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Dogs make a big mess and play dead to avoid blame when the mother begins the interrogation

Some dogs are masters in getting out of trouble. Two Bulldogs, named Sophia and Oliver, proved that their criminal minds are two steps ahead of their humans. The family entered the room and found a huge mess. However, when the interrogation began, the two dogs knew very well how to escape it. As soon as […]

Insider Bared Banker Conspiracy in KGB Interrogation (1938)

(left, Christian Rakovsky with Leon Trotsky c. 1924. Trotsky, an agent of the Cabalist Jewish central bankers was supposed to succeed Lenin but Stalin beat him to it.)  Related– We Have De Facto Communism  and Bella Dodd: The NWO is Communism This is a series of three key articles. They are in Cruel Hoax but not […]

Court Calls US ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ Torture

Court Calls US ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ Torture Above: Waterboarding by Getty Images. A federal court in San Francisco took the unusual step of using the word “torture” to describe the treatment of a Palestinian man while he was in CIA custody following the Sept. 11 attacks. “It’s the first time an appellate court, to my […]

Israeli Authorities Summon 3-Year Old Child for Interrogation

In the latest violation of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, Israeli authorities on Monday issued a summons for a 3-year-old child to be brought to the Jerusalem police station for interrogation. During an invasion of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-‘Isawiya Monday night, Israeli forces stormed the home of 3-year old […]

Palestinian man, 31, dies in solitary confinement after a month’s detention, interrogation

West Bank / Jerusalem Palestinian detainee dies in solitary confinement in Nitzan Israeli prison IMEMC 16 July — The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) reported, Tuesday, that a Palestinian detainee from Beit Fajjar town, south of the West Bank city of Bethlehem, has died in solitary confinement in Nitzan Israeli Prison. The PPS said the detainee, […]

Soldiers Search Homes, Summon Former Detainee For Interrogation, In Hebron

Israeli soldiers invaded, earlier Sunday, Hebron city, and near by Yatta town, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, searched homes, and summoned a former political prisoner for interrogation. Media sources said the soldiers violently searched homes in Hebron city, and interrogated several Palestinians before summing […]

Video of Ahed #Tamimi’s interrogation shows intimidation, harassment

The family of Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager who garnered international attention after being detained and sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping an Israeli soldier, released on Monday footage of the 17-year-old girl being interrogated by Israeli officers in the days following the arrest. Because she is a minor, Israeli authorities are required […]

Video of Ahed Tamimi’s violent interrogation inside Israeli jails

Family of Palestinian protest teen Ahed Tamimi has released video in which two male Israeli interrogators threatening little girl and commenting on her body, fair skin and “eyes of an angel.” One of the men is seen moving to within inches of Tamimi, who remains silent. Excerpts from the 90-minute interrogation video were released Monday by […]

Ahed Tamimi Interrogation Video Discussed in New Report

Source I do not make a habit of visiting the Daily Beast. I simply don’t care much for their editorial policies. But an article published today on an alleged video of a police interrogation of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi is worth taking a look at. Before I get into the details of the report, let […]

GOP Candidate for Pennsylvania Special Election is a Former Abu Ghraib Interrogation Consultant

Rick Saccone, the GOP nominee in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, is a former intelligence support consultant for the U.S. Army at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. He has written extensively in support of interrogation tactics widely condemned by human rights experts as torture. Over the years, drawing upon his experience in Iraq, Saccone has promoted […]

Palestinian teen in viral arrest photo released on bail following interrogation and torture

Child who was assaulted and abducted by 23 Israeli soldiers released IMEMC 28 Dec — The Israeli Authorities released, on Wednesday at dawn, a Palestinian child who was abducted and assaulted by 23 Israeli soldiers earlier this month, and [he] was instantly moved to a hospital for treatment. Media sources in Ramallah said the soldiers […]

Sheriff Behind Invasive School Drug Search Burst Into Interrogation Room of Son’s Weed Arrest

ATLANTA — A Georgia sheriff accused of violating the civil rights of hundreds of high school students when he ordered a massive school drug search is now accused of interfering with a Georgia Bureau of Investigation probe into his son’s recent drug arrest. In April, Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby drew ire from scores of […]

Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU … and What Its Replacement Will Look Like

4th July 2016 By Ben Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you noticed how hard the controlled “alternative” press are working to convince you that the NWO globalists/banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result? Have you seen headlines like: “Globalists rattled” (The Drudge Report)… “Brexit signals the end of the New World Order” (Breitbart)… and “Globalist Bankers sent into mass […]

Zionism = Satanism: An Israeli Seeks "Intervention"

  April 3, 2016 When you sum up the systematic mass executions, the many gang-rape cases,… the crushing of children’s skulls with sticks, the ripping out of fetuses from their mothers’ wombs – all, and many more, perpetrated by ‘us’, the ‘good guys’, the ‘cultured elite’ – often in situations which presented no danger, just […]

Why are American pro-Palestinian voices silent about the brutal war on Yemen?

The US government is backing a brutal war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East. It has been for more than nine months. You wouldn’t know that from the US Palestinian solidarity movement though. It has largely remained silent — silent while Yemen has bled profusely. The Saudi-led coalition has for close to […]

Israeli hospital raid reflects the criminal behavior of the country’s political leadership

The thuggish operations of the Israeli army match very closely the criminal behavior of the country’s political authorities. The undercover raid of the Palestinian al-Ahli hospital in Hebron by about a dozen IDF operatives in disguise on November 12 resulted in the killing of 27-year-old Abdallah Shalaldeh and the arrest of his cousin Azzam who […]

PP now says they will stop accepting cash payments for aborted body parts… even though THEY CLAIM THEY NEVER DID!

(NaturalNews) First, Planned Parenthood top dogs said that their organization never did this. Now, suddenly, its CEO says the practice will cease. What gives? As reported by Breitbart News, a letter by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards asserts that “patently false claims” have been leveled against her abortion clinics, but that she nonetheless […]

Bipartisan study concludes US Government used widespread torture after 9/11

WASHINGTON — A nonpartisan, independent review of interrogation and detention programs in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks concludes that “it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it. The sweeping, 577-page report says that while brutality […]

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