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Turkish military says took full control of Syria’s Afrin from Kurdish militants

“All villages have been cleared from terrorists. Afrin is under full control [of Turkish Armed Forces],” the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces was quoted as saying by the NTV broadcaster. The General Staff said a total of 3,733 “terrorists” had been “neutralized” since the start of the so-called Operation Olive Branch against Afrin, […]

Civilians evacuated from Afrin to prevent Turkish massacre

nsnbc : Following the announcement by Turkey’s armed forces that they have gained a foothold in the city center of Afrin, the Democratic Autonomous Administration […]

Erdogan: Syria’s Afrin city center ‘entirely under control,’ Kurds ‘fled’ (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The pro-Turkish forces entered the city before dawn and faced no resistance from Kurdish fighters, who had already withdrawn, according to reports. Erdogan said in a televised speech this morning that all measures would be taken to protect Afrin’s residents. He praised the “heroic” actions of the armies, Turkey’s NTV reports. Erdogan said that Turkey and […]

Erdogan says encirclement of Afrin to be completed Wednesday evening, not capture – source

Reuters – President Tayyip Erdogan’s remarks about Turkey’s military and its rebel allies capturing northern Syria’s Afrin town refer to the completion of the town’s encirclement by Wednesday evening, not its fall, a source in Erdogan’s office said. In speech, Erdogan had said he hoped Turkish forces would completely capture the town of Afrin by […]

Erdogan hopes Kurdish-held Afrin town to be fully captured by Turkey Wednesday evening

‘Breaking point in relations with US’ – Turkish FM The statement came as Erdogan addressed local administrators at the presidential compound in Ankara. He also said civilian residents of the area were being evacuated through humanitarian corridors organized by Turkey. Ankara launched an operation in northwestern Syria two months ago after the US announced that […]

Turkey’s Invasion of Afrin Could Trigger New Front in Syrian War

The Kurdish region of Afrin in northern Syria has become a new geopolitical pivot point in the conflict. With so many actors’ interests overlapping, whose positions will be weakened and whose solidified if hostilities escalate? Read this extended analysis by 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen at READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files […]

Turkey, Russia have no disagreements over Ankara’s Afrin operation – Erdogan

“We have no disagreements with Russia over Afrin. In Idlib, a process of setting up the observation posts is underway. At the moment, we have already created eight such posts. A tripartite summit (Russia-Turkey-Iran), similar to the Sochi one, is planned to take place in Istanbul in the future. There, we will have an opportunity to assess and discuss all the issues,” Erdogan said during the […]

Regardless of Security Council, Turkey is determined to carry out Afrin operation until the end

nsnbc : Turkish military forces and allied militias have entered Raju town in northwestern Afrin, reported Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency. The YPG-led and […]

Going Underground – A NATO Civil War in Afrin? Turkish Historian & Analyst Mehmet Perincek

Going Underground – A NATO Civil War in Afrin? Turkish Historian & Analyst Mehmet Perincek Going Underground with Afshin We speak to Mehmet Perincek, Turkish historian and political scientist, about Turkey and the NATO civil war in Northern Syria. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the […]

Going Underground – Ep. 581: NATO Civil War in Syria, Turkeys New Battle in Afrin & Where is the Money For Grenfell?

Going Underground – Ep. 581: NATO Civil War in Syria, Turkeys New Battle in Afrin & Where is the Money For Grenfell? Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to Chris Williamson MP, one of Corbyns key allies in the British Labour Party, about Stormzy and what the EU will do now […]

Syrian War Report – February 21, 2018: Government Forces Entered Afrin

South Front Over the last few days, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army have captured over a dozen villages from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Afrin area. A complicated situation on the frontlines forced the YPG to at least temporarily forget “the US is our only ally” […]

Syrian Pro-Govt Forces to Help Kurds Defend Afrin Against Turkey

This is a very tense situation, which could potentially open-up a dangerous new front in the Syrian war. The worst result would be a direct military confrontation between Turkey and Syria. RT International reports… “Syrian pro-government forces are expected to help Kurdish militias defend the city of Afrin. It follows an alleged deal between Damascus […]

Iraqi-Kurdish MP’s divided on Damascus-Afrin agreement

nsnbc : Politicians in Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR) stand divided on the arrival of pro-Syrian-government forces into Afrin in northern Syria’s predominantly Kurdish […]

Turkey will lay siege to Syria’s Afrin in coming days: Erdogan

“In the coming days, swiftly, we will lay siege to the center of the town of Afrin,” Erdogan said on Tuesday to the lawmakers of his ruling Justice and Development Party on Tuesday. The Turkish president said the siege will prevent militants of the Kurdish People’s Protection Unites (YPG) from “bargaining” with the Syrian government. […]

Turkey will lay siege to Syria’s Afrin in coming days — Erdogan

Speaking to members of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) on Tuesday, Erdogan said the city center of Afrin will soon be besieged by advancing Turkish troops and allied Syrian militias, according to Hurriyet. Turkey will confront Syrian troops entering Afrin to protect Kurds — FM “Preparations in the field take some time. In […]

