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Postmodern insanity: Seattle school district to to study how math is ‘appropriated’ by Western culture and used as system of power and oppression

   The Seattle school district is planning to infuse all K-12 math classes with ethnic-studies questions that encourage students to explore how math has been “appropriated” by Western culture and used in systems of power and oppression, a controversial move that puts the district at the forefront of a movement to “rehumanize” math. The district’s […]

#ShutdownDC: District Brought To Standstill Over Inaction On Climate Emergency

#ShutdownDC: District Brought To Standstill Over Inaction On Climate Emergency Above Photo: Takver/Flickr Washington, DC — Over two dozen environmental and justice groups coordinated a massive shutdown of twenty major locations in the District, snarling traffic and business operations and creating chaos for commuters as they brought the nation’s capital to near gridlock. The unprecedented action […]

School District Warns Parents Their Kids Could Be Taken Away Over Unpaid Lunches

(TMU) — A school district in Pennsylvania has warned parents that their children could end up in foster care if overdue school lunch bills aren’t paid. About 1,000 parents in the Wyoming Valley West School District received letters outlining the new policy, leading to complaints from parents and the community. […]

Given that Maurene COMEY of the Southern District of New York is prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein, Trump is being targeted.

      Prosecutor in 2019 Epstein Case Is Maurene Comey, Daughter of Fired FBI Director James Comey — Who Participated in 2017 Pussy Hat March by Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday in New York for sex trafficking of minors, reported The […]

Prisons Service to get its first-ever female district chief

The Israel Prisons Service will appoint its first-ever female district commander during its upcoming round of promotions, it announced Friday. Commissioner Katy Perry, whose appointment was approved by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, will take over as head of the Prisons Service’s southern district, where she’ll be responsible for overseeing nine prisons and over 6,000 […]

Why is the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York stalling on the 9/11 federal grand jury? Because it was an obvious false flag operation and inside job!

    Lawyers’ Committee to File Mandamus Petition as U.S. Attorney Declines to Disclose Status of 9/11 Grand Jury Proceeding Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and AE911Truth    |   July 1, 2019 The executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, David Meiswinkle, and the Lawyers’ Committee’s litigation director, Mick Harrison, spoke last month […]

Chicago-area school district withdraws ‘Teaching Palestine’ course and apologizes for ‘sense of exclusion’ it created

Just eight days after an administrator offered public high school teachers in Skokie, Illinois, the opportunity to take a summer professional development course called “Teaching Palestine,” the school district retracted the offer in a statement from top administrators apologizing for the hurtful, “one-sided nature of this course.” They wrote: We then heard from teachers and […]

Philadelphia District Attorney Wants to Stop Prosecuting People for Drugs

By John Vibes Philadelphia has one of the worst heroin problems in the country, and the city’s District Attorney recently went public with a radical and controversial solution. During an interview with Axios on HBO, which airs next month, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said he wants to start sending addicts to treatment instead of […]

EPIC DISTRICT COURT RULING: EPA can be sued over Flint water crisis

  The Flint water crisis began in 2014 after the city switched the Flint River as its drinking water source to save money. (Photo: George Thomas/Flickr/cc)   Flint Residents ‘Will Get Their Day In Court’ After Federal Judge Rules They Can Sue EPA Over Water Crisis “These lies went on for months while the people […]

School Employee Sues District for israel (apartheid state) Loyalty Oath in Contract

Source Palestinian protesters walk during a rainy day during a demonstration near the border with Israel east of Gaza city on December 28, 2018. In a return to the bad old days of McCarthyism, Bahia Amawi, a US citizen of Palestinian descent, lost her Texas elementary school job after refusing to pledge in writing that […]

UTLA Reaches Bargaining Deal With District

UTLA Reaches Bargaining Deal With District Above Photo: from After six days on strike along with parents, students and community members across Los Angeles, we have reached a historic agreement that addresses major issues impacting our schools, students and professions. Below are links to the full text and summary of that agreement, which the […]

Los Angeles Teachers Strike In Second Largest School District In US

Los Angeles Teachers Strike In Second Largest School District In US Above Photo: From Part of the rally in Oakland More than 33,000 teachers in Los Angeles, California went on strike Monday morning, setting up picket lines at more than 1,200 public schools in the second largest school district in the US. Teachers are demanding […]

NBC: Maxine Waters’ 43rd District Has ‘Some of World’s Filthiest Slums’

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ 43rd District is home to some of the filthiest, disease-ridden slums in the world, with conditions in vast swathes of the district worse than in slums found in third world nations in Africa and Central America. According to an NBC investigation, large sections of Rep. Maxine Waters’ 43rd District are covered in […]

Shots fired in Istanbul tourist district, policeman injured in ‘brawl for gun’ – report

There were seven or eight shots fired, according to the Turkish paper Hurriyet, which said the incident occurred in the Eminonu district of the city. READ MORE: Istanbul nightclub gunman shooting at people caught on CCTV (GRAPHIC VIDEO) The suspect was a man who had been detained by authorities over a drug deal on Thursday. He […]

Natural Law Part 5: This Man Is Claiming His Scotland District As Sovereign Territory

The Facts: QAnon is still at it, he/she recently stated that we did indeed go to the Moon, but that the official story was not the correct one. Q also made it a point to let readers know about the “vastness” of the universe. Reflect On: We don’t need Q as a source, most of […]

Detroit School District Shuts Off Drinking Water After 16 Schools Test Positive for Copper, Lead

Less than a week before the new school year, the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) announced Wednesday it would shut off drinking water in all schools after tests at 16 turned up high levels of copper or lead, The Detroit News reported Wednesday. “Although we have no evidence that there are elevated levels of copper […]

District Attorney that abused his power to help female drug dealers in exchange for sexual favors will not spend any time behind bars

Bedford, Pa. – Bedford DA William Higgins, Jr. received his sentence on Friday, August 17 at 1:30 p.m. Higgins will not spend any time behind bars since he pleaded guilty to 31 charges in May. He was accused of using his power as a District Attorney to help female drug […]

New York District Attorneys Disobey Immoral Law, Now Refusing to Prosecute Marijuana Arrests

By Matt Agorist New York, NY — As jails fill up, families get torn apart, and otherwise entirely innocent people have their lives ruined by the state, politicians are finally coming to terms with the immoral nature of kidnapping and caging people for possessing a plant. The libertine function of the war on […]

Can Buffy the Bernie Slayer Win in Pro-Sanders District?

In a political culture shaped by big money, entrepreneurial candidacies, single-issue campaigning, and union dis-unity, you can run but not hide from crowded fields of Democrats. In many current primary races, they are all claiming to be “progressive,” even as they raise and spend millions of dollars competing against each other—money that might have been […]

WATCH: Castleberry School District Officials in Texas Investigate Video of Officer Shoving Student

RIVER OAKS, Texas – School administrators placed a school resource officer on leave after a video of the officer pushing a student into a wall was shared on Facebook. A 30-second video capturing a portion of the incident was posted on Facebook on Thursday, the same day the incident occurred inside a classroom at Castleberry […]

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