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Most ancient supermassive black hole ever discovered powers distant quasar and sheds light on early universe

In a milestone breakthrough, astronomers have discovered the oldest supermassive black hole ever seen. The extraordinary find dates back to the early days of the universe and fuels the most distant quasar yet known. The mammoth black hole weighs in with a mass equivalent to the combined mass of 1.6 billion suns. It dates all […]

Warty Pig Cave Painting Discovered in Indonesia is a Game Changer

A team of archaeologists researching in  Indonesia have come across what they think is the world’s oldest cave painting. The image has now been found to date back 45,500 years, older than any other image of its kind. The challenge now is to discern whether it was drawn by the hand of a Homo sapiens or […]

2,000-Year-Old Limestone Pyramid Tomb Discovered in Lebanon

An ancient pyramid-shaped  megalithic burial has been discovered in North Lebanon dating back to 2,000 years before the pyramids of Egypt. What’s more, it is speculated that this, and other similar  pyramid tombs in Lebanon, might have inspired the rulers of  Egypt to construct their world famous pyramidal super-structures. A Blazing White Pyramid among the Blackness This very […]

Inscribed Byzantine Greek Stone Dedicated To Mary Discovered in Israel

An ancient, inscribed Byzantine Greek stone has been discovered in Israel’s Negev desert with a rare Greek dedication to Maria, the Mother of God. The Byzantine Greek stone was found in Israel’s Nitzana National Park, located close to the Egyptian border. The Nitzana area is an important archaeological resource detailing the transitionary period from the […]

Ancient Greek inscription discovered by chance near Nitzana in the Negev

Browse > Home / News / Ancient Greek inscription discovered by chance near Nitzana in the Negev January 7, 2021 by J-Wire News Service Read on for article Who was Maria, who died on 9 February some 1400 years ago and whose burial stone has now been discovered in Nitzana National Park? A stone bearing […]

Best Preserved Ice Age Woolly Rhino Discovered in Siberia

In 2011 the BBC reported on the discovery of the “oldest known” woolly rhino fossil that was found on the cold Tibetan plateau in the Himalayas. That creature was dated to an astonishing “3.6 million years ago” and researchers determined it was well adapted to the cold thanks to its thick, shaggy fur, short ears and […]

VOCI-Original Hebrew Gospels Discovered, Plus Nashville Christmas Explosion

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‘Important and Exciting’ Ritual Bath Dating to Jesus’ Time Discovered Near Mount of Olives, Gethsemane

JERUSALEM — The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced the discovery of a Second Temple-era ritual bath near what has been believed to be the site of the Mount of Olives, appearing to confirm that the location is indeed where Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. Up until now, there had not been any archaeological […]

Evidence of Deceased Baby Burning Discovered in Sicily

The remains of what appears to have been a unique funeral ceremony and Greek burial have been discovered at the ancient colony of Gela in southern Sicily. Founded some time between 689 and 688 BC, the Greek colony is located on the Mediterranean Gulf of Gela. The archaeological Mecca includes a temple of Athena which […]

Ancient oil lamp workshops discovered in Israeli neighbourhood under construction

Browse > Home / News / Ancient oil lamp workshops discovered in Israeli neighbourhood under construction December 15, 2020 by TPS Read on for article Excavations during the construction of a new neighbourhood in Ramat Beit Shemesh unearthed dozens of pottery oil lamps, two bearing the symbol of the Temple menorah. Finds from the Beit […]

Lost ‘Cosmic’ Amazonian Villages Discovered in Brazilian Rainforest

Helicopter Lidar scans have revealed an ancient Amazonian “cosmos” of circular settlements, all connected by straight roads. Acre is an Amazonian rainforest state in northwestern Brazil known for Brazil nut trees and the production of rubber. In the west, on the Peruvian border, the Serra do Divisor National Park features high mountains and several waterfalls, […]

Police launch probe after swastika graffiti discovered in German parliament building

Police have launched an investigation after a swastika was found scratched on an elevator door in the Bundestag offices in Berlin. Displaying the Nazi symbol is a criminal offense in Germany. The discovery in the parliament building was made by a Green Party MP’s assistant, who posted a photo of the banned emblem on his […]

Highly Unusual Glistening Hoard Of Viking Silver Discovered In Sweden

A hoard of Viking silver has been discovered in an ancient building in Sweden, and the discovery is being described as “highly unusual.” The trove of silver necklaces, bracelets and coins was unearthed in Viggbyholm, Greater Stockholm at an ancient farm discovered in 2019. Evidence of a prehistoric farm dating back thousands years was discovered […]

Hidden Welsh Witchcraft Den And Demon Traps Discovered In Old Home

A home full of occult objects has attracted enormous interest, recently. A hidden space beneath a staircase in a 16th-century Welsh home was filled with occult objects, including animal skulls and a hoard of left shoes, and its being called a “witchcraft den.” Lecturer Kerrie Jackson and her husband Bleddyn were renovating their 16th century […]

Dozens of Prohibition-era alcohol bottles discovered in walls and floors of New York home

A New York couple has discovered more than 66 bottles of whiskey from the Prohibition-era hidden within the walls and floorboards of their home. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker said they were told their more than 100-year-old home in Ames, New York, was built by a notorious bootlegger but thought it was a myth.   […]

Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affect human brain waves.

