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Demand another Camp David Accord

September 1978.  Camp David Accords and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process. The Camp David Accords, signed by President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in September 1978, established a framework for a historic peace treaty concluded between Israel and Egypt in March 1979. Why isn’t the U.S. stepping into the […]

U.S. ready to partially lift Iran sanctions to push return to nuclear accord

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Ahead of Vienna summit, Iran rejects ‘step-by-step’ return to nuclear accord

With the United States and Iran set to open indirect talks next week in Vienna as part of efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, Tehran on Saturday appeared to reject an approach that would see both sides take gradual mutual steps to build trust and return to the accord. “No step-by-step plan is being […]

The Missed Opportunity for Accord Among the Children of Abraham

Pope Francis attends an inter-religious prayer at the ancient archeological site of Ur, traditionally believed to be the birthplace of Abraham, in Ur near Nassiriya, Iraq March 6, 2021. Photo: REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani – Ur Kasdim, otherwise known as Ur of the Chaldeans, is where the march towards monotheism began. It is the birthplace of […]

A little acknowledged clause may be main obstacle to revival of Iran nuclear accord

A little acknowledged provision of the 2015 international agreement that curbed Iran’s nuclear program explains jockeying by the United States and the Islamic republic over the modalities of a US return to the deal from which President Donald J. Trump withdrew. The provision’s magic date is 2023, when the Biden administration if it returns to […]

World Welcomes U.S. Return To Paris Climate Accord, Readies Wish List For Biden

BRUSSELS (Reuters) — Climate-change leaders and campaigners worldwide welcomed U.S. President Joe Biden’s move to rejoin the 2015 Paris Agreement but said Washington must also cut emissions and use its influence to encourage other countries to do the same. In one of his first acts as president, Biden issued an executive order on Wednesday to […]

‘Deal is done’ reports say, as UK & EU apparently strike post-Brexit trade accord after 11th hour talks

A post-Brexit trade deal between the EU and UK have been reached, the media is reporting, according to sources from No. 10 Downing Street. Reports came out of Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence, on Wednesday that a trade deal between the UK and EU has been agreed. However, these reports have been challenged and […]

As US officially quits Paris Accord amid election uncertainty, progressives say ‘make this disastrous decision temporary’

As ballots continued to be counted for the election in which President Donald Trump falsely declared victory over Democratic challenger Joe Biden, the Trump administration on Wednesday completed the one-year process of withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, drawing sharp criticism from scientists, environmentalists, and progressive politicians. The primary aim of the pact, which went into effect […]

Joe Biden vows to rejoin Paris Accord on Climate Change on his first day in office

Joe Biden vowed to return his country to the Paris climate change accord on his first day in office if he wins the US presidential election. The United States formally withdrew from the agreement on Wednesday, having helped forge it with other world powers in 2015 to avert the threat of catastrophic climate change. It […]

Joe Biden warns UK: No US trade deal if Irish peace accord becomes ‘casualty of Brexit’

Joe Biden has warned that the Irish peace accord that ended decades of violence cannot become a “casualty of Brexit”. The US Democratic presidential candidate added that any US-UK trade deal must respect the Good Friday Agreement and avoid a renewed hard border on the island of Ireland. The warning comes amid international dismay at […]

Israel’s Bank Hapoalim to forge ties with UAE banks after normalization accord signed

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Polish PM’s father: Jews moved to ghettos of their own accord

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Putin ~ "The traditions of mutual trust, accord and neighborhood are the bases which fill unity of the Russian nation with special inner power."

Russia’s priceless heritage is the many-centuries’ experience in peaceful relations between people of different ethnic groups, noted Russian president      The traditions of mutual trust and accord among the Russian peoples fill the national unity with special power, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said. “Keeping the diversity of the Russian peoples, their ethnic cultural features are […]

Trump Vindicated: UN Confirms Paris Climate Accord Is Utter Garbage

The United Nations has officially admitted that the Paris climate accord is not only a waste of money, but is also based on fraudulent data.  The UN Environment admits in its latest Emissions Shortfall report that when you add up all the CO2 reduction pledges made by all the signatory nations at Paris, it comes […]

Leaders of Libya’s strongest factions sign accord in Paris

The French President Emmanual Macron has hosted the two most influential leaders in Libya in what is being called an attempt to re-unite the totally fractured failed state that has plagued Libyan politics since 2011 when the revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown during a NATO invasion. In reality, Macron is […]

The Syrian Test of Trump-Putin Accord

Merkel, Macron and Putin agree on implementing Minsk Accord, Tillerson visits Ukraine

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on the sidelines of the G20 in […]

Why exiting the Paris Climate Accord helps America’s poorest

(Natural News) President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord was applauded in some quarters, but it was met with a lot of derision from the left. This is a rather curious reaction for a group that claims to be concerned about the economic welfare of our nation’s poorest inhabitants. […]

The Big Picture – Did a Simple Handshake Cause Trump to Pull Out of the Paris Accord?

