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Michigan Inmates Plant 1,000 ‘Happy Little Trees’ in State Parks to Honor Bob Ross

Elias Marat, TMU Waking Times Let’s face it—ever since painter and television host Bob Ross passed away in 1995, America hasn’t been the same place it once was. Now we’re not 100 percent certain that the social fabric of the United States began to fray when the public television star disappeared from the airwaves, but […]

Michigan to become first US state to ban flavored e-cigarettes

   Michigan is set to become the first US state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, according to an announcement Wednesday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The ban gives sellers 30 days to comply and lasts six months — though the governor can decide to renew it. This includes sales in brick-and-mortar stores, as well […]

Michigan State University Jews fined record $4.5 million for Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal

Michigan State University Jews fined record $4.5 million for Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal By Gregory Wallace and Eric Levenson, CNN 9 hrs ago Michigan State University has been fined a record $4.5 million in connection to the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said. © JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP/AFP/Getty Images Former Michigan State […]

Michigan Cop NOT Fired After KKK Application, Memorabilia Found In His Home

Muskegon police officer Charles Anderson has been placed on paid vacation and not fired after racist KKK memorabilia was discovered in his home. The department assures the public that they are investigating the allegations. If you are wondering how the racist material was found in his home, so did we. It was not hidden and, […]

Murdered And Missing Indigenous Women Billboards Arrive In Michigan

Murdered And Missing Indigenous Women Billboards Arrive In Michigan Above photo: MMIW billboard in Manistee, Michigan, home of the Little Band of Ottawa Indians. Photograph by Cecilia LaPointe Manistee, Michigan – A national campaign to raise awareness and build momentum for meaningful federal legislation to impact the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) tragedy arrived in the […]

Flint, Michigan residents get green light to sue the EPA for negligence over water contamination that started 5 years ago

(Natural News) With all the negligence and mayhem caused and perpetuated by the U.S. bureaucrats, just how often do citizens actually get the green light from a judge to sue the Federal government? Nearly 2,000 residents of Flint, Michigan were identified by a Federal Judge in district court as being harmed by […]

Student Slated to Attend Western Michigan University Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Detroit Free Press- Edited by Staff  A Saudi Arabian man who was arrested as a teenager as he was getting ready to fly to America to begin his studies at Western Michigan University was beheaded by the government Tuesday. Mujtaba al-Sweikat was 17 when he was detained at King Fahd International Airport in 2012. Earlier […]

Orwellian Hate Crime Database to Be Set Up For Thought Criminals in Michigan

April 8, 2019 Op-Ed by Joe Wright Only in a world where the novel 1984 has become the evening news can we get a state’s Attorney General working with the Department of Civil Rights to create a database for people committing “hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime or […]

Michigan government to create "thought criminal" database to flag those who contradict all official lies

(Natural News) Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel – who, for all intents and purposes, looks suspiciously like a transgender – has decided to launch a full-scale crusade against the First Amendment. According to reports, Nessel is planning to create a “hate crime unit” as part of Michigan’s government, the purpose of which […]

Michigan Becomes First Midwest State To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana

By Aaron Kesel Michigan has become the first state in the Midwest to legalize recreational use of marijuana, allowing citizens at least 21 years of age to light up and toke. The law is set to take effect on December 6th this week. In the Nov. 6th election, voters endorsed legalizing the use of recreational cannabis (Proposal […]

Secular Talk: Charges Dropped Against Michigan Dr. Doing FGM

Secular Talk: Charges Dropped Against Michigan Dr. Doing FGM By Secular In the first federal case involving female genital mutilation filed in the United States, two Michigan doctors and the wife of one of the doctors have been charged with performing the banned procedure on two 7-year-old girls. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and his […]

Woman killed by family pit bull terrier in Big Prairie Township, Michigan

     A woman was killed Tuesday evening after being bitten by her family pit bull. Just after 7 p.m., Michigan State Police Troopers were sent to a home in Big Prairie Township and found a 77-year-old woman unresponsive. First responders attempted to save the woman but Sharon Daniels was pronounced dead at the scene, according […]

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell At Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing

Flu Brochure References for 2018-2019 Flu Brochure: In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that one in every six women has mercury blood levels that could pose a risk to an unborn child. NYT Report 2004:   Mahaffey et al., 2004. Supplemental Materials Mercury rapidly crosses the placenta and accumulates in the fetus at […]

One-Day Human Trafficking Sting Operation Locates 123 Missing Kids In Michigan

The Facts: According to Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project, Trump’s people have been briefed about the UFO topic. His claims of having meetings inside of the Pentagon have been verified by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Reflect On: The implications of the disclosure of information about intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our planet […]

Hundreds of Children Rescued As Child Sex Ring Busted in Michigan

A one-day sweep in Wayne County, Michigan, identified and recovered 123 missing children, including sex trafficking victims, as President Trump’s commitment to ending “the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking” continues to focus on the pedophilia and trafficking epidemic sweeping the nation. Federal authorities have locked up thousands of people on child trafficking and pedophilia […]

Second Recommendation Letter Withdrawn By Michigan University Instructor, Citing BDS

A University of Michigan instructor went back on her commitment to provide a letter of recommendation for a student after finding out the student was going to Israel for a study abroad program. This news went unreported unlike the first incident of a similar nature, as claimed by Washington Post. In this second incident, Jake Secker, a 20-year-old […]

Flint, Michigan: Police will spend up to $20K to convert 500 videotapes found in the home of suspected serial rapist

     Michigan police found nearly 500 videotapes in the home of a rape suspect and now have to modernize them in order to see if he is responsible for assaults going back decades, officials said. Authorities found the tapes when they arrested Gilbert Conway in July on charges he raped six women between 2009 and […]

Michigan professor stands firm despite Israel lobby attacks

Nora Barrows-Friedman Lobby Watch 27 September 2018 Graffiti on the Israeli-built wall dividing the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem promotes the BDS — boycott, divestment and sanctions — movement. Ryan Rodrick Beiler ActiveStills A professor has received death threats after rescinding an offer to write a recommendation for a student who wished to participate […]

Reports of meteor fireballs streaking across the skies in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada.

     Early in the morning on Monday, September 24th there were reports of fireballs streaking across the sky in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. That includes Michiana reports from Goshen and Syracuse. These fireballs happen every day in large numbers. They are not always documented, though, because a majority of them […]

Flint Water Crisis: Michigan Health Director Ordered to Manslaughter Trial

Flint Water Crisis: Michigan Health Director Ordered to Manslaughter Trial August 22nd, 2018 Via: Ars Technica: A judge on Monday ordered Michigan’s top health official, Nick Lyon, to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter charges in two deaths linked to the Flint water crisis. Genesee […]

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