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Syrian government seeks to recapture southwest – foreign minister

The Syrian government wants to recapture insurgent territory in the southwest through a settlement in which fighters accept state rule or leave, the foreign minister said on Saturday. Walid al-Moualem also said the United States must withdraw from the Tanf base in the southeast. Damascus has not engaged in talks about the […]

How to Recapture the True Spirit of Christmas in a Toxic Age

 “I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel.” ― Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas I keep waiting to encounter the “kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant” Christmastime environment that Charles Dickens describes in A Christmas Carol: “when men […]

Desert Hawks, Liwa al-Quds Recapture Imporatnt Hill From ISIS In Eastern Hama

06.07.2017 Click to see the full-size map Syrian government forces, led by the Desert Hawks Brigade and Liwa al-Quds, have liberated the important Tabarat Al-Deibeh Hill from ISIS terrorists in the eastern Hama countryside. The hill has been place of an intense fighting for about two weeks and has been captured and recaptured a few times […]

Iranian cleric hails recapture of Mosul from Daesh

Addressing worshippers at the Friday prayers weekly event in Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani congratulated Iraq on defeating Daesh at the northern city of Mosul. He also hailed the liberation of Mosul, which has in effect marked the end of Daesh caliphate in Iraq, as well as the recapture of parts of Syria as a […]

Iran congratulates Iraq on Mosul’s recapture

In separate messages to President of Iraq Fuad Masum and the country’s top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali al-Sistani on Friday, the Iranian president hailed recapture of Mosul by the Iraqi military forces. In the message to his Iraqi counterpart, President Rouhani described the “positive security-creating developments” in Iraq and the victories in the […]

Iraqi forces recapture villages from ISIL near Tel Afar

FNA- Iraqi forces recaptured several more villages from the ISIL militants in the surrounding areas of Tel Afar, located West of Mosul, Iraqi military source said on Tuesday. Jabbar Hassan, Iraqi Army officer, said that troops from the Iraqi Army’s 15th Infantry Division have recaptured the villages of Tel Khima Minor, Musheiqra al-Uliya, Musheiqra al-Sufla, […]

Iraqi volunteer forces recapture 2 airbases from Daesh terrorists

Press TV – Iraqi fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units have established complete control over two airbases on the western outskirts of Mosul. Sami Masoudi, a commander of the pro-government forces — commonly known by the Arabic word Hashd al-Sha’abi — said in a statement on Thursday that his fellow fighters had liberated Washington military airport west of […]

Iraqi government troops recapture another district in western Mosul

Press TV- Iraqi government soldiers have managed to regain control over a district in the western part of Mosul as government forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization Units, are involved in multi-pronged operations to expel Daesh terrorists from their last urban stronghold in the country. The commander of the Nineveh Liberation Operation, Lieutenant General […]

US seeking Iraq, Syria disintegration: Iranian commander

“Evidence indicates that the US is seriously seeking to undermine Muslim countries,” Brigadier General Jazayeri said in an interview with the Arabic-language Al Alam news channel. “Today is the turn of Iraq and Syria and tomorrow it may be the turn of other countries,” he said, adding that disintegration of Iraq and Syria is in […]

Iranian female karate fighter earns second spot at WKF Karate 1 rankings

Iranian karate fighter Hamideh Abbasali has been placed second in the latest edition of the World Karate Federation (WKF) Karate 1 rankings. According to the rankings released by the largest international governing body of karate with over 130 member states, the 26-year-old Iranian sportswoman racked up 980 points to stand behind a representative from Switzerland. […]

‘Humiliating’ Syria & Iraq road signs spark refugee debate in Denmark

Unknown people planted the controversial signs ‘Syrien 4426’ and ‘Irak 5317’ with arrows pointing to the direction to the two destinations and indicating the distance in kilometers, on Friday, local media reported. The signs were set up in the municipality of Thisted, Northern Denmark, which houses six refugee centers. Although the signs did not “survive” […]

Oklahoma man’s tests negates smart meter safety claims

     All around the USA, Canada, the EU and other countries, utility companies are employing “no-option enforcements,” along with threats of disconnecting and interruption of utility services, for refusing retrofitting safe analog meters for electric, natural gas and water utilities with EMF-RF-microwave-emitting, health-damaging (Non-thermal adverse health effects) AMI Smart Meters. [1] Utility companies’ lobbyists and […]

Anxiety acts like a ‘sixth sense’ which could save your life

From: Anxiety acts like a ‘sixth sense’ which could save your life, scientists have shown after discovering that nervous people are more attuned to danger. For decades research has suggested that being in a chronic state of alertness is bad for health because it causes cortisol – the stress hormone […]

Stunning ‘designer’ snowflakes grown in a lab

Professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, Ken Libbrecht, is trying to figure out the reason behind the famous fact that no two snowflakes are alike. Libbrecht is pursuing his answer by measuring the development of snowflakes under controlled conditions, producing these “designer” beauties for us to gaze upon. Snowflakes are made when […]

Non-Violent Resistance: A Palestinian Call for “Unarmed Warfare”

Behind the headline news of clashes between Palestinian youths and armed Israeli soldiers, Israel has – as ever – been quietly tightening its grip on Palestinians’ lives in the occupied territories. Last week in Hebron, a current flashpoint, 50 embattled families still living in the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood faced a new restriction on movement designed […]

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