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Harris was inside DNC on Jan. 6 when pipe bomb was discovered outside

The DNC bomb threat was neutralized at 4:36 p.m., according to the timeline. Another pipe bomb discovered at the RNC was neutralized at 3:33 p.m. No suspects have been arrested so far in relation to the bombs. The FBI has described both bombs as “viable” and said they “could have been detonated, resulting in serious […]

A New Highly Mutated Covid Strain Discovered In France

Another new covid variant with 46 mutations has been found in France Déjà vu? BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use The new covid strain, B.1.640.2, which was detected in 12 patients living in […]

Workshop Discovered Near Famous Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

Archaeologists in England have unearthed a 7th century workshop in the village of Rendlesham near the famous Sutton Hoo ship burial. Among the broken tools and storage jars discovered at the Rendlesham workshop, scientists believe it is also where the famous helmet of King Raedwald, who was buried in the ship, was expertly crafted. Sutton […]

Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Says it Could Help Achieve “Herd Immunity”

A study out of the University of Portsmouth in the UK has found that instances of littering with face masks and other PPE surged by 9000 percent during the first seven months of the coronavirus pandemic, and may have even helped the virus to spread more rapidly. In a new study Dr Keiron Roberts unmasks […]

“Rare, Exciting and Complex” Mayback Viking Sword Discovered On Orkney

Among several finds at a Viking burial site on Papa Westray, Orkney, is “a rare, exciting, and complex artifact” – a Mayback sword in the form of a Pedersen Type D, associated with the 9th century. The find from 2015 is now being carefully examined for post-excavation work, and it is confirmed to be one […]

1,000-Year-Old Middle Eastern Gold Earring Discovered in Scandinavia

The National Museum in Copenhagen announced on Sunday that 54-year-old Frants Fugl Vestergaard from Denmark unearthed a rare gold earring while metal detecting in a field in West Jutland. Believed to be an 11th century gift from the Emperor of Byzantium to a Viking chief, the earring is built around a crescent-shaped gold plate. Inlaid […]

Two Oxyrhynchus Mummies Discovered with Golden Tongues

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said on Sunday that two 26th Dynasty tombs were excavated at El-Bahnasa (Oxyrhynchus) archaeological site in the Upper Egypt governorate of Minya. What made the news stand out from the hoard is that the 2,500-year old Egyptians had been mummified with golden tongues. Oxyrhynchus is a city in […]

Medieval Walls Discovered Underneath Dutch Parliament

Archaeologists stumbled upon medieval material underneath the Dutch parliament building last week. The area is being prepared for a major renovation that’s long overdue. Fortunately, as a matter of procedure archaeologists are involved in scanning the site’s soil for anything of historic value. Whilst conducting this research, they were overjoyed to find the remains of […]

Multicultural Ancient Treasure Hoard Discovered In Cyprus Tombs

Archaeologists in Cyprus have excavated two Bronze Age Tombs at one of the most important holy sites in the Islamic world. The treasures they discovered reveal the presence of a far-reaching trade network, and the importing of rare luxury goods from distant ancient worlds. The Hala Sultan Tekke monument was built between 1760 and 1817 […]

LAPD Scandal After 44 Guns Discovered Missing from Gun Store

A scandal has allegedly been uncovered at the LAPD following the discovery that 44 firearms went missing from the gun store at the Los Angeles Police Academy. The Los Angeles Times notes that Archi Duenas, the manager of the gun store, has allegedly been selling guns on the cheap to officers for years and was […]

Dr That Discovered New Variant Says UK ‘Panicking Unnecessarily’ Over Omicron

The doctor who first came across the omicron variant has said that Britain is “panicking unnecessarily”, saying that the cases she has encountered in South Africa are “extremely mild”. On Sunday, Dr Angelique Coetzee told BBC‘s Andrew Marr that the cases she had encountereed in South Africa were “extremely mild”. She said she noticed seven […]

The New COVID Variant Scam Was Simulated in Israel Weeks Before It Was ‘Discovered’

by Brian Shilhavy The flames of “COVID fear” are being stoked again, as the Big Pharma Globalists unleash their new plan to increase profits and exert more tyrannical control over populations by using their corporate media and puppet politicians in an attempt to extend the false “COVID pandemic.” Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seen […]

Doctor discovered Nano Razor Blades inside the Covid Vaccine. Found dead after his research went viral

Dr. Andreas Noack, a chemist and graphene expert published a video in which he claims Covid vaccines contain Graphene Hydroxide which works as Nano Razor Blades which slowly cuts through our blood vessels.  He claims these razor blades are 0.1 nm thick and 50nm long and do not leave the body once inside because they […]

Roman Mosaic Depicting The Illiad Discovered in “Oh Wow Moment”

The accidental discovery of an extraordinary Roman mosaic in a Rutland field that has been described by experts as the “the most exciting Roman mosaic discovery in the UK in the last century,” reports The Guardian . Thrilling the finder and archaeologists alike, the mosaic depicts scenes from Homer’s The Iliad and is the first […]

Spinal Missing Link Is Discovered Unifying Apes, Neanderthals and Us

A team of scientists has analyzed a set of two-million-year-old so-called ‘missing link’ fossils. Unlike anything presented before, their new study shows how the ancient human relative, Australopithecus sediba , ‘walked like a human, but climbed like an ape’. Is this the missing link Darwin dreamed of? A collection of two-million-year-old fossil vertebrae from an […]

