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Two percent or two-thirds?

With help from Shawn Ness Backroom negotiations and gamesmanship are in full throttle as New York’s new congressional plan heads toward a vote in the state Legislature next week. As the process moves ahead, keep two key numbers in mind: 2 percent and two-thirds. 2 percent: If the Legislature votes down the maps proposed by […]

Almost two-thirds of Iowa caucusgoers say Biden win was not legitimate: Entrance polls

Nearly two-thirds of Iowa Republicans say President Biden’s victory in the 2020 election was not legitimate, according to Monday’s entrance polls ahead of the state’s caucuses. Around 66 percent of Iowa caucusgoers say they believe Biden’s win in the last election was illegitimate, while 29 percent say it was legitimate, according to the polls. Despite… […]

Two Thirds Of US Adults Think COVID Likely Started In A Lab

Two Thirds Of US Adults Think COVID Likely Started In A Lab. One Third of Americans know there is no such thing as “SARS-COV-02” “virus” so there can be no “COVID-19”, and no “vaccine against catching a non existent illness “caused” by a mythical “virus”. ‘211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 […]

Biden Administration’s Climate Agenda Will Damage Two-Thirds Of US Retirement Accounts


Over Two-Thirds of Republicans Say They Feel Like Strangers In Their Own Country

Over two-thirds of Republicans say they “more and more feel like a stranger” in their own country, believe the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me,” and one-third were willing to tell a pollster “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government,” according […]

Ukraine war live: Nearly two-thirds of country’s children have fled their homes, UNICEF says

The war in Ukraine is now in its seventh week, and taking on a new dimension with growing evidence of human rights atrocities by Russian troops as they retreated from the Kyiv region and other parts of the country. Despite Moscow’s blanket denials, horrific discoveries of civilian murders, torture and other barbaric acts continue coming […]

Two Thirds Of Online Posts From Fossil Fuel Companies ‘Greenwashing’

Above Photo: New research shows fossil fuel companies are overwhelmingly promoting their green efforts online. DeSmog. One expert called it a “systematic deceptive marketing campaign designed to interfere with the solution that is necessary to respond to the climate emergency: stopping fossil fuel production.” Nearly two thirds of social media posts put out by six […]

Switzerland Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Nearly Two-Thirds Majority

GENEVA (AP) — Cheers rang out, hugs were exchanged and rainbow-colored flags waved overhead across Switzerland as the Swiss resoundingly voted to allow same-sex couples to marry, final results of a nationwide referendum showed Sunday. Official results showed the measure passed with 64.1% of the vote while more than half of all voters approved in […]

Poll: Two Thirds Of Americans Want China To Pay COVID Reparations

Nightclubs and cinemas in the UK are resisting government requirements that they introduce COVID vaccine passports to enter their venues. July 19th is supposed to be “freedom day,” when all coronavirus restrictions in the UK are lifted, but the government is asking numerous larger venues to implement a policy that will block the unvaccinated and […]

The Kids Are Not Alright! Two Thirds of UK Millennials, Gen Z Support Socialism

While the Conservative Party has enjoyed over 11 years in power and the left-wing Labour Party continues to flounder at the ballot box, a new study has shown that socialism appears to have gained a strong foothold with the younger generations of Britons. Research conducted by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has found that […]

YouGov Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Name Israel ‘Ally’ or ‘Friendly’ Nation, With North Korea and Iran Most-Cited Foes

An Israeli flag and an American flag fly at Abu Dhabi International Airport, before the arrival of Israeli and US officials, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Aug. 31, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Christoper Pike. A solid majority of Americans surveyed consider Israel an allied or friendly nation, according to a new poll conducted by […]

AstraZeneca vaccine cuts virus transmission by two-thirds after one dose – study

LONDON, United Kingdom — The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine significantly reduces virus transmission and is highly protective after a single dose, according to an Oxford University study, which the British government said Wednesday vindicated its inoculation strategy. “It does show the world that the Oxford jab works, it works well,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told BBC radio, […]

More than two-thirds of U.S. Covid-19 vaccines left unused

More than two-thirds of the 15 million coronavirus vaccines shipped within the U.S. have gone unused, U.S. health officials said. According to Irish Times, in response, the governors of New York and Florida have vowed to penalize hospitals that fail to dispense shots quickly.In New York, hospitals must administer vaccines within a week of receiving […]

Biden Claims Two Thirds Of US Population Have Died Of Coronavirus

Joe Biden made another blunder on Sunday when he said an estimated 200 million people in the US have already died from the coronavirus. The Democratic presidential nominee made his remarks during a campaign event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During his campaign speech Biden added that “If Donald Trump has his […]

Two-Thirds of all “Asylum Seekers” in EU Not from Syria or Iraq

June 11, 2017 0 Source Article from

8 years after Obama’s ‘hope and change’, voters are angry and anxious

     It’s been a rough ride. Eight years ago, Barbara Conley was one of the millions of Americans swept up in Barack Obama’s promises of hope and change when he accepted the Democratic nomination at a packed football stadium a few miles from her home in the Denver suburbs. But those optimistic days are almost […]

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