Will not be silenced’: AP, Al Jazeera condemn Israel for bombing Gaza media offices & nearly killing their journalists

The Associated Press and Al Jazeera have both issued statements condemning the bombing of Gaza media offices by the Israeli military, claiming that the “disturbing” attack almost killed several reporters. Following the targeted bombing on Saturday, which destroyed the building containing international media offices in Gaza, AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt said the company […]

Jordanian prince accused of sedition says he won’t stay silenced in new leaked recording

An audio statement attributed to Jordan’s Prince Hamzah, who was put under house arrest for allegedly conspiring against the royal family, says he will not stay silent – despite orders from the country’s security forces. Prince Hamzah, a former crown prince and half-brother to King Abdullah II, was detained on Saturday and reportedly placed incommunicado, […]

Nicole Kidman’s Father: Satanist, Silenced by His Own Ninth Circle Satanic Cult

Posted on September 15, 2014 by G.I. Joe Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on […]

The Silenced #MeToo: War, Rape, & Racism

The Silenced #MeToo: War, Rape, & Racism Note: The Women’s March on the Pentagon being organized by Cindy Sheehan is an example of women who are organizing to show women oppose war.  KZ “Me Too was about reaching the places that other people wouldn’t go, bringing messages and words and encouragement to survivors of sexual […]

Twitter just silenced PJ Media’s terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

(Natural News) A veteran journalist from the popular independent media website has had her personal Twitter account removed from the social media platform indefinitely, and there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate reason for this besides Twitter’s continued assault on conservative free speech. Bridget Johnson, who specializes in covering issues related to terrorism, was […]

Child Star Reveals How Naming His Abuser Got Him Silenced as His CONVICTED Rapist Hired at Disney

Pedophilia in Hollywood, according to victims and those who expose it, is rampant and exists throughout the industry. Those who expose it are often tarred and feathered in the mainstream and the predators in Hollywood remain protected. However, the recent revelations about the alleged sexual abuse doled out by Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, is proving […]

Going Underground – Ep. 537: Vivienne Westwood Silenced on Fracking & Gareth Porter on Trumps Nuclear War

Going Underground – Ep. 537: Vivienne Westwood Silenced on Fracking & Gareth Porter on Trumps Nuclear War Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to award-winning journalist Dr Gareth Porter about the perils of potential British backing for a Trump nuclear war. We talk to fashion icon Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corr […]

The Ziogarchy Goes All Out Against Free Speech! Stand Up NOW or be Silenced Forever! NEW SHOW!

Download Today Dr. Duke listed the string of lies that are told about the events in Charlottesville last week. He broke down the media narrative that villainizes white people in general while completely glossing over the violent, radical communist nature of the Antifa and other groups that attacked the people who attacked the Unite the […]

We Will Not Be Silenced: Palestine Will Be Free

Source The demand for change is reaching boiling point says Chris Nineham ‘The chanting was relentless, the speeches were inflected with anger and the mood was militant.’ Anger at Israeli attacks on the Palestinians is reaching boiling point. On Saturday 1,000 people protested at the Israeli embassy in London, jostling with the police to occupy […]

The Battle for Palestine on US Campuses: a review of ‘We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics’

WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics Edited by William I. Robinson and Maryam S. Griffin Forward by Cynthia McKinney and Preface by Richard Falk 280 pp. AK Press, 2017. $19.95. There are many ways to try to silence people whose ideas you don’t like. You can bully, blackmail, violate, isolate, […]

Dr Rife Silenced by Mafia Medical Industry for Inventing Cancer-Curing Technology

One of Big Pharma’s biggest allied actors in the medical industry in the United States is the American Medical Association (AMA). Almost all members of the AMA are secretly funded by Big Pharma. The fundamental objective of Big Pharma is to be in league with the AMA, so that it can exert influence on the […]

US Taxpayers Forced to Pay $3 Billion for Damages in Vaccine Lawsuits — Not the Drug Companies

In 2007, the US taxpayers were told that they were responsible for the negligent actions of several large banking institutions.  by Matt Agorist They were told that in order to prevent “complete and utter chaos” from a banking collapse they must give the banking cartels hundreds of billions of dollars to “bail them out” —  […]

