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Tehran, Damascus ink MoU on Syria reconstruction

Tasnim – Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish three joint companies in a bid to accelerate the reconstruction of the Arab country, which has been stricken by more than eight-and-a-half years of foreign-backed civil war. The MoU was signed during a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday evening with Iranian Minister […]

Report Showing ‘Iranian Military’ Hit by the Israeli Air Raid Near Damascus!

November 22, 2019 Arabi Souri Everything Israel bombs in Syria sells it to the fools who believe its propaganda as ‘Iranian military targets’, and especially ‘Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ facility, as if that is not a breach of international law by itself. On the ground and in reality it’s totally the opposite. Everything you hear from Israeli […]

Breaking: Bombing Targets Residential Building in Damascus – Casualties Reported

November 12, 2019 Arabi Souri A bombing has targeted a residential building in the Syrian capital Damascus caused the killing of two civilians and injuring six more, based on initial reports. Initial reports also state that a top leader of a Palestinian faction was assassinated in the bombing that is believed to be by Israel. The […]

New World Awakening. More people having the Damascus experience!

. AIM Patriot Jimmy left us this note after viewing the video below. We answered him just under the video. It is a discussion we wanted to share with all of you. Jimmy: Hi I’ve been red-pilled from “Thomas and Betsy” since President Trump announced his candidacy. However, this hasn’t been limited to the political […]

The Road to Damascus: How the Syria War was Won

October 18, 2019 by Pepe Escobar : posted with permission and crossposted with Consortium News What is happening in Syria, following yet another Russia-brokered deal, is a massive geopolitical game-changer. I’ve tried to summarize it in a single paragraph this way: “It’s a quadruple win. The U.S. performs a face saving withdrawal, which Trump can sell as avoiding […]

Damascus: US-Turkey Ceasefire Deal Unclear, Kurdish autonomy Firmly Rejected

Al-Manar October 18, 2019 Syrian president’s political adviser said that Damascus firmly rejects establishment of Kurdish autonomy in Syria as there are no reasons for that in the country. “Of course we cannot accept it,” Shaaban said in an interview with al-Mayadeen television responding to the question of whether Damascus could accept a “copy” of […]

Washington abandons its Kurdish proxies as Ankara and Damascus step in

October 13, 2019 By Aram Mirzaei Even though I have my doubts over whether Washington will actually withdraw from Syria fully, it seems as if their Kurdish proxies in northern Syria have been left to defend for themselves against the ongoing Turkish offensive. I can’t say I’m surprised since Washington has done this to their […]


 Click to see the full-size image KURDISH-LED SDF SAYS IT REACHED DEAL WITH DAMASCUS. SYRIAN ARMY MARCHES TOWARDS KOBANI The self-administration of Northeastern Syria, a political wing of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced on October 13 evening that it had reached a deal with the Damascus government. The deal says the Syrian Army […]

Damascus has undeniable responsibility in Syria civil war, but that doesn’t mean we should let terrorists run loose there – Putin

Damascus has to take responsibility for the country’s political and social problems, but these internal issues would not be resolved by allowing Syria to be overrun by extremists, Putin told RT Arabic, explaining Russia’s rationale for entering the conflict there in September 2015. We came to Syria to support the legitimate government… It does not […]

Kurdish leaders mull cooperation with Damascus & Moscow as US pulls troops from northern Syria

If US troops leave northern Syria, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will be “forced to study all the available options,” Badran Jia Kurd, a Syrian Kurdish official with the SDF, told Reuters on Tuesday. He said that such a scenario could prompt the SDF to “hold talks with Damascus or the Russian side to […]

On the Road to Damascus: International Conference in Syria on Sanctions and Its Blowback

Welcome to your second country, that was the greeting our Syrian hosts gave us when we arrived for the International Trade Union Forum for “solidarity with the workers and people of Syria against the economic blockade, imperialist interventions, and terrorism.” Throughout my short one-week stay, Syrians, on seeing I was a foreigner, would muster their […]

Kurdish-led SDC ready to return to Damascus to negotiate

…from AMN News – Al-Masdar [ Editor’s note: Here comes the second Kurdish leader asking for negotiations with Damascus within a week, but we have yet to see any response from Assad. The Euphrates River region is a key area for Syria to regain control over, as the US goal is to control the water […]

FM Zarif meets with UN envoy for Syria, urges for more UN-Damascus cooperation

MNA – The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held a meeting with the Geir O. Pedersen, the UN special envoy for Syria in Tehran on Tuesday afternoon to discuss Syrian issues. In the meeting, Zarif and Pedersen discussed the latest developments regarding Syria and the efforts and the Guarantor states of security in Syria […]

Emirati firms attend Damascus trade fair despite US threats

Emirati companies have flocked to the Damascus International Trade Fair, months after the United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in the Syrian capital. Syria’s al-Watan newspaper reported that a delegation of about 40 businessmen from the UAE had arrived in Damascus on Tuesday to participate in the international fair. A Syrian employee of an […]

Russian comment on the US administration’s attempts to disrupt the Damascus International Fair

The 61st annual Damascus International Fair is scheduled to open in the Syrian capital on August 28. Its importance could hardly be overestimated for a country advancing towards stabilisation and a recovery of its economy devastated in an attack launched by international terrorism. Last year, the event was attended by officials and businesspeople from 49 […]

Tulsi Gabbard’s ‘Road to Damascus’ that the media isn’t talking about

Tulsi Gabbard speaks to CNN’s Jake Tapper about her 2017 visit with Syrian President Bashar Assad back in January. (CNN/Screenshot) There’s a good reason the presidential hopeful met with Assad, but the media doesn’t want to talk about it… By Scott Rigger, reposted from American Conservative It was eight minutes of hell for Kamala Harris. […]

Tulsi Gabbard’s Road to Damascus

There’s a good reason the presidential hopeful met with Assad, but the media doesn’t want to talk about it. Scott RITTER It was eight minutes of hell for Kamala Harris. Onstage at the second Democratic debate in Michigan, Harris was subjected to a blistering assault on her record as a California prosecutor at the hands of Hawaii […]

The Palestinians have not yet reached Damascus … What are they waiting for? الفلسطينيّون لم يصلوا بعد إلى دمشق… فماذا ينتظرون؟

Comment: The Author ended his Article saying: Hamas and Abbas and his PA are facing: a serious historical responsibility that requires them to achieve deep coordination with Syria, the Levant, of which Palestine is a historical part. They do not mess with history for politics, ideology and personal interests. Hamas’ chief of international relations, Moussa […]

Iranian firms to participate in 61st Damascus International Fair

MNA – Figures show that the 61st Damascus International Fair will witness wide-scale participation of Iranian firms. Bahman Hosseinzadeh Managing Director of Iran International Exhibitions Company (IIEC), told SANA’s reporter in Tehran that holding the 61st edition of Damascus International Fair shows Syria’s recovery from the crisis, adding that Iran wants to increase its investments […]

Australian Delegation to Damascus Debunked Fake Media

By Lou Louis MD for Veterans Today, Damascus, Syria Dear Readers After many false starts the dates for my trip to Syria as part of the Boxers for Peace group had been finally confirmed!! However, as the situation in Syria was still fairly unstable and our trip may had to  be cancelled at the last minute […]

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