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Ukrainian Hitman Confesses: “I Was Hired To Assassinate Tucker Carlson”

A hitman has confessed on video that he was hired by the Zelensky regime to assassinate Tucker Carlson due to his relentless exposure of the corruption in Ukraine and the West. The video shows a man […] The post Ukrainian Hitman Confesses: “I Was Hired To Assassinate Tucker Carlson” appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

I Hired Chet Hanks as My Life Coach

It’s 7 AM on a Wednesday as Chet Hanks and I cruise the streets of Los Angeles in his black Lamborghini Urus. We've just finished an absolute burner of a back and biceps session at Gold’s Gym. We’re high on fitness, and the post-lift dopamine rush is hitting in full effect. Gucci Mane’s “Icy” blares […]

Cops Accused of Murder in Death of Tyre Nichols Were Hired After PD Relaxed Job Requirements, Launched ‘Diversity’ Push

At least two out of five Memphis police officers charged with murder in the death of Tyre Nichols joined the force after the department relaxed hiring standards. Source

GOP operative who allegedly kicked a dog hired as top aide to new congressman

A veteran Georgia Republican operative who is slated to be chief of staff for incoming Rep. Mike Collins was arrested last month for allegedly kicking a dog. Brandon Phillips was arrested on Nov. 17 on a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty and held on a $1,200 bond, which he posted to get released, according to […]

John Fetterman Voted to Free Murderer Who Killed a Man with Garden Shears, Hired a Hitman

Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman voted to free a murderer who killed someone with garden shears and hired a hitman to kill his accomplice. The shocking story, reported by the Washington Free Beacon, explains that Fetterman voted to free the criminal in 2019 when he was lieutenant governor. Charles Goldblum was sentenced to life in […]

Satanic Temple Hired by ‘Woke’ Pennsylvania School to Indoctrinate Children

Parents have expressed their horror after the Satanic Temple was hired by a ‘woke’ school in Pennsylvania to indoctrinate young children. On Tuesday, Northern York County School District approved a Satanic Temple event aimed at […] The post Satanic Temple Hired by ‘Woke’ Pennsylvania School to Indoctrinate Children appeared first on News Punch.

IT Guy Hired By Hunter Biden to Retrieve Home Made Hunter PORN Videos Involving Young Children (Smoking Crack Engaged in Sex Trade)

Comment: Secret Service are FIXERS to cover up Biden Crimes and Scandals.

Dems have an opening for a midterm villain. Donald Trump, you’re hired!

Now they need to make sure voters remember it, instead of the governing troubles that have plagued the party for the past year. “We still have a villain. We’ll have to remind people of what that was like. And that sure scares the hell out of me,” Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) said. “For God’s sake, […]

Jews Blow Gasket When Fox News Reporter Claims Rothschilds Hired Charles Darwin To Invent Theory of Evolution

(Jerusalem Post) During a recent conservative news podcast called And We Know, a Fox Nation presenter Lara Logan suggested that Charles Darwin was paid by the Rothschild banking dynasty to invent the theory of evolution: “Does anyone know who employed Darwin? Where does Darwinism come from?” Logan asked. “Look it up. The Rothschilds.” “I’m just […]

Arrest Of Rabbi Hired By Russian Oligarch To Create Fake Sephardic Ancestry Exposes Myths Of Jewish Identity

(The Jewish Chronicle) A Rabbi who helped Jewish-Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, “prove” he had Sephardi ancestry in order to acquire Portuguese citizenship has been told he cannot leave Portugal until the investigation into the scandal is completed: Rabbi Daniel Litvak was arrested late last week as he attempted to leave Porto for Israel. Mr Litvak […]

Meet The Lesbian Hired By A Jesuit University As Its ‘Rabbi-In-Residence’ To ‘Queer’ Its Christian Students

(Jewish News Of Northern California) Since becoming University of San Francisco’s rabbi-in-residence in 2019, Rabbi Camille Angel has been busy, whether she’s creating inclusive on-campus spaces, helping to empower students through her classes, officiating Jewish lifecycle events or leading Passover seders: When Angel’s hiring was announced, it made headlines. A Jesuit Catholic university appointing a […]

Dave Chappelle Hired By The Daily Wire

NASHVILLE, TN—According to sources, comedian Dave Chappelle was canceled by 30 trans people on Twitter last week, spelling certain death for his career. This week, however, the career of the world-famous comedian is looking bright as he has now been hired by conservative media outlet The Daily Wire. The new Daily Wire exclusive, entitled The David Chappelle Show, will feature […]

In Macron’s France, Supermarkets Have Now Hired Bouncers To Prevent The Unvaccinated From Buying Food, Water And Medical Supplies

The liberal nation of France has deteriorated into a fascist police state whose vaccine passport requirements may be preventing the unvaccinated from getting basic essentials such as food, judging by a disturbing Twitter video. And just like that, the whole world has gone crazy. In Emmanuel Macron’s France, a little more than 6-weeks after he […]

Trump: I Realized I Had Hired ‘a Loser’ in Mark Milley

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports” that he knew he had hired a “loser” in General Mark Milley, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. When asked about Milley’s apology of the walk to the church set on fire by rioters outside the White House after George […]