Turkey rejects “Baseless” accusation of using chemicals in Afrin

IFP- A Turkish diplomatic source says Ankara never used chemical weapons in its operations in Syria, and takes the utmost care of civilians. The source on Saturday rejected the “baseless accusations” raised by Kurdish forces, saying Turkey never used chemical weapons. “We take utmost care about civilians in Operation Olive Branch.” Syrian Kurdish forces and […]


South Front 17.02.2018 On February 16, Hussain Murtada, a correspondent of the Iranian al-Alam TV, reported that a reconnaissance unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had entered the Afrin area under an agreement, which had been supposedly reached by the Damascus government and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). Murtada’s report is still not […]

Turkish military helicopter downed in Syria’s Afrin, 11 soldiers killed

nsnbc : Eleven Turkish soldiers lost their lives on Saturday when a helicopter was downed in northern Syria’s predominantly Kurdish Afrin region in Rojava […]

Turkish regime continues aggression on Afrin area as civilian casualties rise

SANA– The Turkish regime escalated its aggression on Afrin area in northern Aleppo countryside, killing and injuring more civilians, including children and women. The continued shelling of the area for the 24th day in a row caused further destruction of civilians’ houses, infrastructure and public utilities. Local sources told SANA Monday that the Turkish troops […]

Conquering Afrin as Religious Duty: Operation Olive Branch & Turkey’s Supposed Transformation into a Sunni Superpower

Dr Can Erimtan 21st Century Wire Turkey’s Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) is now once again performing a delicate war-dance with his partners Russia and America, with President Putin (aka the Czar) clearly supporting his southern neighbour while the U.S. President Trump appears as clueless as ever. Ever since Syria’s not-so civil war erupted in […]

Events linked to Turkey’s invasion of Afrin are “gruesome”: NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg

nsnbc : Speaking at the annual conference of the Norwegian Atlantic Committee in Leagankollen on Monday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO is not considering […]

Continued Turkish aggression on Afrin leaves two civilians dead, causes huge damage

SANA– The Turkish regime continued its aggression against Afrin city in Aleppo northern countryside through shelling residential neighborhoods with different types of weapons, leaving more civilians dead, mostly children and women, in addition to causing huge damage to the houses. Civil sources told SANA that the continued shelling by forces of the Turkish regime on […]

‘Double standards’: Kurds slam US for not fighting ‘Turkish occupation’ of Afrin (VIDEO)

“With the coalition, especially the US forces, we saw some double standards,” a Kurdish military officer by the name of Khalil told RT’s Ruptly agency. “What we demand from the US, in particular, is to fulfil the promises to the [US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces] – that is to protect the liberated areas, including Afrin, which, […]

Turkey invades Afrin: the Kurds lose again

By Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog After weeks of belligerent rhetoric and preparations, Turkey finally invaded Afrin last week. It came as no surprise that Turkey would go for this vulnerable Kurdish-held region in north-western Syria first. So how does this affect the war? Previous Turkish incursions have been limited and aimed at stopping what […]

Germany freezes upgrade of Turkish Leopard tanks amid Afrin op – govt spokesman

US ‘needs to stop supporting terrorists’ to avoid possible clash with Turkey in Syria – Deputy PM Germany will not be making any decision on “critical arms transfers” to its NATO ally Turkey, including the much-awaited upgrade of German-manufactured Leopard tanks, because of the military operation against the Syrian Kurds, Spiegel magazine earlier reported. Instead, […]

Erdogan rebuffs US over his Afrin adventure: ‘How long will you be in Iraq & Afghanistan?

Today, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rebuffed US calls to cutain Turkey’s military offense in Afrin, Syria, citing Washington’s 17 year-long military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Although Erdogan has a point regarding the obvious US sins of Afghanistan and Iraq, it would have been a better point to make that the US currently […]

Turkish Army extends Syria operation to Azaz district, east of Afrin – state media

The Turkish military have thus continued their operation’s ground phase, which began on Sunday. Ankara said 153 targets were struck as of Sunday evening, including units of Kurdish forces and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Turkey would not take a step back from the operation in the Afrin […]

Those who help Kurdish fighters in Afrin will become Turkey’s targets – PM Yildirim

READ MORE: Turkish armored division advances into Syria’s Afrin (WATCH LIVE) When asked what would happen if the US provided logistical support to the Kurdish Peoples’s Protection Units (YPG), Yildirim stated that any party providing such support would be added to “Turkey’s targets.” The comment was made during a Sunday meeting between the prime minister and […]

Erdogan vows swift end to Afrin operation, warns pro-Kurdish opposition against taking to streets

“We will complete the operation in a very short time,” Erdogan said, addressing a huge crowd of supporters in the north-western city of Bursa on Sunday. The Turkish leader added that the pro-Kurdish opposition and PKK had failed to call people for protests and warned that Turkish forces “are following their every step.”“Know that wherever […]

Turkey launched ground invasion of Syria’s Afrin to clear YPG and PKK from area west of the Euphrates

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : After an initial areal attack, Turkey has launched its ground operation aimed to clear out the Syrian – Kurdish People’s […]

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