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New Tranny Mayor in France Because Everyone Wanted That

The French government called me the other day and asked me what I’d like to see more of. I thought it was weird because I don’t live in France and am not French. But I answered honestly: I want more tranny mayors. France listens to the will of the people. BBC: A […]

No Person Wanted to Get Attached to This Sick Pup, But Someone Stayed by His Side Anyway

Tiny pup hardly resembling a dog was rescued from the streets. He was so malnourished that his bones were all twisted and he couldn’t walk properly. At times, he couldn’t even stand. This sweet baby was anemic and overly exhausted. Luckily, his rescuers were there to go above and beyond to save him. Vets gave […]

Jewish Bulldyke Miriam Margolyes Says She Wanted Boris Johnson to Die of Coronavirus

It looks like the Jewish bulldykes in England are turning Johnson into an Orange Man Bad hate figure. New York Post: English actress Miriam Margolyes raised eyebrows during an appearance on Britain’s Channel 4 Friday after telling hosts of the program “The Last Leg” that part of her wished to see Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

No One Wanted to Helped This Desperate Pit Bull So She Roamed the Streets in Agony

Pit Bulls have proven many times that they make awesome pets and loyal companions, but people somehow still think of them as aggressive and avoid adopting them, or in the case of sweet Matilda, even saving them from dying. Matilda spent a long time on the streets covered in wounds and left to fend for […]

Bin Laden Wanted Biden, Trump Threatens Iran, Shyster Tried to Trademark 9/11

Adam Green Interviews Kevin Barrett on KnowMoreNews Source Article from Hits: 28

Rape Gangs, Sex Slavery and Breeding Farms: Everything You Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Many understand that our lives will be greatly transformed by the society-wide collapse that is coming as a result of a bizarre response to the seasonal flu. However, many have a hard time picturing what that new world will look like. After a brief, boring period of pure suffering, three things will […]

7-Year-Old Draws “Wanted” Poster after His Dog Got Stolen

The love between kids and dogs is the purest of all. They are always ready to go above and beyond for each other’s safety. After a Boston Terrier named Ralph got stolen, his human sibling draw a “wanted” poster and melted many hearts. Ralph was taken from outside the family’s home in Fairfield Avenue in […]

Neglected dog Sam brought to shelter as owner ‘wanted him out’

In Houston, Texas, Sam was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter by his owner on Thursday who told the staff he “wanted him out.” “Not sure if the owner really meant kicking out since he cannot care better for his dog, because Sam is not discarded furniture,” a shelter volunteer wrote on social […]

Trump’s Horrific Reaction to the Coronavirus – Is this What the Hong Kong Rioters Wanted?

Mainland China is closing down the hospitals in Wuhan, releasing patients who are already cured. Doctors are celebrating, and with them, the ordinary people; in China and all over the world. It is not the end of the medical emergency, yet, but it is the beginning of the end; a victory of reason, of determination […]

Owners Wanted Their Puppy Euthanized Just Because He “Would’t Play”

One family surrendered their dog at a shelter and asked from the staff for the poor animal to be euthanized. They believed the puppy’s life should be ended because he wasn’t playful, but seemed to be sad most of the time. They didn’t even try to learn the reason behind his lethargic state. Luckily, Sidewalk […]

He wanted to encapsulate Beijing’s Jewish community in a Passover Haggadah. The coronavirus complicated that.

(JTA) — Unlike Shanghai or Hong Kong, which received Jews fleeing from World War II, Beijing does not have a robust Jewish history. In the words of Joshua Kurtzig, former president of the Reform congregation there, the massive Chinese capital is a “very transient city,” especially for Jews — meaning that many pass through without putting […]

A Couple Who Was Wanted For Starving Dog To Death Is Caught By Local Authorities

A couple in Laredo, Texas, has been arrested for starving a dog to death. According to multiple sources, Laredo police arrested Omar Aguilar, 50, and Priscilla Arlene Garcia, 33, last week for the death of a white pit bull who was found discarded in a recycling bin. Garcia initially reached out to the authorities […]

Dutch Pedophile Who Wanted to Start a Political Party Arrested for Child Pornography Possession

   Dutch reporter Danny Ghosen conducted an interview with pedophile and ‘pedoactivist’ Nelson MMaatman who was planning to establish a political party in order to legalize sexual abuse of children. The political party he wanted to create was to be titled ‘the party for family, love, freedom and diversity’, with its main aim to overthrow […]

Assange’s Lawyer Says US Wanted to Kill WikiLeaks Founder and Make It Look Like an Accident

(TMU) — Julian Assange’s lawyer claimed this week in court at his extradition hearing that the U.S. wanted to murder the WikiLeaks founder and make it look like an accident. US wanted to kill WikiLeaks founder and make it look like accident: — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) February 25, 2020 American spies teamed up with UC Global, […]

Sex in Space: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know

(CONVERSATION) — The 2018 movie A.I. Rising explores how machines could fulfill desires and support humans during space travel. Lo and behold, it might contain the solution to problems related to space exploration. Astronauts, despite their rigorous training, remain humans with needs. For space exploration and colonization to succeed, we need to overcome taboos, consider human needs […]

Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted to JAIL Journalist Who Exposed Juror Bias

Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who presided over Roger Stone’s trial last year, completely ignored the concerns of Stone’s defense team about potential juror bias. Judge Jackson didn’t care the juror had political backgrounds or had given biased answers in their jury questionnaires. reports: In fact, Judge Jackson agreed with prosecutors to remove […]

In Libya 229 ISIS Wanted Leaders with 4700 Turkish-backed Jihadists. UN Investigates, Europe Sleeps

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy VERSIONE ORIGINALE IN ITALIANO «Several thousand ISIS fighters have left Idlib in Syria through the northern border and have ended up in Libya. That is something that we in the region but also our European friends will have to address in 2020» Jordan’s King Abd Allah II […]

Lis Harris wanted to understand How Israel had gone this way

Last fall Lis Harris published an excellent new book on the conflict, In Jerusalem: Three Generations of an Israeli Family and a Palestinian Family. Based on years of interviews with two families, the book explores the roots of the conflict in personal, psychological and historical terms. The account is imbued by love for its subjects, […]

Lion Climbed Into A Bus Of People Because It Wanted To Be Petted

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Extraterrestrial Tinder? Japanese billionaire posts ‘wanted’ ad for girlfriend to join him on trip around the moon

Maezawa, an avid patron of the arts, recently broke up with his actress girlfriend Ayame Goriki, 27 and has now embarked on a mission to find the right “single [woman] aged 20 and over” who wants to “enjoy life to the fullest” by accompanying him on his planned SpaceX flight around the moon. “I have […]

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