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The ‘Sedition Act’: When it is done by the government, only ‘British Raj’ comes to mind!

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court N.V. Ramana recently asked the Attorney General of the Central Government, “Is there a need for a law of ‘treason’ which reminds us of the remnants of colonialism after 75 years of independence?” According to the court, section 124 (a) of the Act is being grossly misused. The ‘Sedition […]

Sedition: Antithesis Of Freedom Of Speech And Expression

“…these are fundamental rights from a police constable’s point of view and not from the point of view of a free and fighting nation. Here whatever right is given is taken away by a proviso. Sardar Patel would punish us if we make a speech, but Rajaji would punish us even before we have made […]

Hong Kong police arrest unionists for ‘sedition’ over children’s book

Five trade unionists were arrested by Hong Kong police on Thursday in relation to a series of children’s books described as “seditious”. Four editors and journalists were separately denied bail by a court as part of a widening crackdown on dissent in the city, which is now again an administrative region of China. The five […]

Jordan’s King Abdullah says ‘sedition is buried’ following ‘painful’ rift with half-brother arrested after criticizing govt

King Abdullah II of Jordan has said that the Arab state is stable after his half-brother, Prince Hamzah, was accused of conspiring with foreign powers to undermine national security and placed under house arrest. The former crown prince was one of 16 people detained on Saturday over an alleged plot against the royal family, while […]

Jordan king, addressing family feud, says ‘sedition buried’

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Jordanian prince accused of sedition says he won’t stay silenced in new leaked recording

An audio statement attributed to Jordan’s Prince Hamzah, who was put under house arrest for allegedly conspiring against the royal family, says he will not stay silent – despite orders from the country’s security forces. Prince Hamzah, a former crown prince and half-brother to King Abdullah II, was detained on Saturday and reportedly placed incommunicado, […]

Capitol riots prosecutor suggests some suspects will be charged with sedition

A former federal prosecutor leading Justice Department’s investigation into the storming of the US capital building and the criminal culpability of Donald Trump in the 6 January riots that left five people dead, has said that the probe supports sedition charges. “I personally believe the evidence is trending toward that, and probably meets those elements,” […]

Mary Trump has her next act — and believes her uncle’s guilty of sedition

Trump, who worked with LPAC before the election, was asked to join the group as it works to recruit candidates for office and raise funds ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. In this political moment, she said, she hopes to use her name and platform to “move away from what has been one of the […]

Democrats Imprison First Amendment for Sedition

Democrats Imprison First Amendment for Sedition / pcr3 Democrats Imprison First Amendment for Sedition Paul Craig Roberts Glenn Greenwald explains the Democrats’ determination to obliterate the First Amendment. The Democrats have resurrected the Third Reich in America: To further stamp out opposition to their one-party rule, the Democrats intend to criminalize American […]

Schumer: Trump must be investigated for ‘attempted sedition’

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Alec Baldwin Has ‘Dream’ of Noose at Trump’s ‘Trial for Sedition’ on MLK Birthday

In yet another inciting tweet from left-wing celebrities, far-left actor Alec Baldwin chose civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to describe a “dream” he had which included a noose hanging outside of a courthouse during President Donald Trump’s “sedition” trial. Inciting his radical Twitter following, the progressive activist and Saturday Night Live and Boss Baby star took […]

Sedition caucus mimics Trump’s worst sin: Demolition of content—legal, moral, democratic or electoral

Image Credit: Sarah Grillo/Axios Governance by stunts exposes the worst of Trumpism, now under justifiable siege Among the most memorable images of Capitol rioters, aside from brutal homicides, are videos of disrupters carrying off spoils, gaping like rape-and-pillage raiders leaving burning rubble. Plus, with a stupid you can’t teach, deplorables advertised their crimes with selfies, […]

US Justice Dept: Capitol case like terror probe, will bring ‘sedition’ charges

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of people are facing arrest in connection with last week’s storming of the US Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump and some could be charged with sedition and conspiracy, US officials said Tuesday. “We’ve already charged over 70 cases,” Michael Sherwin, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, told a […]

Rob Reiner: ANYONE Who Questions Election Results Is ‘Committing Sedition and Treason’

Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner has accused Republican lawmakers who are planning on challenging the fraudulent election results of committing “sedition and treason.” Reiner, who has repeatedly spread the conspiracy theory that Trump is a Russian asset, made the outlandish claim in a tweet on Saturday. “Every Senator and Congressperson who votes to overturn the […]

Rob Reiner: GOP Lawmakers Planning to Challenge Election Will Be ‘Committing Sedition and Treason’

Left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner is attacking Republican lawmakers who are planning on challenging the electoral college results, accusing them of committing “sedition and treason.” Rob Reiner, who has repeatedly called President Donald Trump a Russian asset during the last four years, made the accusations in a tweet on Saturday. “Every Senator and Congressperson who […]

Picking the Scab off the Sadistic Sedition Show Trials

Today It’s Tear Gas, Tazers and Ties In the 1940s, it was sedition trials held against American patriots who were opposed to International Communism and taking the country to war against Germany. My Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines sedition as: Conduct or speech inciting to rebellion. It gives the definition of patriot as: Champion or lover […]

Rights Organisations Demand Quashing of UAPA, Sedition Charges Against Activists

In November, 67 Adivasi, Dalit and human rights activists were booked by the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana police under UAPA and charged with sedition for alleged “maoist links”. In late-November, police officials in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana booked 67 Adivasi, Dalit and human rights activists under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and under […]

Treason. Sedition. Fraud! Sign This Petition to Prevent More Corruption!

Treason. Sedition. Fraud. All Against a Legitimately Elected President Trump. The criminality is OFF The Charts! Organized crime… The Deep State doesn’t want to lose control of Washington-Their Golden Goose. Please sign the petition if the US Constitution and election integrity are important to you, and share. Twitter wouldn’t let me share this Tweet  […]

Iran protests: General declares ‘sedition’ defeated

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Armed Forces Spokesman: US plotting new sedition in Iran

FNA- Deputy Chief of Staff and Spokesman of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri lashed out at US President Donald Trump for his support for protests in Iran, warning of Washington’s new plots. “The support rendered by the highest-ranking official of the US regime along with a number of governments and arrogant powers’ media, […]

William Griffin and the Great Sedition Trial of 1944

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s infamous Sedition Trials in 1944 had as their aim the final annihilation of America’s anti-war movement. Information relating to these notorious trials has been largely removed from public scrutiny. All references to the trials were erased from Wikipedia on December 13, 2004. During the Washington DC trials some 30 or so Americans […]

US vows to continue operations in Hormuz Straight despite Iran’s threat

US operations in and near the Strait of Hormuz will continue despite Iran’s recent threat to close the strategic strait in response to US-led maritime drills in the region, Department of Defense spokesperson Peter Cook said during a press briefing on Thursday. NEW YORK (Sputnik) — On Wednesday, deputy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps warned […]

Lebanon’s 14th of March marches into oblivion

February 23, 2016 by Ghassan Kadi On the 14 of February 2005, Lebanese ex-PM Rafiq Hariri was killed in a massive car bomb in downtown Beirut. His son Saad Hariri was quick to accuse Syria of the murder, rallied around him massive support, both political and demographic and successfully managed to get the Syrian troops […]

Alabama Judge Censured for Forcing Defendants to Give Blood or Go to Jail

Judge to defendants: Give blood or go to jail On January 21, 2016, Judge Marvin Wiggins, Circuit Judge of Perry County, Alabama, was censured by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for violation of the Canons of Judicial Ethics, by forcing criminal defendants to give blood or be incarcerated.  Mr. Wiggins […]

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