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Buttigieg says ‘there is a lot of blame to go around’ for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

During a town hall meeting in Iowa, South Bend Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told a questioner that the situation in Gaza was a humanitarian crisis, but that multiple forces were to blame for the current conditions. At the Mason City event, an exchange student from Gaza asked Buttigieg about American attitudes about […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: Having A Gun Made Me Feel ‘Smaller’

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has previously criticized men who have their “sense of manhood wrapped up in owning a gun” and now says “having a gun made me feel smaller, not bigger.” The Democratic presidential candidate expressed his dissatisfaction with the concept of carrying a gun after serving in Afghanistan, during a conversation with a BuzzFeed reporter. “Over time, […]

America’s Billionaires Congealing Around Warren and Buttigieg

The Democratic Presidential candidates who have been the most backed by billionaires have not been doing well in the polling thus far, and this fact greatly disturbs the billionaires. They know that the Democratic nominee will be chosen in the final round of primaries, and they have always wanted Pete Buttigieg to be in that […]

Pete Buttigieg is actively building an alert network to thwart U.S. immigration law… this is outright treason against America

(Natural News) As nearly all Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the “mainstream” media accuse President Donald Trump of being a tyrant and the second coming of Adolph Hitler, it is they who are champions of lawlessness and tyranny, especially when it comes to the enforcement of immigration law. Over the past […]

South Bend Cops Threaten ‘Mass Exodus’ Over Mayor Buttigieg’s Mishandling Of Shooting

Police officers in South Bend are threatening a “mass exodus” over Pete Buttigieg’s mishandling of a shooting in his home city. “Morale around here has been terrible. We do nothing,” a 20-year veteran police officer told Fox News. “We call ourselves firemen, we sit around in parking lots until we’re called and then we go […]

Buttigieg faults Israel on human rights, while Klobuchar, Warren, Harris, Booker and de Blasio offer excuses

Yesterday the New York Times published a Democratic presidential forum of video interviews, including the hot potato: “Do you think Israel meets international standards of human rights?” And even the Times seems a bit surprised by the result: “we thought this question would gauge Democrats’ willingness to criticize Israel, and found few candidates who would […]

Pete Buttigieg: ‘Almost Certain’ We’ve Had a Closet Homosexual POTUS

Mayor Pete Buttigieg claims it is “statistically… almost certain” that the United States has had a closeted homosexual as president. “I would imagine we’ve probably had excellent presidents who were gay — we just didn’t know which ones,” he told “Axios on HBO.” “I mean, statistically, it’s almost certain.” Asked if he possibly knew which commander-in-chief was […]

Buttigieg says Netanyahu is ‘turning away from peace,’ but he wouldn’t reverse one Trump gift

In a June 16 interview with Axios on HBO, South Bend Mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he’d keep the US embassy in Jerusalem if he was elected. The comments came just one week after Buttigieg publicly denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to annex sections of the West Bank and said there […]

Buttigieg says he wouldn’t allow U.S. taxpayer money to pay for West Bank annexation if elected

South Bend Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says he would block U.S. taxpayer money from being used for Israel’s potential annexation of the West Bank. Buttigieg made the pledge during a June 11 speech at Indiana University, which outlined a number of his foreign policy proposals. Shortly before Israel’s election in April, Prime […]

Warren, Biden and Buttigieg all hint at criticism of Israel — but don’t voice any

Update: Senator Elizabeth Warren has released a message to the American Jewish Committee and sought to skirt the Israel issue inside the Democratic Party with a few careful words. In a world of complicated threats and challenges, America is stronger when we work with our allies. Israel is a strong ally and an important friend […]

Why is Trump emphasizing how great the cultural marxist candidacy of Pete Buttigieg is?! (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020 (pt. 2: Achievements) Source Article from #Trump #Democrats I’m “Pretty Sure” Trump Will Be Reelected in 2020 (pt 1: Optics) Source Article from Nikki Haley Claims Top Trump Aides Tried To Recruit Her To […]

Pete Buttigieg misleads America on health freedom; doesn’t support women’s right to say no to vaccines

(Natural News) During a recent town hall, Pete Buttigieg, one of the 23 Leftists currently vying for the presidency in 2020, clarified his position that abortion should be allowed at any point during pregnancy, arguing that there should never be a limit or line on “a woman’s right” to murder her unborn […]

PETE BUTTIGIEG: Manchurian Candidate, Cultural Marxist & NWO Globalist Programmed to Destroy the American Republic

    Deep State’s Secret Weapon to Steal the 2020 Election State of the Nation It’s critical that the Right does not underestimate the cultural marxist candidacy of Pete Buttigieg. There’s a stealthy Democrat plot afoot and Mayor Pete is at the center of it.  So is Joe Biden; so is Bernie Sanders, but Buttigieg […]

The 2020 Presidential Race: Is Mayor Pete Buttigieg the Real Deal?

It seems totally implausible that the 2020 Presidential race has already reached a near fever pitch as the previously obscure Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg has taken third place in the latest polls leaving at least five US Senators in the dust – just as he delivered a well-aimed arrow with doubts that Vermont […]

Trump Banned from Twitter after Homophobic Attack on Pete Buttigieg

Dissociated Press After repeatedly tweeting inflammatory attacks on blacks, Muslims, hispanics, women, Democrats, Trump-haters, and other minority groups, President Trump has finally been banned from Twitter—for homophobia. His offense: Yesterday’s tweet featuring a homophobic limerick attacking Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg. Trump’s homophobic tweet, though quickly withdrawn, was enough to convince Twitter to finally close […]

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