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KCA Crowdfunding campaign to institute criminal proceedings against corrupt media mogul Kerry Stokes

I will be instituting criminal proceedings against businessman Kerry Stokes, and probably his son Ryan Stokes, in the next few weeks and I am running a crowdfunding campaign to help fund it. I have set a target of $3000 which will be enough for the initial filing fees and expenses. I know the process as […]

Birmingham civil rights institute votes to give award to Angela Davis after all

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has now gone full circle: It announced that it has voted to give its human rights award to Angela Davis after all! The Institute originally decided to give the scholar and activist the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award last December. Then on January 4, reportedly under pressure from Jewish groups […]

Birmingham Institute’s recission of Angela Davis award over BDS becomes an embarrassment to pro-Israel groups that applied pressure

There are two big stories involving Israel and BDS in the American news this week. One is the Senate Republicans pushing a bill to punish supporters of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and thereby divide the Democratic Party. The other is the uproar over the decision by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to rescind an award […]

Senator Demands Proof That 5G Is Safe. So Does The National Institute For Science, Law & Public Policy

December 4, 2018 By B.N. Frank No matter how much you love technology, you’d probably want to know that insurance companies stopped covering wireless radiation exposure because it’s too risky, right? Published yesterday on Business Wire:  “Blumenthal Presses FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to Disclose Evidence of ‘5G Safety’” WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Institute for Science, Law […]

Netanyahu angling to institute capital punishment for Palestinians just in time for elections

Early Sunday morning five Palestinian citizens in Al-Khader village south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank were detained by Israeli Occupying Forces without charges leveled against them, a common enough occurrence in the quiet village which just last month saw 100 athletes sequestered, searched, and interrogated at gunpoint in its soccer stadium after practice. […]

Political Censorship of InfoWars and Ron Paul Institute – Dialectics in Action – Boiler Room EP #176

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals […]

Twitter Suspends Libertarian Accounts, Including Ron Paul Institute Director

By Tyler Durden (ZHE) — One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul […]

Cuban institute marks Iranian New Year in Havana

IRNA – The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People (ICAP) in Havana has marked in a ceremony the Iranian New Year, Nowruz. The event was held Monday evening with the attendance of diplomatic and cultural officials, including Asian, European, Arab and African envoys, the Cuba Muslim society, Iranian residents and those interested in the […]

Alarm of Earth’s Slowing Rotation Reported by Carnicom Institute in 2003

Link to Forbes Article HERE Fourteen years After Cliff Carnicom Published Disturbing Reports of Earth’s Slowing Rotation, Controlled Media Has Found it Convenient to Release This Critical News in 2017. Geoengineering Can Increase Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and Seismic Activity PRELIMINARY FINDINGSA fundamental question exists as to whether or not it is feasible that the aerosol […]

‘Oops… It Wasn’t Cancer After All,’ Admits The National Cancer Institute/JAMA

Next Story Article written by Written by Sayer Ji, founder of  After decades of wrongful cancer diagnoses and treatments, and millions harmed, the National Cancer Institute and high gravitas journals like JAMA finally admit they were wrong all along.  Back in 2012, The National Cancer Institute convened an expert panel to evaluate the problem of cancer’s misclassification and subsequent overdiagnosis and overtreatment, […]

Swedish Total Defense Research Institute Report On "White Hatred" Lists Milk As Hate Symbol

In a new report on “the white hatred” in Sweden by the Total Defense Research Institute (FOI) commissioned by the government to map comments written on sites on the internet, milk is listed as a hate symbol and a symbol of “white power,” along with the okay-symbol often used by Donald Trump. Hilarious clinical “study” the […]

Carnicom Institute Chilling Analysis of Morgellons “Web” Filaments From Ireland

LAB RESULTS of Filaments falling from the skies over Wexford, Ireland – 11/12/17 Excerpt of initial report by Cliff Carnicom, 11/8/2017  (Full Report) Let us introduce this most recent report; on this occasion it comes to us from the grounds of Ireland:  Filament sample submitted by Terry Lawton in Wexford, Ireland. “What distinguishes this particular […]

The Ron Paul Institute warns that HR 3364 contains provisions which directly threatens us all

August 04, 2017 – by Daniel McAdams for the Ron Paul Institute It President Trump does not veto this bill, it will signify that he has essentially given up on his presidency. At least when it comes to foreign policy. Will the bill for such a surrender come due should he decide to seek a second […]

Malaria cure "developed" by academic institute found to have been documented in ancient Chinese Medicine text written over five centuries ago

(Natural News) When dried plant leaves completely cured all 18 malaria patients who were approaching death, it was very encouraging news, but there is one part of this story that no one else reported: the same cure that the academic institute claims to have “developed” has actually been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more […]

Canadian Global Affairs Institute: A Think Tank Driving Militarist Foreign Policy

A registered charity with buckets of donations from arms manufacturers and other corporate sources is aggressively trying to push Canadian foreign policy further towards militarism and the use of violence. And the right wing Canadian Global Affairs Institute seems to be growing in influence, or at least media prominence. Since last months federal budget senior […]

Does Sex Really Sell? This Is What’s Really Happening

A woman in a bikini eats a burger, sauce dripping down her chest for a fast food commercial. A pair of jeans are advertised on a topless woman riding a horse. A man is dripping wet, abs glistening, and he stares into the camera with bedroom eyes. This is an ad for cologne. For decades, […]

Dallas shooting: Law enforcement’s use of vehicle based IED to kill suspect raises a few questions

     Last nights shooting and killing of several policemen in Dallas, Texas is still somewhat mysterious. At one point the Dallas police chief asserted that four attackers were working together with rifles and triangulating themselves in positions for the attack. Two of them were reported as snipers on roof. This led me to estimate that […]

An Incredible Conversation Between Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Alt Right Revolution Against Jewish Supremacism!

An Incredible Conversation Between Dr. Duke and Andrew Anglin on the Alt Right Revolution Against Jewish Supremacism! Dr. Duke had Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin as his guest for the hour. They talked about the Trump University case brought by the Jewish activist Art Cohen. Mr. Anglin talked about the Anti-Defamation League council that […]

Attorneys For GeoengineeringWatch Discuss Impending Lawsuit

NOTE:  Contrary to a statement made in the video, NASA scientist, Doug Rowland, PhD uses the term “chemtrails” to describe release of chemicals into the upper atmosphere  (VIDEO) –  Complete history of “Chemtrails” (More) Interview with Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch and two of the attorneys on the legal team Bill Blackwell and Ed Strenkowski speaking about geoengineering and […]

Sheriff Hailed Cops as Heroes, But Dashcam Shows them Listen to 3 Girls Scream as they Drowned

Andrew Emett | The Free Thought Project St. Petersburg, FL – Newly released dash cam footage reveals a Florida sheriff lied last month when he falsely claimed that his deputies took off their gun belts and attempted to save three drowning teenage girls. Instead of attempting to rescue the […]

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