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Nancy Pelosi: ‘Pro-Palestinian Sentiment Is Russian Disinformation’

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has warned that the pro-Palestinian sentiment sweeping the West is a “Russian disinformation campaign.” During a Sunday CNN appearance, Pelosi declared that pro-Palestinian protestors in America were, in […] The post Nancy Pelosi: ‘Pro-Palestinian Sentiment Is Russian Disinformation’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Big-Tech & Bitcoin Bid; Bonds, Bullion, & Biggest-Shorts Battered As Sentiment Slumps

Big-Tech & Bitcoin Bid; Bonds, Bullion, & Biggest-Shorts Battered As Sentiment Slumps It was a quiet week for macro data, but what there was ‘disappointed’ – higher continuing claims, worst deficit, slumping sentiment, and soaring inflation expectations… Source: Bloomberg But the ‘bad news’ sent investors fleeing into the ‘safe-haven’ arms of the Magnificent 7 once […]

Fauci Admits Orwellian Mandates Fueled Anti-Vax Sentiment

Anthony Fauci has admitted that government vaccine mandates he championed fueled vaccine hesitancy, and were ‘counterproductive.’ Source

Why are the values of “Western democracy” not supplanting pro-Russian sentiment in Mongolia?

Most Western countries consider Mongolia as a state that shares liberal-democratic political and ideological values. Mongolia ranks very high each year in various indices and rankings assessing the “democracy” and “freedom” of political regimes around the world. For example, the international Freedom House rating considers Mongolia a “free country” and ranks it 57th out of […]

Bidenflation Crashes Homebuilder Sentiment to Lowest Level in Two Years

The worst reading since the depth of the early days of the pandemic and lockdowns.

Bidenflation Sends Consumer Sentiment Crashing to Lowest Level in Over a Decade

The steeper than expected decline in consumer sentiment was caused by a drop in assessments of current conditions and an even sharper decline in hope for the future.

FT Says “Anti-Vax Sentiment” in the West Being Fueled by Russia & China

In a report that advocates governments using “psychological operations” against their own population, the Financial Times asserts, with no proof, that Russia and China are responsible for pushing “anti-vax sentiment” and criticism of lockdown measures in the west. The article quotes Mikael Tofvesson, head of the Swedish Navy’s new Psyops division, who says “foreign aggressors” […]

Anti-Chinese Sentiment Continues in South Korea

We have mentioned more than once how anti-Chinese sentiments are nurtured in today’s South Korea, and although according to conservative circles, Moon Jae-in’s administration pursues a pro-Beijing course, an incitement of hatred towards China comes not only from below but also from above. According to a joint survey conducted in June 2021 by the daily […]

Inflation Woes Push Consumer Sentiment to Decade Low

U.S. consumer sentiment plunged to a decade low in November, according to a University of Michigan survey, which blamed inflation and a growing sense among Americans that no effective policies have been put in place to rein in surging prices. The university’s most recent consumer sentiment index fell to a reading of 67.4 in November, down […]

‘We are fighting stupidity’: In Ukraine, anti-vax sentiment fuels COVID crisis

As coronavirus infections hit Ukraine, a single shift for Dr. Oleksandr Molchanov now stretches to 42 hours — 24 of them in Kakhovka’s hospital, followed by another 18 hours spent visiting tents set up to care for 120 COVID-19 patients. While vaccination rates in Eastern Europe have generally lagged, Ukraine has one of the lowest […]

S&P and Twitter Team on Stock Index Based on Tweet Sentiment

S&P Dow Jones Indices has teamed with Twitter on a new endeavor that will monitor tweets to score how social media denizens feel about publicly traded companies. What Happened The new S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index Series consists of two indices: The S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index, which measures the performance of 200 S&P 500 […]

12 NYPD Officers Relocate to a Single Florida Police Department as ‘Anti-Cop Sentiment’ Grows

12 NYPD Officers Relocate to a Single Florida Police Department as ‘Anti-Cop Sentiment’ Grows Date: October 29, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: Dillon BurroughsA dozen officers from the New York Police Department are moving to one Florida city amid growing anti-police sentiment in the Big Apple.One of them is Hector Lopez, who recently left New York […]

Hong Kong Retail Sales Rise for 7th Month, Consumption Voucher to Support Sentiment

HONG KONG—Hong Kong’s retail sales climbed for the seventh straight month in August, helped by a stabilising COVID-19 situation, an improved labour market, and economic recovery and thanks to a boost from a consumption voucher scheme (CVS). Retail sales in August rose 11.9 percent from a year earlier to HK$28.6 billion ($3.67 billion), government data […]

American Consumer Sentiment Crashes Below COVID Crisis Lows, Inflation Fears Rebound

By Tyler Durden Following UMich’s sentiment slump in July, analysts expect a further (modest) slide in Americans’ confidence in preliminary August data this morning. They wewre wrong, very wrong! Sentiment crashed in early August data according to UMich Sentiment survey with the headline plunging from 81.2 to 70.0 – that is weaker than the April […]

Greece’s First Openly Gay Minister Hopes Role Will Ease Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment

Nicholas Yatromanolakis said he’d like his appointment to his nation’s conservative government to make it easier to tackle homophobia. Source

DHS to give anti-government stories ‘sentiment’ ratings

I once thought the police state couldn’t get any worse but then I read an article in Media Lite and discovered that I was wrong, very wrong. According to the Media Lite, DHS plans on giving ant-government stories ‘sentiment’ ratings. “A DHS spokesperson told Mediaite in a discussion that awareness of whether a report is […]

Police Are Using 50,000 Apps To Influence Public Sentiment

By MassPrivateI A start-up company called Elucd makes money by measuring public sentiment towards law enforcement. According to an article in TechCrunch, Michael Simon a former Obama campaign manager, purchases ads on apps like Candy Crush which the NYPD uses to gauge public sentiment in real-time. Police call Elucd polls a public sentiment meter… NYPD Police Commissioner […]

Far-right Freedom Party enters Austrian govt as anti-migrant sentiment creeps across Europe

The agreement between the People’s Party and the Freedom Party, which is returning to government after more than a decade’s absence, was struck on Friday, the two parties’ leaders, Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache, announced in a joint news conference. Strache, who once advocated a law similar to the ban on Nazi practices to be […]

ISIS and USA Weaponry: At Home and Abroad, In the past five years, they have sold weapons to at least 96 countries

ISIS and U.S. Weaponry: At Home and Abroad When someone commits mass murder in the United States and is tied, however significantly, to a foreign terrorist group, there remains a section of the U.S. population willing to recognize and point out that no ideology, fit of hatred, or mental derangement can do the same damage […]

The new national guard is Putin’s golden ticket

     On April 5th Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a series of presidential decrees “transforming” the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) into a new “Federal Service of the Troops of the National Guard” (Federal’naya sluzhba Voisk Natsional’noi Gvardii or FSVNG) and transferring the MVD’s 187,571 Internal Troops to the FSVNG and […]

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