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No Ceasefire/Ceasefire in Northern Syria. The Pentagon Will Use Overwhelming Force to Maintain US Control over Syrian Oil

From one or more illegally established airbases in Syria, as well as other other regional ones, Pentagon warplanes, attack helicopters, and drones continue terror-bombing Syrian sites at the discretion of its commanders. US troops still occupy large parts of northern and southern Syrian territory indefinitely, including oil producing areas — looting them for private and […]

"We Have Hours Left": Turkish Ceasefire On Edge Of Collapse As Erdogan Gives Kurds Hours To Flee Territory

The Turkish lira has started to slide again… .. as last week’s ceasefire between Turkey, northern Syria and its Kurdish inhabitants – which has just over 24 hours to go – now appears in jeopardy. On Monday, Turkey gave Kurdish fighters until Tuesday night to leave a narrow strip of territory in northeastern Syria or […]

Damascus: US-Turkey Ceasefire Deal Unclear, Kurdish autonomy Firmly Rejected

Al-Manar October 18, 2019 Syrian president’s political adviser said that Damascus firmly rejects establishment of Kurdish autonomy in Syria as there are no reasons for that in the country. “Of course we cannot accept it,” Shaaban said in an interview with al-Mayadeen television responding to the question of whether Damascus could accept a “copy” of […]

As expected, Trump wants all credit for Syria ceasefire deal

… from Press TV, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: No modesty at all, Trump is claiming “millions of lives will be saved…due to his tough love. Left out of the picture is that – if the US had muscled the YPG Kurds, which it could have, to have moved away from the border – this could […]

Breaking: Turkey, US agree to temporary ceasefire in Syria

Turkey to halt military operation against Kurds in N. Syria, ceasefire will last for 120 hours – US VP Pence …from Russia Today, Moscow [ Editor’s Note: We will be posting the details of the deal as soon as we get them, but it is a shared victory for all sides, especially for those who […]

Hundreds Of Russian Troops Deploy To Idlib In Case Ceasefire Collapses: Report

Via, Hundreds of Russian troops are being sent to the Idlib Governorate in northern Syria, the Russian publication Lenta.Ru reported this weekend. According to the publication, hundreds of Russian troops belonging to the Yevgeny Prigoshin private military contractors were deployed to the Idlib Governorate, despite a pause in offensive operations. “The plan is for […]

Video: Collapse of Ceasefire, Syrian Military Vows to Resume Operations Against Al Qaeda Militants

The new ceasefire agreement designed to cease hostilities in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib has just collapsed. On August 3, the leader of Hay’at Tahir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Abu Mohammad al-Julani, announced that his group would not withdraw “a single fighter or a weapon” from the demilitarized zone and vowed to recapture the areas, […]

Resistance report: Iran cuts is obligations under the JCPOA and Syrian ceasefire talks collapse once again

July 07, 2019 by Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog On Sunday morning, the Islamic Republic cut its latest obligations to the JCPOA by enriching uranium to a higher purity than 3.67%, Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araqchi stated. He said that Iran would increase uranium enrichment to the level that fulfils the needs […]

UN Security Council calls for Libya ceasefire

The United Nations Security Council has called on Libya‘s warring parties to commit to a ceasefire after a deadly air raid on a detention centre for migrants and refugees near the capital, Tripoli.  “The members of the Security Council stressed the need for all parties to urgently de-escalate the situation and to commit to a ceasefire,” […]

Wall Street Responds To The US-China Ceasefire

As discussed previously, while the kneejerk reaction to the Trump-Xi ceasefire is that global markets will likely be positive, even as a formal trade deal remains elusive as ever, a more detailed take could lead to problems as now the Fed will feel far less pressure to ease in July, and since in June stocks […]

Ceasefire: US, China Trade Talks "Back On Track" After Trump Concedes On Huawei

The “worst case” trade war scenario was avoided in Osaka on Saturday when Trump agreed to restart trade talks with Xi, holding off new tariffs on Chinese exports, and signaling a pause in the trade hostilities between the world’s two largest economies; Trump added that while existing tariffs would remain in place the US president […]

Syrian army announces ceasefire in Idlib but terrorists continue to attack

   The Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria reported on Sunday that militants had violated the ceasefire regime in Idlib de-escalation zone 13 times in one day, injuring 3 Syrian servicemen. Besides Idlib, the militants continue shelling the government’s forces in Hama, Latakia and Aleppo provinces, the statement issued by the centre reads. The centre […]

Gazans are skeptical about the new, fragile ceasefire with Israel

Palestinian students following Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City. (Reuters) Gaza-born Yousef Alhelou offers an insider’s perspective on the siege of Gaza, describing the current situation, as well as Israel’s methods and Palestinians’ state of mind. The ongoing siege imposed on Gaza is the longest in modern history and has had disastrous consequences on all aspects […]

Prisoner Swap, Hodeida Ceasefire Mark Successful First Step in Yemen Peace Talks

RIMBO, SWEDEN — Following three years of one of the bloodiest battles of the 21st century, the Saudi assault on Yemen’s key port city of Hodeida may be nearing its end. The Saudi-led coalition and Ansar Allah, the political wing of the Houthi resistance movement, have agreed to a ceasefire in Hodeida and in the […]

UN chief: Yemen’s Houthis, ex-govt. agree to ceasefire in Hudaydah

Press TV – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says the Yemeni warring parties have reached an agreement on a ceasefire in the Red Sea port city of Hudaydah, as a new round of peace talks aimed at ending nearly four years of a brutal Saudi-led war on its southern neighbor came to a close in Sweden. […]

Israel kills Gaza fisher despite ceasefire

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 14 November 2018 Palestinian fishing boats in the Gaza City seaport in July 2018. Ashraf Amra APA images Israel killed a fisherman in Gaza less than 24 hours after a ceasefire ended intensive bombing against and rocket fire from the territory. Gaza’s health ministry identified the slain man as […]

Netanyahu’s ceasefire is meant to keep Gaza imprisoned

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth Palestinians in Gaza should have been able to breathe a sigh of relief last week, as precarious ceasefire talks survived a two-day-long, heavy exchange of strikes that threatened to unleash yet another large-scale military assault by Israel. Late on 13 November, after the most intense bout of violence in four […]

Israel can’t leave well enough alone, goes from ceasefire to killing 14 Palestinians overnight

A view of the remains of Hamas’ TV station building that was destroyed by Israeli airstrikes, in Gaza City, Nov. 13, 2018. The past week has seen the promise of peace shattered, first by an Israeli incursion into Gaza (7 Palestinian, 1 Israeli dead), then Gaza’s rocket retaliation (1 Israeli Palestinian dead), then Israel’s retaliation […]

Gaza Ceasefire Leads to Shakeup in Israel’s Government

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,994 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Epstein’s Trail Leads To The Top: A Collection of Articles and Videos That Help Connect The Dots By Brandon Turbeville The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on July 6, […]

Joy in Gaza, anger in Israel after ceasefire

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 14 November 2018 Palestinians celebrate in Gaza City after the declaration of a ceasefire on 13 November. Mahmoud Ajjour APA images A ceasefire announced on Tuesday brought an end to more than 24 hours of airstrikes across Gaza and a massive barrage of mortars and missiles into southern Israel. […]

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