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Selected Articles: The Rising Tide of Neo-Nazi Politics in Croatia

Top 6 medical scandals the U.S. Government hopes you either already forgot or never even knew about in the first place

(NaturalNews) Oh, short term memory loss – a major problem for so many Americans that it’s absolutely and positively pathetic, and what’s worse, it’s not even their fault. Horror stories are memory-holed by the government. Major scandals are simply blacked out by the mass media. The harshest lessons though, are simply forgotten by […]

Encircling and Containing China: US Ratchets Up Tension in the South China Sea

Expat Returns to Find England Unrecognizable

  May 5, 2016 Source Article from

Can A Toxic Metal Found in Vaccines Cause Heart Disease?

(NaturalNews) Aluminum is a metal found in many childhood vaccines. The stated role of aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines is to enhance the immune response to the main ingredient in the vaccine. This would be either a virus or bacterial component. Vaccines which currently contain aluminum are: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis […]

The FDA is a criminal cartel: protecting the drug industry’s monopoly while denying Americans the human right access to natural medicines

(NaturalNews) The Food and Drug Administration, as we have reported in the past, is completely in the tank for Big Pharma, an industry that lavishes tens of millions of dollars on our fat-cat “leaders” in Washington, D.C., to maintain healthy profits and shut out all competition. That includes natural remedies especially, because they’re […]

‘Everything is great’: Crimea marks 2 years since historic referendum to rejoin Russia

Crimea’s population refused to recognize the new government in Kiev, which came to power on February 21, 2014, viewing it as illegitimate. The citizens of the autonomous republic, home to an ethnic majority Russian population, feared the coup-imposed leadership wouldn’t represent their interests and respect their rights and choices. Crimea and Sevastopol, a city with […]

Thousands Attend London Protest Against Nuclear Weapons

Print Friendly Above Photo: Protesters at the anti-Trident demonstration in Trafalgar Square. From Several tens of thousands demonstrated in London Saturday in opposition to the planned renewal of the UK Trident nuclear missile system. The protest was called by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). A parliamentary vote on renewing Trident, which is housed on […]

Odious Trump is favorite candidate of a corrupt U.S. police state

     This week, presidential candidate Donald Trump released a nauseating video praising police, at a time when they are killing and arresting more innocent people than ever. In the video, Trump attempted to gloss over the harm that police have on American culture, and instead suggested that the daily crimes committed and oppression inflicted is […]

“Capitalism and Slavery”

In his classic work “Capitalism and Slavery” Eric Williams exposed in vivid detail a fact that the west would like to forget. The west owes it’s wealth in large part to slavery (and genocide of course). It was slavery that funded the industrial revolution. Not in some abstract way but quite literally the famous Watt […]

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