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Ansarullah Dares Saudi King to Directly Face Iran If He Has Scores to Settle

By Staff, Agencies A senior Yemeni Ansarullah official asked Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to settle scores with Iran if he dares to face the Islamic Republic directly. Chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed-Ali al-Houthi made the remarks in a sarcastic tweet on Friday. “King Salman well knows the Yemenis are only fighting the […]

Yemeni Resistance Scores New Successful Operation Targeting Saudi Abha Int’l Airport

Posted on September 7, 2020 by martyrashrakat By Staff The Yemeni resistance announced a new major achievement in retaliation to the five-year long Saudi war against their nation. In a statement read by the Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman, Brigadier General Yehya Saree, it was revealed that the latest operation targeted Saudi Arabia’s depth, particularly the […]

‘Scores’ detained as students in Belarus protest against President Lukashenko | #TheCube

University students walked out of class on the first day of term to protest against the disputed re-election of Belarus’ authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko. Belarusian police confirmed that a number of people were detained as they marched towards the Education Ministry building in the capital Minsk. Social media videos verified by Euronews show students breaking […]

Your Phone Is Spying On You, And Companies Are Generating Secret “Surveillance Scores” Based On That Information

Nwo Report Each mistake that you make will be recorded by your phone, and that information will be stored and used against you for the rest of your life Source:Michael Snyder| End Of The American Dream Nothing that you do on your phone is private. In this day and age, most of us have become […]

BREAKING! — Israeli Jets Attack US navy ship in Mediterranean, killing and wounding scores of American sailors

Contributed by our Special Correspondent ‘Herta’ DOES  THIS  MEAN  WAR  AGAINST  ISRAEL? WILL  AMERICA  RETALIATE  AGAINST  ISRAEL FOR  THIS  FLAGRANT  WAR CRIME? That subject line could be from today, but it was 51 years ago—June 8, 1967—when Israel did attack an unarmed and unarmored U.S. Navy ship in international waters, the USS Liberty(AGTR-5), killing 34 and […]

China-to-USA FICO Scores To Own Our Enslavement in Eternal Debt Servitude

Americans need to wake up NOW!!! We still have the power to stop this, all we have to do is not make life so easy for these corporations. We’ve been sold the convenience factor and the “buy it cheaper” factor that has made us forget skills that we had just a generation ago […]

Volcano spews toxic gas cloud, scores hospitalized & forced to flee

Residents suffered shortness of breath and vomiting following the predominantly gas-based eruption at Mount Ijen in Eastern Java, Indonesia at approximately 7:15pm local time on Wednesday. Mount Ijen is a popular tourist destination, but local workers often mine there for sulfur at night. A post shared by Dicky Setyo Gunawan (@dickysetyo15) on Mar 21, 2018 […]

Putin scores comfortable presidential elections victory

nsnbc : Vladimir Putin scored a solid and comfortable victory in Sunday’s presidential elections in the Russian Federation. With some 99 percent of the […]

Scores Of Russian Women & Children Killed In U.S. Deep State Airstrikes

Scores of Russian women and children have been killed in U.S. Deep State airstrikes over Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry have confirmed.  Innocent Russian citizens who were not part of the Russian military were killed when US-backed forces struck non-military towns and villages. reports: The ministry reiterated that the Russian citizens involved in the […]

U.S. Kills “Scores” Of Russians In Syria

February 14, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville On February 7, 2018 the United States launched an air attack against the Syrian military. This brazen aggression against the sovereign government of Syria resulted in the death of at least one hundred “forces aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad” according to U.S. military officials. […]

Reports of scores of Russians killed in Syria are disinformation by anti-govt forces – Moscow

Earlier this week, media reports claimed that a recent US airstrike in Syria left Russian servicemen dead, putting the figures anywhere from dozens to several hundred. Those reports stemmed from anti-government fighters in Syria, who spread them accompanied by doctored images, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at her weekly news conference. According to […]

1 killed, scores injured in twin bombings at Benghazi mosque

Late last month around 35 people were killed in two bombings at another mosque in the city. READ MORE: Dozens killed & injured in twin bomb attack in Libya’s Benghazi (GRAPHIC VIDEO) Local media are reporting that the bombing of the Abi Harira mosque in the Majuri neighborhood was carried out by an attacker with […]

14 dead, scores injured as train derails in South Africa (PHOTOS)

Emergency services posted details of the accident on Twitter, stating that initial reports indicated at least 100 had been injured. The incident occurred between the towns of Hennenman and Kroonstad. The death toll has risen from earlier reports of 4 up to 14. “It is not yet confirmed but the death toll for now is sitting […]

One Officer, Scores of Tickets and a Familiar Racial Disparity

It was just before 9 a.m. one day last July, and Noemi Martinez was on her way from one job interview to the next, running to catch a bus on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, Fla. Sprinklers from a nearby nursery were showering water onto the broken sidewalk in front of her, so Martinez walked out […]