After Resigning For Sexual Harassment, Cuomo Immediately Hired By CNN

ATLANTA, GA—Former Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned in disgrace amid accusations of sexual harassment, but the sky is still the limit for his career, as CNN immediately hired him under a multi-million-dollar contract. As soon as CNN learned the man was credibly accused of sexual harassment, they scooped him up to be an on-air personality. […]

Report: Democrat Mayors Hired Private Security After Defunding Police

A report by Forbes shows that numerous Democrat mayors around the country hired private security after their cities cut or “proposed cutting” police budgets. According to Forbes, “25 major U.S. cities across the country” took up the defund the police cause and mayors in 20 of those cities “enjoy the personal protection of a dedicated […]

‘FILTHY PERVERT’: Bill Gates Attended Nude Parties, Hired Sex Workers and Hung Out With Pedophile – Sources Claim

Not only did Bill Gates repeatedly hang out with a convicted pedophile, but he was also known among friends as being a ‘filthy pervert’ who hired sex workers and attended naked parties, according to bombshell new claims. Journalist James Wallace wrote two books on Bill Gates in the 1990s, revealing hairaising details about Gates’s sexually […]

The CIA Hired Remote Viewers To Obtain Information About Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

The Facts: Norway has registered a total of 29 deaths among people over the age of 75 who’ve had their first Covid-19 vaccination shot, raising questions over which groups to target in national inoculation programs. Reflect On: Should freedom of choice always remain here? Should governments and private institutions not be allowed to mandate this […]

Gig Workers Hired To Evict People From Their Homes

Above photo: Civvl. Company website. Million struggle to pay rent. A startup company by the name of Civvl is seeking to recruit temporary “gig” workers to assist landlords in evicting tenants who have been unable to pay rent in the midst of the economic depression triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. Civvl is owned by OnQall, […]

ABC Hired Record Number Of Convicted Pedophiles In Last 12 Months

ABC has come under fire for hiring a record number of convicted pedophiles and sex offenders over the last 12 months.  While many people question why Roseanne Barr was so abruptly fired over a bad Twitter joke, many are now also asking why the network continually hires dangerous pedophiles to work with children. reports: […]

Manchester Bomber Was Hired By UK Government To Topple Gaddafi

The family of the Manchester bomber were paid by the UK government to help topple former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. In a stunning admittion, the UK government have admitted they were “likely” in communication with former members of an al-Qaeda-linked Libyan militant group whom Manchester bomber Salman Abedi and his family fought alongside. […]

Physicist Hired By The CIA Shares His Cancelled Ted Talk On Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Next Story *This is an older article we published which originated here at CE, with some updated information in it.  Russell Targ is a physicist and author, a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and a cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigation of psychic abilities in the 1970s and […]

Failed British politician hired by leading Israel lobbyist

David Cronin Lobby Watch 22 February 2018 Natascha Engel, a British Labour politician, has teamed up with Israel’s weapons industry. (UK Parliament) In between working for the weapons industry, Britain’s top pro-Israel advocate Stuart Polak is known to give charities a helping hand. Rivals can even benefit from his benevolent deeds, judging by one barely […]

Melania Trump Hired Exorcist To ‘Cleanse White House Of Obama Demons’

First Lady Melania Trump demanded the White House undergo a complete exorcism, with “pagan idols and demonic artifacts” from “the Clinton and Obama years” removed from the premises before she would set foot in the building, according to White House pastor Paul Begley. “I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has […]

Tribe of Dan: Sons of Israel, or of Greek Mercenaries Hired by Egypt?

Tribe of Dan: Sons of Israel, or of Greek Mercenaries Hired by Egypt? Samson the Greek? 3,000-year-old archaeological finds at Tel Dan suggest that the Danites were Aegean soldiers hired by Canaan’s Egyptian overlords to keep order. By Philippe Bohstrom Dec 04, 2016 Metal objects, pipes, crucibles and slag found at Tel Dan Nelson Glueck […]

Bankers Hired Hitler to Start WW2

 Hitler was false opposition. He was put in power  by the Masonic Jewish bankers  who he pretended to oppose.  Wars are Jewish banker  pogroms against the goyim. “In these days when the infiltration of all parties, classes and governments by agents of the revolution is a known and proven thing, it is of interest that the mass of literature […]

COLLUSION FUSION: DOJ Official’s CIA Wife Was Hired to ‘Research’ Trump

21st Century Wire says… More evidence of collusion has surfaced this week – just not the kind mainstream media has been incessantly reporting for months. Zero Hedge is reporting that Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, admitted in a court filing this week that his firm paid Nellie Ohr, wife of U.S. Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, […]

Vegas Shooting Cover-Up: PR Firm Hired by Mandalay Bay Exposed Pushing Conspiracy Theories

Drapes billow out of broken windows at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, on the Las Vegas Strip following a deadly shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas. A gunman was found dead inside a hotel room. (AP Photo/John Locher) Las Vegas – In another strange twist to the […]

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak Gave Harvey Weinstein Info on Israeli Firm Hired to Fight Accusations

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‘Army of Spies’: Weinstein Hired ex-Mossad Agents to Silence Abuse Allegations

An “army of spies” tried to silence actresses and reporters making allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a report claims. Security firm Black Cube, run by former Mossad operatives, is reported to be involved. The New Yorker magazine revealed that the former Miramax producer hired Black Cube as well as Kroll, one of the world’s largest corporate intelligence firms. […]

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