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Unwilling Supersoldier Comments on Being Used Against His Will & How Unethical It Really Is!

Nice article, but these technologies have already been implemented for a super solider program…these programs have been ongoing for over 50 years. My grandfather was part of one of the first programs to see how far a soldier could be pushed. It was run by Nazi scientist that came to United States through Operation Paper […]

The Most Unethical US Government Experiments On Humans

It’s not new… not by a long shot. EWR From At times, the American government has been caught conducting inhumane experiments on humans without their consent and/or knowledge. Many even involved the participation of medical professionals, who ironically became hypocrites to their Hippocratic Oath. Many of these stories sound like conspiracy theories, but sadly, […]

MP’s Launch Investigation Into ‘Unethical’ Fear Tactics Used To Promote Compliance During Pandemic

The British government’s behavioral insights team will reportedly be investigated over claims that they used ‘fear, shame and scapegoating’ to influence the public during the covid pandemic. MPs are launching an investigation into the Government’s Covid propaganda after a group of psychologists warned that a team of civil servants. dedicated to “nudging” public behaviour during […]

Secret govt unit used ‘unethical’ fear tactics to push Covid rules compliance – media

The UK government’s behavioral insights team will reportedly be investigated over claims of using ‘fear, shame and scapegoating’ to influence public A parliamentary committee is reportedly set to investigate “scare ads” created by the UK government’s shadowy ‘behavioural insights’ team to “nudge” the public into obeying Covid-19 restrictions. The move comes amid concerns about the “grossly unethical” use of the unit […]

UK Health Secretary Says ‘Unethical’ Mandatory Vaccination ‘Will Not Work’

The US Food and Drug Administration has elongated the timespan it will take to make public clinical data about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA now says it will take 75 years to release the information. After processing 12,000 pages about the approval process for the vaccine in the space of two months, the agency now […]

A non-denominational Personal Beliefs response to unethical medical

This is from one of our readers: ” A retired UK lawyer has launched a new website to give voice to those who have genuine ethical and moral objections to forced pharmaceutical treatments. ‘provides a non-denominational Personal Beliefs response to unethical medical mandates, coercion, bullying, sanctions & discrimination, declaring Equal Respect for all forms of […]

More than 100 activists write to Deccan Herald regarding vilifying and unethical advertisement

To, Mr. Sitaraman Shankar, Acting CEO, TPML, Editor, Deccan Herald CC: Mr B.S Arun, Deputy Editor 15 July 2021 We would like to draw your attention to the State page (Page 5) of E-Paper/Newspaper, released on 15 July 2021. The Deccan Herald’s (DH) Visual Connect ad on the page is not just factually incorrect, but […]

UK Scientists Admit to ‘Unethical’ and ‘Totalitarian’ Use of Fear in Covid Response

By Dylan Charles It is very tempting to want to believe that the response to covid is rooted in altruism, logic, cool-headedness and reason. After all, who wants to believe that they are being manipulated? For almost a decade I’ve been publishing articles on on the reality that psychology and psychiatry are being exploited on […]

A Canadian MD gagged – says it is unethical to continue the CV vaccination with the injuries he’s seen so far (a must listen)

This Canadian MD, Dr Charles Hoffe, has administered 900 Moderna injections and observed a death and multiple neurological injuries, three are disabled. He has taken his concerns higher but is being gagged & accused of causing vaccine hesitancy. An absolute must listen … he describes the injuries in patients he’s treated for 28 years, formerly […]

WHO Chief Says Herd Immunity is ‘Unethical’, Pretends Sweden and Belarus Don’t Exist

    The head of the World Health Organization warned Monday against suggestions by some to just allow COVID-19 to spread in the hope of achieving so-called herd immunity, saying this was “unethical.” “Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a […]


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New legal defense: The air pollution made me do it… researchers say it "triggers" unethical behaviors

(Natural News) When people make excuses for their bad behavior, they no longer have to take responsibility for their choices. Researchers from New York’s Columbia Business School have found a new excuse for justifying people’s bad behavior. According to their research, air pollution makes people more anxious and therefore “triggers” unethical behaviors. […]

Humans are herd animals: Study finds people are more unethical when operating in groups

(Natural News) Groups have a greater propensity for lying than individuals, claim behavioral scientists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany. According to, they came to this conclusion after conducting an experiment to delve into whether dishonesty is the result of singular or collective decision making. Led by Martin G. Kocher, the team recruited 273 students […]

Rep Lamar Smith & Friends Form Legion of Doom to Protect ExxonMobil

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   On the road to exposing Exxon Mobil for crimes against the environment, 13 Republican congressmen on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee (SSTC) have sent out letters to 17 state attorney generals , 8 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Greenpeace USA […]

Demands grow on Israel to release circus teacher for disabled children

Ryan Rodrick Beiler Rights and Accountability 31 January 2016 As 23-year-old Palestinian circus performer Mohammad Abu Sakha enters his second month of administrative detention in Israeli prison, new appeals have been issued by Amnesty International for his release. Abu Sakha, who has been a performer and trainer with the Palestinian Circus School since […]

Danish scientist: NATO is a dying alliance using ‘fearology’ to convince citizens of its relevance

     Danish scientist Jan Oberg, director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Research, has managed to accurately describe NATO using only words (and no vulgar hand gestures). Incredible, but true: Oberg noted that NATO’s largest military drills in a decade were supposed to boost fear among ordinary citizens, making them believe it is necessary […]

Trump’s top 20 insults …

Trump’s top 20 insults … Even Obama doesn’t want the evil witch Hillary to run for president, because he thinks she’ll “mess with his legacy” when she’s indicted for her criminality … Related … Hopelessly judaized commie whore and failing party hack Hillary shrugs off allegations that she “wiped” her server clean, with a snarky response. God’s ‘trump card’, […]

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