Rare Iron Roman Cavalry Face Mask Discovered At Hadrianopolis, Turkey

An 1,800 year old Roman soldier’s cavalry face mask has been discovered at a 3rd century AD military site in Turkey. But this site isn’t located in the heart of the Roman empire, but at a far flung outpost in modern Turkey – Hadrianopolis. Researchers from Turkey’s Karabük University discovered the 1,800-year-old iron Roman face […]

Chinese Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion

Chinese Scientists Say They’ve Discovered Cheap New Way to Do Nuclear Fusion They’re using tiny cones made of gold to do it. Image by Chinese Academy of Sciences A team of scientists in China say they’ve discovered a cost-effective method of achieving nuclear fusion that could rival much more expensive counterparts. Researchers at the Chinese Academy […]

Huge Jupiter-Sized Planet Orbiting Two Stars Discovered by TESS

» Huge Jupiter-Sized Planet Orbiting Two Stars Discovered by TESSToday at 11:27 am by PurpleSkyz » UFO NEWS ~ Strange moving lights in the sky plus MOREToday at 11:24 am by PurpleSkyz » Head of the Chemnitz Clinic Commits Suicide: ‘COVID-19 Vaccine is Genocide’ Today at 11:01 am by PurpleSkyz » Joey Mishkin: 35-year-old Florida single father receives Pfizer mRNA injection to […]

Stunning 5th Century Bohemian Jewelry Discovered in Czech Republic

Archaeologists from the Czech Republic’s Rakovník Museum have announced the discovery of a rare Bohemian gold ring and clasp or buckle dating back to the 5th century. Unearthed last summer by amateur metal detectorists working near the west Bohemian town of Rakovník, the stunning set of jewelry is ablaze with exotic precious stones. According to […]

Surprise 10th Century Medieval Port Discovered In Western France

Archaeologists in western France have been up to their elbows excavating enormous oak ship timbers at a “surprise” 10th-century medieval port, where evidence of wine production, fishing trade, and long-distance economics have been unearthed. The 2,500-square-meter (26,000-square-feet) archaeological dig surrounds the famous medieval castle of Chateau Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, in the Vendée department of western France. Large, […]

Does Roman Infanticide Explain the Mass Infant Burial Discovered in England?

Between 43 AD and 410 AD, huge swathes of Britain were under the control of the Roman Empire and funerary practices were mostly Christian, but also included the practice of Roman infanticide. Although, Roman infanticide has been well documented in Italy and in the Roman province that is Israel today, little evidence of this practice […]

Hidden Wall Paintings Discovered In Tudor Mansion With A Dark Past

Repair and restoration work being carried out at Calverley Old Hall in Yorkshire has led to the stunning discovery of an entire room covered in Tudor paintings from floor to ceiling. Explaining just how incredibly rare the discovery is, Dr Anna Keay, who works at the site, wrote in a statement on the Landmark Trust […]

Horrific Slave Room Discovered in Pompeii’s Civita Giuliana

A well-preserved slave room has been discovered at Villa Civita Giuliana , a wealthy suburb of Pompeii located about 700 meters (2296.59 ft.) northwest of the city walls. This large and exuberant villa was partially investigated at the beginning of the 20th century and more recently since 2017, but it has been plundered over the […]

Turkey has discovered 60m barrels of oil in 2021

Turkey has discovered an additional 60 million barrels of oil equivalent reserves, with 26 new onshore explorations this year, Fatih Donmez, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources announced on Monday. According to the report, security in natural gas supplies has been achieved to cover the anticipated 22 percent consumption rise to 60 billion cubic […]

Sewing needles discovered in Halloween candy in Ohio, What sick person does this?

Dystopian by each passing day. And the children are the main target for this madness. With public schools now openly teaching porn and LGBT ideology and labeling parents who protest as terrorists to FDA approval of Covid vaccines for children as young as 5. Nothing surprises me anymore. An observant child in Ohio made a […]

Homo bodoensis: Has A New Human Ancestor Just Been Discovered?

A team of scientists claim that they have identified a new “ancient human ancestor” in Africa, which is causing quite a stir. The so-called Homo bodoensis lived in Africa during the Middle Pleistocene, around 600,000 years ago. A new study published in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology concludes that it is “a direct ancestor of modern […]

Has Indonesia’s Legendary Lost Island of Gold Been Discovered?

Over the last 5 years, fishermen have recovered ancient treasures worth tens of millions of dollars from the Musi River, around Palembang, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The big question being asked by one archaeologist is whether or not these treasures are remnants of the long-lost Srivijaya Empire, a legendary kingdom known as the […]

Ancient Crusader Battle Campsite Discovered in Israel Is a First

A highways expansion project in the Tzipori Springs area in Galilee in Israel has uncovered fascinating evidence of a 12th-century Crusader battle camp. Exploratory excavations undertaken by a team of archaeologists before road widening work on the highway linking Nazareth to the Mediterranean Sea has found the campsite. Nimrod Getzov and Ianir Milevski of the […]

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discovered

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discoveredOctober 22, 2021  The tablet was created by the ancient Babylonians. Image Credit: US NavyA depiction of a ghost dating back 3,500 years has been found deep in the vaults of the British Museum.Stories of ghosts and spirits have been around for millennia – as evidenced by the recent […]

Three Giant Criosphinxes Discovered On Egypt’s Cultic Avenue in Luxor

The remains of three giant ram head sphinx statues, known as criosphinxes, have been unearthed on Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes in southern Egypt. At least one of the sphinx statues had a coiled cobra carved on top of its head. The three gigantic statue ram heads were discovered south of Karnak Temple in Luxor, on […]

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