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SHOCK: More than 750 supplement brands found to be tainted with drugs… mostly steroids and weight loss chemicals

(Natural News) It can be tempting to vilify all chemical drugs while assigning a “pure, clean and healthy” label to all nutritional supplements. However, just as not all chemical medications are dangerous or unnecessary – and, in some cases, they can mean the difference between life and death – not all nutritional […]

FDA issues warning after synthetic marijuana tainted with rat poison sickens hundreds

Federal health officials are warning the public about a version of synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison that’s caused uncontrolled bleeding in hundreds of people and killed several others who have ingested the tainted products.  The synthetic cannabinoid, sold under names such as Spice, K2 and AK 47, has hospitalized people in 10 states since […]

Tap water in Fayetteville, North Carolina tainted with carcinogen, new analysis reveals

(Natural News) The good news for Fayetteville, North Carolina is that there is no GenX in their public drinking water supply despite the nearby presence of the Chemours chemical plant. The bad news is that their tap water showed high levels of another cancer-causing chemical called 1,4-dioxane, an article in The Fayetteville […]

‘Evil’ Putin wins ‘fraud-tainted’ vote: MSM slanders Russian election

     From Soviet comparisons to accusations of authoritarianism, mainstream coverage of Russia’s presidential election has barely changed since 2004, though mentions of the UK spy poisoning scandal did add a fresh layer of insinuation. As Putin was thanking his supporters for a landslide victory from the stage in Red Square, Western outlets rolled out long, […]

FLASHBACK – The secular religion of “the Holocaust”, a tainted product of consumer society

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Californians Tainted by ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Chemical

Californians Tainted by ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Chemical November 2nd, 2017 In other news, Pesticide-Covered Food May Be Linked to Infertility. Via: Health Day: Levels of the herbicide Roundup in human urine have increased dramatically among California residents in the past two decades, a new study […]

Crumbling Pipes, Tainted Water Plague Black Communities

Above Photo: Troy Lowe, 4, sleeps under the arm of his father, Tory Lowe, in Milwaukee. Troy tested positive for lead poisoning after ingesting the tap water in their home. (Michael M. Santiago/News21) CAMPTI, La. – Deep in the winding mass of crumbling back streets in Campti, Leroy Hayes sets a glass of water from his […]

North Carolina drinking water tainted with chemical byproduct for decades?

Source CBCNews Some 60,000 Wilmington, N.C., residents get their drinking water from the Cape Fear River. DuPont and its spinoff company Chemours manufacture chemicals at a plant upstream from the city. The plant is situated on a 2,100-acre property on the Cape Fear River in Fayetteville. It is there where a chemical called GenX — […]

Earth Like Planets Discovered Near Dwarf Star

Astronomers have discovered three Earth-like planets orbiting in the “habitable zone” of a small and faint dwarf star, 40 light-years from Earth.  Sputnik reports: Three exoplanets resembling Earth have been discovered orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star dubbed TRAPPIST-1, an international group of astronomers said in the interdisciplinary scientific journal Nature on Monday. We may have […]

Wikileaks Exaggerates Story About State Department Working With Google To Block Video

The emails, which are also embedded below, don’t seem to reveal nearly as much as Wikileaks would like them to say. First off, it’s important to understand the timeline. The attack in Benghazi, Libya, happened on Tuesday September 11, 2012. By Wednesday, September 12, people were already (probably inaccurately) blaming the YouTube video which purported […]

Dangerous pro-Monsanto Food Labeling Law on the verge of passing the Senate

     The GOP-sponsored bill would make it difficult to know which foods are genetically engineered—unless you own a smartphone. What would you think of a law that clearly discriminates against rural Americans, lower income Americans, minorities and the elderly? No chance of getting passed, right? Wrong. The Senate is poised to pass such a bill. […]

Syria: US Should Tell Turkey & Saudi Arabia To Stop Funding Terrorists

The political and media adviser  to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said it is now time for the US to put pressure on Turkey and Saudi Arabia to stop supporting the terrorists that are wreaking havoc in Syria. According to Press TV, Bouthaina Shaaban made the remarks during an interview with the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen television […]

FBI shares Health Ranger’s concerns over genetically engineered biology and its potential to devastate human life

(NaturalNews) To what extent the emergence of synthetic biology might impact humanity was among the various points of discussion at a recent gathering that took place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. And in attendance at this event were representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department […]

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