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Cryptos Surge After Launch Of First Bitcoin ETF

After years of rejection, the SEC is allowing a pair of firms to launch the first bitcoin ETF, WSJ reports. Two firms are preparing to market a bitcoin ETF, but with a critical stipulation: The product will only be eligible for purchase by brokers, banks, hedge funds and other “qualified institutional buyers.”  image courtesy of […]

The White House Just Blamed Bitcoin for America’s Opioid Crisis

By Graham Smith The opioid epidemic is the new devil Bitcoin is being blamed for inflaming, to be added to the already long list of heinous crimes crypto is supposedly responsible for, like terrorism, money laundering, and trafficking. While it’s painfully clear that the U.S. dollar is a much more common tool for these unethical […]

Mnuchin Bashes Bitcoin, Blasts Bezos For "Destroying" US Retail Industry

On an already busy Wednesday that featured not only a series of critical earnings reports but the long-awaited Congressional testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin returned to CNBC for the second time in a week to offer an update on trade talks with China. But his comments on China were hardly […]

Sorry, I Don’t Want to Pay for More Bombs: Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Funding War

By Graham Smith After nearly two decades of U.S.-led coalition bombs falling on the Middle East, peace in the region still has not been achieved. Now the United States is once again bolstering military forces, this time in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, taxpayers in multiple countries are being forced to pay for these ill-fated and unethical […]

Bitcoin Back Below $10,000 As Venezuela Sets New Crypto Volume Record

For the fourth time in a month, Bitcoin prices have tested back below the $10,000 Maginot Line this morning and the rest of cryptos are worse. A sea of red… Source: Coin360 Bitcoin is back below $10,000… But Litecoin leads the week’s losses… However, demand remains high elsewhere in the world, as CoinTelegraph’s William Suberg […]

Cryptos Suddenly Panic-Bid, Bitcoin Back Above $10k

Following further selling pressure overnight, someone (or more than one) has decided to buy-the-dip in cryptos this morning, sending Bitcoin (and most of the altcoins) soaring… Bitcoin surged back above $10,000… Ethereum bounced off support at its flash-crash lows… But Litecoin is outperforming on the day… As CoinTelegraph notes, Bitcoin recovered more swiftly from its […]

Bitcoin and the Hypocrisy of Donald Trump

Op-ed by Peter A. Kirby Big Bitcoin news dropped today. In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump attacked Bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra, and cryptocurrencies in general. His tweets are reproduced here: I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin […]

It’s No Bitcoin: Facebook’s Libra Currency Is Tied to Government Currencies

Authored by Ralph Fucetola via The Mises Institute, Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek was, as he says in the 1990 introduction to his Denationalization of Money: The Argument Refined, one of the chief “gold bugs” of the 20th century. And he reminded us, so long as politicians want to control money, gold-backed currency is essential to protect our […]

Bitcoin’s Spectacle Renews Fight Within Hard Money Camp

Authored by Tom Luongo, It was quite a week in money. Gold popped above $1430. The spectacular pump and dump of Bitcoin on Wednesday was something to behold. No sooner had I published a post about it then the market seized up while I was taking my normal Wednesday evening sabbatical from the grind of politics […]

Bitcoin soars above $11,000 for the first time in 15 months

   Bitcoin surged above the $11,000 mark on Monday hitting a more than 15-month high, as a high-profile project from Facebook throws cryptocurrencies back into the spotlight. The digital coin hit an intraday high of $11,307.69 around 5:30 a.m. HK/SIN Monday, according to Coindesk’s Bitcoin Price Index, which takes into account the price of the […]

Iran blames bitcoin mining for surge in electricity consumption

Iran has blamed a surge in activities related to mining of digital currencies like bitcoin for up to seven percent increase in the country’s monthly electricity consumption. A spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Energy said on Monday that the country’s power grid had become unstable as a result of increased mining of cryptocurrencies. Mostafa […]

Bitcoin Soars Above $11k For First Time Since March 2018, Ether Tops $300

Update (1030ET): Bitcoin just puked some of its overnight gains on a heavy volume spike… *  *  * One day after we reported that Bitcoin futures traded above $10,000 as crypto derivatives markets “are gearing up towards another big weekend as bitcoin approaches $10k”, not only did the spot price surge above $10,000 but just […]

Congressman Calls for Banning Bitcoin Because it ‘Takes Power’ from the Corrupt Federal Reserve

(Support Free Thought) – In 2017, the state of Arizona went after the federal government’s attack on gold and silver by eliminating the capital gains taxes on precious metals. This paved the way to deal a massive blow to the Federal Reserve and end their monopoly on money. While the precious metals move […]

As Crypto Surges, Novogratz Sees Bitcoin Above $20,000 Within 18 Months

Bitcoin is up 10 days in a row, surging above $6300 this morning (as China tensions have escalated)… And Ethereum has followed the trend, albeit as the smaller cryptos have seen a lot of noise and tended to drift a little lower… But, as CoinTelegraph reports, Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said that he expects further gains […]

Why do people buy bitcoin?

In the beginning, people were investing in bitcoin because it gave people opportunities to make a big profit. People have become millionaires because of this mentality, especially with people who have invested in bitcoin since the very beginning (considering the price spike that bitcoin experienced in late 2017). In today’s […]

Bitcoin Break Out

Bitcoin Break Out December 19th, 2018 Anyone watching it?  Loading … Via: Bloomberg: Just as the euphoria surrounding Bitcoin was peaking last December, Mark Dow decided to short the leading digital currency. Almost a year to the day, and after a more than 80 […]

WATCH LIVE: “What The Fork, Bitcoin?!” with guest Naomi Brockwell

August 20, 2018 By Vin Armani Watch live at 1 pm EST (10 am PST) – In the first hour, we’re talking about the human elements of Bitcoin forks. Our guest this week, in the second hour of The Vin Armani Show, is Naomi Brockwell (@SkyCorridors). Naomi Brockwell is a TV […]

WATCH LIVE: Understanding the Bitcoin CULTure with Daniel Krawisz

July 30, 2018 By Vin Armani Watch live at 1 pm EST (10 am PST) – This week we will be talking about cults, the role of The User/Investor, and the outlook on the current landscape of Bitcoin with Daniel Krawisz. Daniel Krawisz is a software engineer, author, and commentator. He […]

Quantum Computing: With Just Over 2000 Qubits, “You Can Crack Bitcoin”

Quantum Computing: With Just Over 2000 Qubits, “You Can Crack Bitcoin” July 28th, 2018 Disclosure: I am long Quantum Resistant Ledger. — Via: IEEE Spectrum: In response to an audience question about the future of Bitcoin in the quantum computing era, Troyer pointed out […]

WATCH LIVE: Decoding Indictments of “Russian Hackers” and Bitcoin Philosopher Daniel Krawisz

July 16, 2018 By Vin Armani Watch live at 1 pm EST (10 am PST) – In the first hour of this week’s show, we do a deep dive into the recent federal indictment of Russian agents accused of “hacking the 2016 elections.” Full text of indictment here. Daniel Krawisz is […]

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