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WATCH: Meaningful Change – Dylan Charles on the Vin Armani Show

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Vin Armani Show. Vin has had some amazing guests on recently and he invited me on to talk about changes in the landscape of media and the value of seeking higher consciousness in a world that seems to […]

US Claims Full Credit For Any ‘Meaningful’ Fight Against ISIS In Syria

The Pentagon has claimed full credit for wiping out the majority of terrorists in Syria. “The US led coalition, not the Russian Federation or Syrian Regime, is the only force that has made meaningful progress against ISIS” the US department of defense said It also denies hampering Russia’s anti-ISIS operations after the Russian defense ministry […]

Synchronicities Explained: Can You Identify Meaningful ‘Coincidences’ In Your Life?

How can you identify synchronicities in life? Let’s get started with the basics; why do they occur, what are its types, how to recognize synchronicities. Keep reading! Lucky coincidences happen quite frequently. You might’ve had a particularly striking coincidence that you still remember because, well, it doesn’t happen every day! While it is commonly attributed […]

Saggy Wife is Endorsed by Negroptimus Prime, Attacks Leader

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 9, 2016 The woman known to Americans as “The Saggy Wife” and/or “The Saggy C-Word” and/or “The Messy Sack of Deflated Bags” was endorsed by Negroptimus Prime today. The disgusting old wench was then mentioned by The Leader. Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody […]

White Killed, Nearly Beheaded by Black in NYC Homeless Shelter

Daily Stormer February 2, 2016 How much more can we take? We’re being wiped out. Daily Mail: A former public school teacher has been stabbed to death in a homeless shelter in Harlem, New York, reports claim. Deven Black, 62, was lying in bed at 11.50pm on Wednesday when his roommate Anthony White, 21, allegedly […]

Lawyers step up legal proceedings against UK for illegal arms exports to Saudis

     The UK government has been warned with legal action over its sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, with legal experts accusing Britain of being in breach of national, EU and international law by supplying British-made weapons and military equipment to the Gulf kingdom. Lawyers acting on behalf of the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) […]

Erdogan Government Arrests Turkish Generals for Stopping Syria-Bound Trucks “Filled With Arms”

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