Scores injured in Pakistan as police disperse Islamist sit-in over bill mentioning Mohammed (VIDEO)

On Saturday, Pakistan’s law enforcement launched an operation to break up a rally staged by a Muslim hardline party, the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah, blocking one of the main roads to the capital city of Islamabad. The protesters are camped out at the Faizabad intersection, where they have been blocking one the of the main […]

At least 85 dead, scores injured in bomb & gun attack at northern Sinai mosque – reports

The explosion took place in the vicinity of a mosque during Friday prayer and was accompanied by an armed attack carried out by suspected militants, Reuters reports, citing eyewitnesses and security sources. Witnesses said the explosive device was detonated next to the Al-Rawdah mosque in the center of the town of Bir al-Abd, according to […]

Scores, including 5 terror suspects killed, 100 injured in road rage attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils

nsnbc : Thursday night a van veered off the road and ploughed through people outside the Place de Catalunya metro station in Barcelona, killing 13 […]

Scores Of Farm Workers, Activists March On Ben & Jerry’s

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Scores of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday to a Ben & Jerry’s factory to push for better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk for the ice cream maker that takes pride in its social activism. Protesters said Ben & Jerry’s agreed two years ago to participate in […]

Army kills scores of terrorists in many areas across the country

SANA– Army and Armed Forces units carried out air and artillery strikes against ISIS terrorists’ hotbeds and movements in Deir Ezzor. A military source told SANA that the army units engaged on Wednesday in fierce clashes with ISIS terrorist groups which attacked military points on the direction of al-Jbeileh neighborhood, al-Tanmieh sector, and near the […]

London: Six killed, scores injured, three suspects shot dead in apparent terrorist attack

nsnbc : Six people have been killed and 48 injured when a group of attackers in a van mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge […]

19 Year Old Ranchi Boy Battling Bone Cancer Scores 95% In Board Exams And We’re Applauding

It’s not everyday that we hear stories of bravery, resilience and strong-will. While they inspire us, teach us everything about persistence, they also make us feel thankful for the life we have. We stumbled upon one such story, about a lion-heart young boy from Ranchi who did not let a frightful disease like cancer, defeat him. He […]


by Jonathan Azaziah Seven months now. Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has been unjustly imprisoned in a hellish dungeon by the US-Zionist-Saudi-controlled Nigerian regime of Muhammadhu Buhari for seven months now and the collective apathy from the Muslim world has only grown. A modern-day saint, Africa’s premier champion of the Palestinian cause, a pillar of Resistance, […]

Surface to air missile brought down TWA Flight 800

     In March 2004, the American people first learned about “the wall.” The occasion was the eighth public hearing of the 9/11 Commission. Asked to account for the intelligence failures that led up 9/11, Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet blamed the “wall that was in place between the criminal side and the intelligence side.” […]

5 Ways to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy from Others

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times With empathy, the ability to recognize and feel other people’s emotions, comes the disadvantage of also absorbing the suffering and negativity of the others around you. When this occurs, your ability to function at your best can be significantly impacted. Even a person who is not so empathic […]

Erdogan blasts Gaza flotilla organizers

With a reconciliation deal between Turkey and Israel finalized, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has for the first time lambasted the organizers of the 2010 Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Speaking in Ankara late Wednesday, Erdogan said the flotilla organizers at the Istanbul-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) did not ask for permission from him back when he was […]

Brexit Could Destroy Western Political Civilisation Says EC President

The European Council president Donald Tusk issued an unprecedented warning, saying that Western political civilisation itself would come under threat if Britain votes to leave the EU. Tusk a historian and a politician said a vote to leave the EU would boost anti-European forces. During an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Tusk said: “As a […]

Migrants involved in 70,000 potential & actual crimes in 1st quarter of 2016 – German police

Lessons learned: Cologne prepares ‘protection zones’ for 2017 NYE events The absolute number of crimes committed by Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis were rather high, according to the report released by the BKA federal police. However, since they constituted the three largest groups of migrants in Germany their involvement in crimes may be considered “disproportionately low.” […]

Turkey’s Erdogan lifts lawmakers’ immunity, paves way for prosecutions

Earlier in May, the Turkish parliament approved the lifting of lawmakers’ legal immunity in a secret ballot, allowing the bill to go directly to implementation, avoiding a referendum. The new law which comes amid allegations of freedom of speech violations in Turkey, is apparently aimed at Turkish lawmakers who might be supportive of the Kurds […]

Nevada Democratic Convention Turns Violent

Fighting broke out between rival supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention in Nevada on Saturday. Raw Story reports: Tensions were high between supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Las Vegas Sun reports. They apparently spilled over on the state convention floor. […]

Washington, D.C. May Pay People Not To Commit Crimes

Former prisoners in Washington, D.C. may get paid for good behavior. The Washington, D.C. Council has approved a bill that includes a proposal to pay released criminals an annual stipend if they are not rearrested following release from prison or jail. According to Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie who wrote the legislation, the […]

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