The Big Picture – Did a Simple Handshake Cause Trump to Pull Out of the Paris Accord? By The Big On tonights Big Picture, Thom Hartman discusses the upcoming U.K. elections and the Manchester bombings effect on the polls with Author and Journalist Max Blumenthal. Then, Thom talks to Nick Givas of the Daily […]

Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on President Trump’s withdraw from Climate Change Accord

Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on President Trump’s withdraw from Climate Change Accord By ns_admin for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and President Norm Singleton released the following statement regarding President Trumps withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Change agreement: Ron Paul — ” The Paris climate change agreement was nothing but an excuse […]

The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE Against Plants, Forests and All Life on Our Planet

The primary goal of the Paris Climate Accord — the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide — is nothing less than genocide against all plant life across our planet. That’s because all plants depend on CO2 for their very survival. It’s the “oxygen” for plants, and right now trees, grasses and food crops are starving for […]

Paris Accord Doesn’t Go Far Enough — But Trump’s Pullout Will Endanger Life On Earth

Above Photo: President Donald Trump speaks to US troops at Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily, May 27, 2017. Trump is expected to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement. (Photo: Stephen Crowley / The New York Times) A large number of climate experts believe the Paris Climate Accord does not go nearly far enough […]

IOEC planning merger of offshore construction firms overseas

  TEHRAN, April 2 (Shana) – Managing director of the Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) said that the firm has plans to merge its firms overseas in a bid to economize. “In the current year (started March 20), we are planning to cut down charges and expect to halve projects’ expenses in the […]

Does Google Basically Work For The White House?

‘Our logic behind this is that while many people are tracking the atrocities, nobody is visually tracking and mapping the defections, which we believe are important in encouraging more to defect and giving confidence to the opposition.’ The message was then forwarded by Sullivan to Clinton on July 25, 2012, with the note: ‘FYI – […]

… And We’re Back!

After almost a whole week of being down, the Renegade sites are back up and running. Starting on Friday evening we experienced massive server failures, which the hosting company could just not seem to fix. Since our shared server was not getting fixed in a timely fashion, I purchased a much more expensive Virtual Private […]

Iran’s coverage: Iran loads 4mb crude for Europe buyers

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Iran to send 4mb of oil to Europe in 24 hours  Iran says it has loaded 4 million barrels of crude oil on tankers headed for European destinations.   Iran president orders single forex, lower lending rates Iran must unify multi-tiered foreign exchange rate and […]

US Had Rejected North Korea’s Offer To Stop Nuclear Tests

While the international community has expressed outrage over North Korea’s claim of developing and testing a hydrogen bomb, President Obama had previously rejected offers in which North Korea volunteered to halt their own nuclear programs. Kim Jong-un offered to stop nuclear testing if the U.S and South Korea would agree to cancel their annual war […]

UN Security Council condemns N. Korea nuclear test, starts work on ‘further measures’

The UN Security Council has unanimously condemned North Korea’s most recent nuclear test, calling it a clear violation of UNSC resolutions. The council will begin working on a new resolution in response to the test. “The members of the Security Council… recalled that they have previously expressed their determination to take further significant measures in […]

Forgotten Knowledge: Natural Skin Care for Your Baby

4th January 2016 By Marie Be Guest Writer for Wake Up World The largest organ of the body, the skin, begins its complex process of development about a week after conception, and continues to evolve throughout pregnancy and following birth. Proper skin care during the first year of an infant can positively affect the full […]

ISIL Oil Smugglers Play Hide and Seek with Russian Bombers En Route to Turkey

nsnbc : Terrorists in Syria, primarily ISIL are changing smuggling routes for oil from Syria to Turkey in an attempt to avoid Russian bombs. The Russian air forces in Syria have destroyed over 2,000 tanker trucks used for smuggling oil since Russia launched its air campaign in Syria.  Photo, Ministry of Defense, Russia. The Chief […]

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