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Unemployment Just Hit 15% and I Want You to Understand This is Just the Beginning

While the media continues to tell people to be very, very afraid of this flu hoax, reality is beginning to seep in. Just a little bit. CNN: With much of the American economy in self-imposed shutdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, April’s colossal surge in unemployment delivered a historic blow to […]

“Big Doctor”: Fever-Reading Drones Just The Beginning

Via: Miami Herald: Last month, police departments in Daytona Beach and Connecticut unveiled what was initially touted as a potential new tool against a pandemic: drones capable of taking a person’s temperature from 300 feet in the air. Both agencies quickly backtracked on using the machines to track the novel coronavirus after […]

If damaged, the adult brain repairs itself by going back to the beginning

   Summary: Mouse models of corticospinal injuries reveal adult neurons begin a natural regeneration process by reverting back to an embryonic state. The regeneration is sustained with the help of a gene more commonly associated with Huntington’s disease. When adult brain cells are injured, they revert to an embryonic state, according to new findings published […]

The COVID19 Pandemic is the Beginning of Medical Martial Law

March 28, 2020 By The Conscious Resistance Derrick Broze breaks down how we are experiencing another 9/11 moment, where the world radically shifts and free humans lose their privacy and liberty. Show notes: Trump signs $2T coronavirus relief package H.R.748 – CARES Act Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority The CDC will set up a coronavirus […]

21 Years Since the Beginning of NATO Aggression against Yugoslavia

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Soldier & equipment losses for Syrian Army are just the beginning – Erdogan

“We are just beginning to show our true strength to those who see our sensitivity as [the unwillingness] to shed blood, to hurt or [make someone] suffer, or as weakness and timidity,” the Turkish president told members of his AK Party on Monday. “The human and equipment losses of the [Syrian] regime are just the […]

US to sign historic deal with Taliban, Trump announces, beginning end of US war in Afghanistan and withdrawal of American troops

   After a week-long deal to reduce violence across Afghanistan, the U.S. and the Taliban are set to sign a historic agreement Saturday that would see U.S. troops start to withdraw, according to a statement issued Friday afternoon by President Donald Trump. “Soon, at my direction, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will witness the signing […]

Israel’s fury over UN settlement ‘blacklist’ is only the beginning

The United Nations Human Rights office has made public a long-awaited catalogue of 112 companies doing business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The blacklist, which was four years in the making and released last Wednesday, sent the Israeli government, members of the U.S. Congress, and the White House into a frenzy. Secretary of […]

IRGC: Assassination of General Soleimani beginning of end for US in region

IRNA – The spokesman for the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Thursday that the assassination of Lieutenant-General Qasem Soleimani by the arrogant US regime in Baghdad was the beginning of an end for the US presence in the region. Speaking in the ceremony to commemorate General Soleimani in Orumiyeh, northwestern Iran, Brigadier-General Ramezan […]

Vindman Is Only The Beginning: Trump Just Cut 70 Obama Holdovers From NSC

President Trump is making good on his promises to “drain the swamp” and cut Obama holdovers from his staffs, especially the critical and recently untrustworthy National Security Council (NSC). The NSC, which is the president’s personal staff, was rocked when a “whistleblower” leveled charges that led to Trump’s impeachment. Officials confirmed that Trump and national security adviser […]

SpaceX’s Satellites Are Messing Up Astronomers’ Observations & It’s Just The Beginning.

The Facts: Neuroplasticity shows us the ability to change our own brains by altering our perception of our environment through changing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Reflect On: It’s amazing how aspects associated with consciousness can literally change our biology. The brain is a very complex organ. It has nearly 100 billion neurons that […]

Australia on Fire: The Beginning of Agenda 2030

The sky turns red from smoke of the Snowy Valley bushfire on the outskirts of Cooma on January 4, 2020. Up to 3,000 military reservists were called up. Photo: AWL A state of emergency declared, military on the ground, displacement of regional communities and calls for national reviews of land management across the country. The […]

The War Pigs Are Finally Revealing Themselves — And This Is Just The Beginning…

Op-Ed by Brandon Smith In 2016 during the election campaign of Donald Trump one of the primary factors of his popularity among conservatives was that he was one of the first candidates since Ron Paul to argue for bringing US troops home and ending American involvement in the various elitist fabricated wars in the Middle […]

The Soleimani Assassination: The Long-Awaited Beginning Of The End Of America’s Imperial Ambitions

The Soleimani Assassination: The Long-Awaited Beginning Of The End Of America’s Imperial Ambitions Above  Photo: From The United States is now at war with Iran in a conflict that could easily have been avoided and it will not end well. There will be no declaration of war coming from either side, but the assassination of Iranian Quds […]

Design from the beginning: It didn’t take long for animals to master physics and engineering

   Ctenophores: Flashing Paddles Also called sea gooseberries and comb jellies, ctenophores (pronounced TEN-o-fours) are small centimeter-sized marine organisms with rows of cilia, called comb rows or ctenes, which function as paddles for swimming. Though gelatinous and transparent, comb jellies are unrelated to jellyfish (phylum Cnidaria); they have been classified into their own phylum, Ctenophora, […]

Is the Middle East Beginning a Self-Correction?

“Two years, three years, five years’ maximum from now, you will not recognize the same Middle East”, says the former Egyptian FM, Arab League Secretary General and Presidential Candidate, Amr Moussa, in an interview with Al-Monitor. Mousa made some unexpected points, beyond warning of major change ahead (“the thing now is that the simple Arab man […]



Europe: The Cracks Are Beginning To Show

Authored by Frank Lee via, Is the EU experiment coming to an end? Europe considers its options… THE NATO BUILD-UP 2014: The expansion of NATO in the late 20th and early 21st centuries had posed a serious strategic threat to Russia’s security. In 1999 the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland joined NATO. In 2004 […]

Ignorant Iran ‘experts’ just the beginning of Washington’s foreign policy troubles

Imagine a field of study in which less than a third of the experts had related doctorates, half of them could not read, speak or write the language required, and just as many have never set foot inside the relevant country. Preposterous, you might say – yet scientific observation has shown that this is precisely […]

The War Of Tankers Is Far From Ending, It Is Just Beginning

The War Of Tankers Is Far From Ending, It Is Just Beginning Above Photo: From The UK acknowledged its first defeat by Iran when it released the Iranian supertanker “Grace 1” captured by 30 Royal Navy commandos in the first week of July in response to a US request, as the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell […]

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