Page 8 of Linked Article: Within the course of his work, Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affecthuman brain waves. From 1947-52 he worked on a joint project with the U.S.government to explore the potential applications of his findings (32). When Reichdiscovered that his research was being used to further human mind control experiments,he […]

Mysterious Metal ‘Monolith’ Discovered In Utah Desert

A mysterious metal monolith has been found in a remote area of Utah, USA. State wildlife officials came across the enigmatic object in a desolate area that is little visited. The Utah metal ‘monolith’ is baffling officials and has prompted a wave of speculation on the internet. The strange object was uncovered by chance in […]

Caligula Palace, Gardens And Private Zoo Discovered In Central Rome

Rome is one of the richest sources of new archaeological finds and some, like this one, are really amazing. Recently, archaeologists unearthed a Caligula palace along with gardens and a private wildlife park in the center of Rome. The Caligula palace remains are offering new insights into the life of one of the most terrible […]

Remains of 4,000-Year-Old Gynecological Treatment Discovered in Egypt

Gynecology is the “science of women” and the term given to the modern medical discipline that focuses on the female reproductive system. The 19th-century physician James Marion Sims developed new tools and pioneered surgical techniques for women’s reproductive health. But, while Sims is often credited as being the “ father of modern gynecology ,” a recent discovery made […]

Unknown Constellations And More Discovered At Egypt’s Esna Temple

While the world was locked-down this summer, a team of brave researchers in Egypt cleaned up an ancient cult temple, and what they discovered is truly astronomical. The Esna Temple (or Temple of Esna) is located on the west bank of the Nile River some 55 km south of Luxor. Two centuries ago, this magnificent […]

ACH (1384) Mischa Popoff – Hugh Jater Discovered And The Transfer Agreement Uncovered

ACH (1384) Mischa Popoff – Hugh Jater Discovered And The Transfer Agreement UncoveredTHE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on November 12 2020, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “Hugh Jater Discovered And The Transfer Agreement Uncovered.” We discussed: the Tracey Ullman YouTube video that we played during the show […]

King David Era Fort Discovered in Israel’s Golan Heights

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have uncovered a fortress from the 11th to 10th centuries BC in the Golan Heights region of Israel. They believe that the complex dates to the time of King David , one of the most important figures in Jewish history. This find raises questions about the nature of the settlement […]

Hidden Medieval Portrait Discovered in a Famous Spanish Cathedral

Imagine finding a selfie carved in stone in the high darkness of a medieval church! While working in one of the most famous churches in Europe, a British art historian discovered exactly that. She found a hidden medieval portrait of a stonemason in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Galicia, Spain. This medieval portrait is […]

8,000-Year-Old Child Remains Discovered With No Limbs

An 8,000-year-old ritual child burial is completing the currently shadowy picture of how ancient people dealt with death. On the outlying island of Alor, in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands that run through southeastern Indonesia, researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) recently unearthed the 8,000-year-old child remains within Makpan Cave. ANU has dubbed this […]

Van Full Of Explosives Discovered In Philly On Third Night Of Rioting

People are noting the irony of a Chick-fil-A in Philadelphia being looted by rioters just months after the company’s CEO Dan Cathy shined a black rapper’s shoes in a pro-Black Lives Matter PR stunt. BLM supporters and other criminal opportunists reacted to the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who was killed after advancing towards […]

Sea Monsters in the Desert? Remains of Cuddly Sea Cow Discovered in Egypt

In 2019, a team of scientists excavating in the scorched sands of ancient Egypt, far from the royal burial zone at Saqqara with its mummified animals and birds, uncovered the remains of a giant creature. Far, not only is distance, but even more so in time, for this prehistoric giant was alive about 40 million […]

Giant cat drawing discovered on a hillside in Peru

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a new outline of a feline on a hillside in Nazca. They were carrying out maintenance in the area during the coronavirus pandemic. Such giant outlines are normally made of stones and are known as geoglyphs. The cat-shaped figure had been almost completely erased before it was uncovered. “Well, one […]

Complete 2,500-Year-Old Scythian Harness Discovered in Poland

An archaeologist has made a remarkable discovery in Poland after forgetting to turn off his metal detector. The accidental discovery uncovered a complete Iron Age harness that is over 2,500 years old, as well as a rare axe. The discoveries are providing a window into the Iron Age in Central Europe in the 6 th […]

Missing Link in Dinosaur Evolution Discovered in the Gobi Desert

Buried beneath the sands of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert for 68 million years, multiple skeletons of a new species of feathered, two-fingered, toothless dinosaurs have been unearthed by a team of researchers. Dubbed the Oksoko avarsan, this remarkable creature is thought to be a key ‘missing link’ and is already helping to demystify dinosaur evolution. Two […]

Dozens of Egyptian Mummies Discovered South Of Cairo

Archaeological authorities in Egypt have just announced the discovery of many new Egyptian mummies and precious statues . In all, at least 59 new coffins and mummies were found at one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites: the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site at Saqqara, a vast necropolis on a plateau just south of the […]

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