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Diverse DNA deepens mystery of 800 skeletons at Roopkund lake – does folk song hold clue?

   Roopkund, a remote lake high in the Indian Himalaya, is home to one of archaeology’s spookiest mysteries: the skeletons of as many as 800 people. Now, a study published today in Nature Communications attempts to unravel what happened at “Skeleton Lake” — but the results raise more questions than answers. In the early 2000s, […]

Want to See a More Diverse WordPress Contributor Community? So Do We.

The mission of WordPress is to democratize publishing: to make it possible for anyone — no matter their background, location, or identity — to bring their ideas to life on the internet. This mission inspires thousands of volunteers all over the world to contribute to the WordPress open source project, building and supporting the software […]

‘Beautiful Diverse Sensational’: Israel sets up fake Eurovision boycott page to counter BDS campaign

For most people who follow the issue, the acronym ‘BDS’ refers to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which aims to financially pressure Israel into improving treatment of Palestinians. However, according to a new website promoted via ads on Google, it now stands for how Israel is “beautiful, diverse, sensational.” Despite the deceptive URL and the […]

Border Wall Construction Imminent at Most Diverse Butterfly Center in U.S.

Construction equipment has arrived to build a border wall through the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, a protected habitat for more than 200 species of wild butterflies and other unique wildlife. A planned 5.5 mile section of concrete and steel border wall that is already funded will cut off 70 percent of the 100-acre property. The barrier will be […]

Christmas colors light up a diverse Syria as peace & stability return – and the West barely noticed

Syrians saw off the year 2018 under a glittering canopy of festive lights and elaborate decorations adorn the streets of many cities, towns and villages throughout much of the country. Izraa, a town in the southern province of Daraa, was liberated from US Coalition client terrorism in July 2018 after the surrender of the armed […]

Most Diverse Butterfly Center in the U.S. to be Bulldozed for Trump’s Border Wall

Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch Waking Times The National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas is the most diverse butterfly sanctuary in the U.S. Some 200 species of butterflies find a home there each year, including the Mexican bluewing, the black swallowtail and the increasingly imperiled monarch. And, as soon as February, almost 70 percent of it could be lost to […]

Here’s why wild-caught is better than farm-raised salmon: It has a more diverse nutritional profile

(Natural News) “Organic” salmon seems like the best choice for people who want to follow a healthy diet, especially since salmon is full of essential fatty acids and other nutrients. But is organic salmon better than wild salmon? Organically raised and farm-raised salmon vs. wild salmon Despite the fact that the U.S. Department of Agriculture […]

Trump Rally in Evansville Indiana overflows with diverse crowd of people proud of their country

(Natural News) Over the Labor Day weekend I got a chance to attend a Trump Rally in Evansville, Indiana. I was initially surprised by the long line of people waiting to get in. Who were all these people? If you follow CNN and MSNBC, you’d think that Trump would be speaking to […]

Apple Diversity Chief Who Said Whites Can Be Diverse Out After Outcry

By Chris Menahan Apple’s Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity, Denise Young Smith, who was forced to apologize last month for saying a group of “blue-eyed blonde men” can be diverse, stepped down from her job after only six months and announced she’s leaving the company after 20 years. “Diversity is the human experience,” Smith […]

15 Diverse Superfoods that Fight Inflammation

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times One of the simplest ways to prevent, and even reduce, chronic inflammation in the body is with your diet. By eating high-quality superfoods, including herbs, spices, vegetables and seeds, you can pack your meals with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Scientists have discovered that chronic inflammation is the source of many illnesses, […]

Vibrant Enrichment: Another Diverse Acid Attack in London

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 26, 2017 @SkyNews New acid attack — chris lennon (@lennon8t2) July 25, 2017 Britain needs a new campaign for multiculturalism where they ask a question like: What enriches you? or What’s your vibrancy? Because right now, when they say the words “enrichment” and “vibrancy” – which they […]

Hate Crimes Rise in the Most Diverse State

Contrary to all historical and contemporary evidence, we are told ad nauseum that diversity is our greatest strength. In much of the USSA, diversity has a long history of coercion (recall Eisenhower’s infamous use of federal troops to force school integration in Arkansas) because no racial group truly wants it. Despite endless ZOG spending, propaganda, […]

Aimed to splinter both left and right: Macron appoints France’s most diverse government in 60 years

Paul Smith (TC) : If we have learned one thing about Emmanuel Macron in the first few days of his presidency, it is that […]

Bringing Identitarianism to America: A Brief Interview with Nathan Damigo

By Reinhard Wolff For: Red Ice Hello, Nathan! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first. Please briefly introduce yourself and your organization. No problem, thanks for speaking with me. My name is Nathan Damigo; I am an […]

Adiós Mohammed

Spain suffered grievously from North African invasion and occupation. Much of Spain was occupied by the North Africans from the times of the first invasions in 711AD until the Moors were finally expelled in 1614. Should you visit Spain’s Mediterranean coastlines, every few kilometres you will discover watch towers overlooking the sea. These were built […]

Trump’s Front Row Jew Boys

Trump’s Front Row Jew Boys Elections 2016 Trump’s Front Row Jew BoysBy Brother Nathanael Kapner April 20, 2016 ©___________________________________“OUR JOBS ARE BEING SUCKED OUT of this country,” Trump warned in his victory speech celebrating his win in the New York primary last night. Not only his family, but Trump’s Jewish business buddies—big players in New […]

Intel to Cut 11% of Workforce

Intel to Cut 11% of Workforce April 19th, 2016 Via: Bloomberg: Intel Corp. will eliminate 12,000 jobs, or 11 percent of its workforce, embarking on the deepest cutbacks in a decade to gird for a fifth year of declines in the personal-computer market. The […]

Substituting Vegetable Oils for Butter Increases Risk of Death

Substituting Vegetable Oils for Butter Increases Risk of Death April 18th, 2016 Via: Medical Xpress: A research team led by scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health has unearthed more evidence that casts doubt on the traditional “heart […]

Sacred Cow BBQ: Mike Walsh – European Resistance to the Immigrant Invasion

Youtube link Witness to History author Mike Walsh joins Patricia Aiken to share some uplifting reports of the Ethnic European push back against the “refugee” invasion. Source Article from Related Posts Engineered Chaos and Fear are the New Normal In America Bernie Suarez, GuestWaking Times There is a new norm in […]

Wisdom of our People #6

Continued from: Wisdom of our People #5 Greece! Many legends, stories and mythologies! So much knowledge and wisdom – so many philosophers – mighty warriors. Sadly, Greece was the closest to the Jews and their Arab cousins and therefore eventually disappeared due to Jewish influence. One might wonder whether or not it was ever a […]

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