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Pelosi, US bipartisan delegation visit Auschwitz ahead of liberation anniversary

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a Congress delegation on Tuesday paid a visit to the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp ahead of the 75th anniversary of its liberation by Soviet troops. At the memorial site in southern Poland, Pelosi and Poland’s Senate speaker, Tomasz Grodzki, laid wreaths at the Auschwitz Death Wall where […]

Plea for the Liberation of Julian Assange. Response from the Archbishop of Canterbury

The plea which you kindly signed calling on the Archbishop of Canterbury to use his moral influence to bring about liberation of Julian Assange from Belmarsh prison was delivered to Lambeth Palace in London last November 29. On December 12, Lambeth Palace acknowledged reception of the letter in the attached message, which appears to be addressed to […]

Harriet Tubman Film Highlights the Leading Role of Africans in Their Own Liberation

Title: Harriet Director: Kasi Lemmons Producers: Gregory Allen Howard, Debra Martin Chase, Daniela Taplin Lundberg Screenplay: Gregory Allen Howard, Kasi Lemmons Starring: Cynthia Erivo as Harriet Tubman along with Leslie Odom Jr., Joe Alwyn and Janelle Monáe Since the conclusion of the Civil War some 154 years ago, the existential consciousness and human culture of […]

Lavrov: Syrian Army’s Liberation of Khan Sheikhoun Doesn’t Violate Any Agreement

Syrian Arab Army inside of Khan Sheikhoun after declaring full control over the city on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 (Image Source: Al Masdar News) A military operation of Syrian troops in the town of Khan Sheikhoun does not violate any agreement, including agreements between Russia and Turkey on the formation of the de-escalation zone in Idlib, […]

75 years later, US World War II veterans celebrate liberation of Paris

PARIS (AP) — Seventy-five years ago, they helped free Europe from the Nazis. This weekend, US veterans are back in Paris to celebrate, and commemorate. Now in their 90s, these men aren’t afraid to cry about what they saw in World War II. And they want everyone to remember what happened back then, so that […]

On the Battlefield of the Second Liberation: Sayyed Nasrallah’s Meeting with Islamic Resistance Officers

By Maysaa Moukaddem Beirut – Hezbollah’s Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is no stranger to attracting the masses. Both friend and foe are mindful of him. The masses know him through his speeches while some politicians know him closely through private meetings. What is unknown about the Secretary General is his battlefield personality […]

Russia denies having ground troops fighting for liberation of Syria’s Idlib

Russia has strongly dismissed allegations by militant groups that Russian special forces or ground troops are fighting for the liberation of Idlib province in northwest Syria. “Russia has had no and has no ground forces in Syria,” the RIA news agency quoted a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Thursday.  The […]

The Book of Palestine: National Liberation vs Endless Negotiations

Those who are still hoping that the new American agenda on Palestine and Israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Washington’s complete adoption of Israel’s messianic, extremist policies regarding Occupied Palestine has been a long time in the making. And it is here to stay.  Despite the unmistakable clarity in the American […]

Reparations and the Liberation of the African American People

Note: These following remarks were made by Abayomi Azikiwe at a public meeting held at the Cass Commons in Midtown on June 19 to celebrate the annual Cuba Caravan which arrived in the city at the invitation of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition. Rev. Dr. Luis Barrios of the Inter-religious Foundation for Community Organizations (IFCO) and […]

I’m marching for Palestine in the first Queer Liberation March in NYC June 30

I was deeply honored to be the first openly transgendered grand marshal of the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Pride March back in June 2005; it was profoundly gratifying to have my activism and advocacy work recognized by Heritage of Pride (HOP) and all the more so since I worked with […]

It Is A Day of Hope For Continuing The Liberation! إنّه عيد الأمل بمواصلة التحرير!

  Source By Pierre Abi Saab, Al-Akhbar Newspaper This year’s commemoration of the liberation of southern Lebanon from “Israeli” occupation, which falls on May 25, comes at a time of difficult national and regional conditions. Perhaps these present-day challenges give the Resistance and Liberation Day greater importance and a broader dimension, at an emotional, political, […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: If It Weren’t for Liberation in 2000, Trump Would’ve Granted South to Israel

May 25, 2019 Sara Taha Moughnieh Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a speech Saturday 25th of May on the anniversary of the Resistance and Liberation day. Sayyed Nasrallah tackled regional and internal files including the upcoming Bahrain Summit, localizing the Palestinians in Lebanon, strength of the resistance axis, return of the Syrians to […]

Soccer fans beat Jew, sing about SS on Dutch liberation day from Nazis

AMSTERDAM (JTA) – A Jewish man was assaulted on the Netherlands’ national holiday of liberation from the Nazis by revelers who sang about gassing Jews. The man, identified in the Dutch media only as Joram, 35, complained to police that he was pushed around and verbally assaulted with anti-Semitic hate speech by a group of […]

‘We are like the living dead’: Citizens of Mosul in despair 1.5 years after liberation from ISIS

What was once Iraq’s second-largest city and home to millions was reduced to ash in July 2017, when the US-led coalition dropped bombs and recaptured it from IS. More than 10,000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the battle. Thousands of dead bodies are still buried under the rubble amid the lack of […]

Finally Obey MLK, Liberation Is Black Owned Banking

Finally Obey MLK, Liberation Is Black Owned Banking Above Photo: From On April 3, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. gave his last speech, pleading with Black America to shift their wealth into Black owned institutions the night before his assassination. It is by no coincidence that his death came shortly after the world renowned speaker […]

Black Liberation Activist Freed After 40 Years In Prison

After 40 years in prison, Mike Africa Sr., of the Black liberation group, Move, has been released on parole. Africa is the second member of the group to be released. His wife, Debbie Sims Africa, was released on parole last year. “It’s kind of surreal that I’m sitting on the porch with my son and […]


Turkey is pushing further reinforcements of troops, commando units and tanks into the northern Syrian city of Idlib and around it, for a specific objective: to disrupt the attack against the city by the Syrian forces and their allies supported by Russia. Ankara is indeed taking advantage of the Russian slowing down of its strategy […]

US Shutters Palestine Liberation Organization’s Washington Office

The US on Monday announced the closure of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Washington diplomatic mission as the Donald Trump administration prepares to roll out its Middle East peace plan, Anadolu reports. The State Department announced the decision, saying “the PLO office in Washington will close at this point.” The office had served as Palestine’s de facto embassy in Washington. The […]

Libya in chaos seven years after NATO’s ‘liberation’, but who cares?

“Hundreds escape prison amid deadly clashes in Tripoli,” a headline on the BBC News website declared this week.  Over 60 people have died in the current fighting with many more injured and hundreds of ordinary citizens displaced. The latest disturbances began after the Tarhuna’s 7th Infantry ”Kaniat‘ Brigade made advances into the capital from the […]

Libya in chaos seven years after NATO’s ‘liberation’, but who cares?

“Hundreds escape prison amid deadly clashes in Tripoli,” a headline on the BBC News website declared this week.  Over 60 people have died in the current fighting with many more injured and hundreds of ordinary citizens displaced. The latest disturbances began after the Tarhuna’s 7th Infantry ”Kaniat‘ Brigade made advances into the capital from the […]

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