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Former Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon says he will run for prime minister: Zio-Watch, June 18-19, 2016

An Iron Dome Missile Defense battery firing near the Southern israeli town of Ashdod, July 16, 2014. (Miriam Alster/Flash90) WASHINGTON (JTA) — Despite President Barack Obama’s veto threat, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $576 billion defense appropriations bill, including an allocation of $635 million for Israel’s missile defense program. Thursday’s vote on the […]

The opiate of the masses: When religion becomes an addiction

“I’ve never been happier since I quit my 30-year addiction to Jesus.” – Blogger and Christian Heretic, Sandra Kee      To a medical researcher, the word addiction has a specific biological meaning. But in common vernacular, it means approximately this: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is […]

Illegal Muslim prayer hall blown up in Russia after police find explosives inside (VIDEO)

The video of the controlled explosion shows a considerable part of the building being destroyed in the blast. A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb-disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, […]

Iraqi Protesters Breach Baghdad’s Green Zone, ISIS Target Shiites

For the first time protesters have breached Baghdad’s heart of government in the Green Zone. Dozens of protester waving Iraqi flags and chanting anti-government slogans climbed the walls of the security zone and stormed the parliament. In another part of the capital ISIS has claimed responsibility for car bombing a Shiite district during holy pilgrimage and killing […]

LOL: Greek Farmer Destroys Invader Tent City with a Tractor

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer April 1, 2016 Pure evil. These racists should allow these innocent victims to live on their land for free, indefinitely. Don’t these Greek racists understand there is a brutal civil war in Turkey? Do they have any ability to comprehend how brutal this Turkish civil war truly is? These tent Moslems are […]

Scientists Create Material That Could Allow Us to Breathe Underwater Without Oxygen Tanks

The ability to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks has long been a dream of humanity. Now it is very likely to become a reality, thanks to so-called Aquaman crystal, created by scientists from the University of Southern Denmark. It is a crystalline material that can absorb oxygen from the environment and store it so that […]

How essential oils can replace overused antibiotics and stop drug-resistant superbugs

(NaturalNews) Antibiotic resistance is rapidly reaching the scale of a global health crisis. More and more people are being treated with “last resort” antibiotics, and the head of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, recently warned that the explosion of increasingly virulent drug-resistant microbes may eventually mean the “end of modern medicine.” “The […]

Sheikh Nimr’s brother: "I blame Obama for my brother’s execution"

     The brother of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr has blamed US President Barack Obama for failing to prevent his brother’s execution by Saudi Arabia, which has set off worldwide protests. “I am sorry to say that the American government did not offer to make any efforts on this, although they knew the […]

Toronto School Helps Tranny Child Deceive Her Parents

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California Cops Are Using These Biometric Gadgets in the Field

EFF and MuckRock News teamed up in August to reveal how state and local law enforcement agencies are using mobile biometric technology in the field by filing public records requests around the country. With the help of members of the public who nominated jurisdictions for investigation, we have now obtained thousands of pages of documents from more […]

Unemployment, Collapsing Infrastructure, An Incompetent Social-political-economic System: America’s is “On the Road to the Third World”

On January 6, 2004, Senator Charles Schumer and I challenged the erroneous idea that jobs offshoring was free trade in a New York Times op-ed.  Our article so astounded economists that within a few days Schumer and I were summoned to a Brookings Institution conference in Washington, DC, to explain our heresy. In the nationally televised conference, […]

Stingray Surveillance Devices Used To Listen In On Cell Phones

It is now documented that the authorities and the police can use Stingray surveillance tools to listen in on people’s private calls. It was known that the secretive devises were capable of tracking people but it has now been revealed that the cell-site simulators can wirelessly take over a cell phone and use it as […]

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