American exceptionalism defined

     On the surface, American exceptionalism appears to represent a boldly-stated concept but when contrasted to the subtleties of personal experience, the lessons and flow of history and individual geographically-rooted place, horribly small-minded and delusional, conceivable only as a statement by a crazed, power-hungry overlord to an underling. Synchronized beautifully in 2004 by a senior […]

The Trouble with Conservatism

Dr. Pierce predicted today’s shift to the right by Jews — and the fatal flaw in conservative groups like the Tea Party movement. by Dr. William L. Pierce (1978) Last year a group of sick, guilt-ridden Dutch liberals in the Netherlands formed an anti-racist group, the Person-to-Person Committee, for the purpose of fighting apartheid among […]

Security Firm Operates in Israel and Lebanon Simultaneously

Local Editor G4S is a multinational security firm that operates in the Zionist entity guarding the Israeli jails and in Lebanon by providing protection services to governmental and financial institutions. In Tel Aviv lies the central branch of the firm where all the data collected from the other branches, including the one located in Beirut, […]

Syrians Besieged by US Supported Terrorists Risk Death, Fake Media Reports Blame Bashar Al-Assad

ISIS and other terrorist groups are killing Syrians they hold captive by appalling atrocities,  exposure to freezing temperatures, denial of vital medical treatment, and starvation. Syrian armed forces so far haven’t freed trapped Fuaa and Kafrya residents in Idlib province mountainous areas. They may freeze to death from exposure or perish from denial of essential […]

Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel

The Palestine Information Center (PIC), an independent Palestinian news website and network had their Facebook page temporarily suspended for publishing a 2009 cartoon by Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff. The graphic shows a woman walking and carrying a wounded child in front of an Israeli flag with one of the blue banners of the flag covering her […]

Turkey faces trial in Europe for brutally killing 200 civilians & displacing 100,000 more

     Human rights activists are concerned about the grave humanitarian situation in besieged Kurdish towns of southeastern Turkey. Ankara is to face a trial in Strasbourg over its security forces’ operation which is due to be over by the end of January. Schools remain closed in areas under curfews, civilian death toll along with the […]

Chemtrails – Censored and Unspeakable Alien Technology Infecting All Life on Earth

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Original Title: “Chemtrails, ET’s & Alien Technology – The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet” Re-Posted From Waking Times Have we lost our planet Earth to a faction of greedy un-evolved tyrannical extraterrestrials? The connection between early reports of alien craft propulsion systems using tube-like toruses, Lockheed- Martin Skunkworks new promise […]

VA Retaliates Against Veteran Whistleblower With False Arrest and Confiscation of His American Flags – Veterans Today

By Ted Hayes   LOS ANGELES – Under the apparent orders of top VA officials, VA police issued a deceptive arrest citation and confiscated the American Flags of Veteran whistleblower Bob Rosebrock at the Old Veterans Guard’s 397th consecutive Sunday Rally to “Save Our Veterans Land” and to “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.” Every Sunday […]

Want to thwart govt spies? Use snail mail, Assange says

“Journalists are treated by intelligence services as spies,” Assange told the Belgian daily Le Soir in an interview on Saturday. “The same methods used against spies are used against journalists, and now journalists must learn counter-espionage methods to protect their sources.” “My recommendation, for people who don’t have 10 years’ experience in cryptography, is to […]

Video: The People Will Not Be Silenced, Occupy the Fed Houston October 9, 2011 From Two groups with similar goals but different points of view took up their protest signs Saturday in Houston. Occupy Houston volunteers continued to gather in Eleaonor Tinsley Park for a third day of “occupation” Saturday in support of the anti-corporate corruption movement Occupy Wall Street. At the same […]

Occupy Houston FED! The People Will Not be Silenced

Alex Jones Channel Saturday, October 8, 2011 Alex arrives to huge crowd of freedom lovers at Houston Fed. Keep up to date with developments as they happen at the Alex Jones Channel. Print this page. Comment Rules 9 Responses to “Occupy Houston FED! The People Will Not be Silenced” FLASH NEWS: FIXED NEWS UPDATE Dumb […]

We Will Not Be Silenced!

Photo by G. Duff, US Military Cemetery Luxemburg   Abe, (Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League) I call you that because you are like an old friend, perhaps one gone a bit potty, a bit over the edge, a bit obsessed. So many of us have that crazy aunt in the attic. You are mine. […]

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