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‘Joe Biden Corruption’ Trends on Google – But Google Whitewashes Autocomplete Suggestions

Interest in allegations of corruption against Joe Biden, as well as his alleged ties to Burisma, spiked in the month of October according to Google trends, with more people searching for the topics than ever before. But unlike other search engines, Google fails to display search suggestions  such as “Joe Biden corruption” and “Joe Biden […]

Evergreen State’s "Independent" report whitewashes campus meltdown, claims professor

     Evergreen State College released a 38-page “Independent” report on the protests and riots of last spring that is far from “independent,” claims a former administrator at the college. Last spring, Evergreen State was engulfed in riots after a Bret Weinstein, a former professor, sent an email questioning the school’s “day of absence,” which called […]

Joe Lauria: U.S. Media Whitewashes Gaza Massacre

IMAGE: A screen capture of the Gaza video tribute banned by YouTube. (Sana Kassem/Vimeo) Special to Consortium News: “As Israel killed more than 50 Palestinians in cold blood protesting the American embassy move on Monday, U.S. corporate media failed to accurately report what happened in Gaza, once again meekly protecting the government line, argues Joe […]

COMMENTARY: U.S. Media Whitewashes Gaza Massacre

As Israel killed more than 50 Palestinians in cold blood protesting the American embassy move on Monday, U.S. corporate media failed to accurately report what happened in Gaza, once again meekly protecting the government line, argues Joe Lauria. Typical of the mindset of corporate media reporting on what happened in Gaza on Monday as Israeli […]

Trump envoy blames Hamas for Gaza ‘disaster’, whitewashes israel’s blockade

Trump envoy blames Hamas for Gaza ‘disaster’, whitewashes Israel blockade Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s special envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, has attacked Hamas in an op-ed in the Washington Post, and announced that the White House will soon be “brainstorming” for solutions to the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip. Intifada – […]

Fake News: NYT op-ed whitewashes history of US meddling in Ukraine

     Disregarding President Trump’s insistent claim that the establishment press propagates “fake news” requires a constant effort – especially when a prestigious outlet like the New York Times allows itself to be used for blatantly fraudulent purposes. I cherish the First Amendment. Mark me down as favoring journalism that is loud, lively, and confrontational. When […]

The U.S. media dwells on corrupt African leaders — but whitewashes the Western billionaires and oil giants that pay them

Mainstream U.S. press coverage of government corruption in Africa is all too often marred by unconscious racism. Reports dwell at loving length on the grotesque wealth of certain African leaders, but the same articles will often forget to even name the big oil companies, mining giants and hedge funds that pay and sometimes bribe them. […]

Germany: Trial of Neo-Nazi Terror Group Whitewashes Role of Intelligence Services

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German firm whitewashes its plunder of Palestinian resources

Adri Nieuwhof Rights and Accountability 14 September 2017 HeidelbergCement’s Nahal Raba quarry in the occupied West Bank plunders Palestinian resources in violation of international law.  Who Profits HeidelbergCement is trying to present its theft of Palestinian natural resources under the cover of Israeli military occupation as a force for good. For a decade, the German […]

USA Today Whitewashes Massive Pedophilia Scandal Involving 125 Victims Acting As A Public Relations Firm On Behalf Of Sexual Predators

USA Today vs The Free Thought Project — Is USA Today’s Coverage Of Major Scandal A Whitewash Of Sex Crimes Against Children? Journalist Matt Agorist penned a fantastic article at The Free Thought Project detailing the massive scope of the scandal and cover up of child sex crimes in USA Gymnastics. The article reports incriminating […]

Philippines’ President Duterte Holds USA Responsible for Terrorism

nsnbc : Speaking at the Mindanao Hariraya Eid al Fitr in Davao City, the Philippines’ recently inaugurated President Roberto Duterte stressed that the United States rather than Muslim countries in than Middle East, is responsible for spreading terrorism. Roberto Duterte during his first speech after his inauguration in June 2016. Addressing the people who were […]

After poisoning Palestinian water, Israeli settlers steal it

Days of Palestine, West Bank -Israeli Jewish settlers steal water of Palestinian villages near to illegal Jewish settlements in West Bank city of Bethlehem. Palestinian residents in Bethlehem villages of Al-Rashaydeh and Rawa’en are suffering from a shortage of water as their supply is stolen by illegal settlers. Head of Al-Rashaydeh Village Council Fawwaz Rashaydeh said the shortage was caused […]

NATO Ready To Intervene In Libya If Requested By Unity Government

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg  on Tuesday that the alliance is ready to intervene in the situation in Libya if the country’s Government of National Accord (GNA) files a corresponding request. However some countries are holding back on NATO, EU ambitions in Libya According to reuters: Europe’s bold intentions to support Libya’s new U.N.-backed government […]

Terrorist Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Turkey FMs to Meet in Paris Monday

Paris to Host Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Turkey FMs for Syria Talks Monday France will host talks next week with the Saudi, Qatari, Turkish and UAE foreign ministers on the breakdown in the Syrian peace process, government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said Wednesday. Other top diplomats from “countries that think negotiations should resume at all costs” […]

Caught On Tape: Raw Footage Shows The Moment A Missile Hits Aleppo Hospital

Sadly, a typical consequence of war is that innocent “collateral damage” lives are lost. The civil war in Syria is no different, as over the past week four medical facilities were hit with missiles from fighter jets taking out their targets from the skies, pushing the civilian death toll even higher. One […]

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