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5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

Targeted Individuals (TIs) are those who the Government (via the Military Intelligence Complex of agencies) has picked out to harass, assault and attack – with advanced forms of invisible electronic weapons. This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) […]

Michigan Committee Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Stingray Spying and Electronic Data Collection

By Michael Maharrey Last week, a Michigan Senate committee passed a bill that would prohibit the warrantless use of stingray devices and the collection of electronic data stored by service providers in most situations. Enactment of the bill would not only protect privacy in Michigan; it would also hinder the federal surveillance state. Sen. Pete […]

2016 Revisited: Electronic Balloting Favored Clinton, Paper Balloting Sanders

Investigators call it “strange patterns in data”— that saw Hillary Clinton win primaries with electronic ballots, and Bernie Sanders victorious in paper ballot states. “The most preferable method is hand-counted paper ballots, next most preferable are paper ballots scanned by some sort of machine.” Rodolfo Cortes Barragan holds a PhD in cognitive psychology from Stanford […]

Electronic collusion: Facebook harvests your highly sensitive personal info with help from dozens of popular apps

(Natural News) At least eleven popular apps are working with Facebook to harvest your highly sensitive personal information. According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, this has been occurring covertly, without user consent. It has been happening to people who do not even have a Facebook account. According to the investigation, Facebook […]

Electronic medical records fail again, as 12 million patient records at Quest Diagnostics get hacked

(Natural News) Another major data breach has once again demonstrated that the widespread adoption of digital records storage systems has made patient privacy more vulnerable than ever before. This time it involves patients who have gotten blood tests through Quest Diagnostics, where nearly 12 million patient records were recently hacked, according to […]

Electronic STALKERS: Amazon and Google are using smart home data to track and record your habits

(Natural News) If you’re one of the millions of mindless American tech dopes out there who just loves owning an Amazon Echo or Google Home device for “convenience,” you should probably know that this always-listening spy module that you forked out a couple hundred bucks for is tracking everything that you and […]

ICE Seeks Tech To Track Electronic Devices—Even Through Time

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking for a cloud-based subscription service that can pinpoint the exact locations of cellphones, laptops and other connected devices—even going back in time. ICE is searching for geolocation services technology that can give an accurate location—either pinpoint or a designated polygonal area—for connected devices within a specific […]

Worshiping The Electronic Image

Worshiping The Electronic Image Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig Donald Trump, like much of the American public, is entranced by electronic images. He interprets reality through the distortions of digital media. His decisions, opinions, political positions, prejudices and sense of self are reflected back to him on screens. He views himself and the world […]

CIA Document Claims Cosmonauts Used Telepathy “To Back Up Their Electronic Equipment” In Space

The Facts: Ingo Swann, known as one of the fathers of Remote Viewing and perhaps the post popular participant in the CIA’s/Stanford Remote Viewing (STARGATE) program shares an incredible story about his encounter with the “Men In Black.” Reflect On: Who are these people? Why are there so many supposed encounters yet this phenomena is […]

Iranian DM unveils new electronic, telecommunication, cyber achievements

FNA – Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami unveiled several new home-made achievements developed by the country’s experts in electronic, telecommunication and cyber fields. “We will be able to enjoy a safe multilayer communication network among the ground, air and naval units by these achievements,” General Hatami said, addressing a ceremony to unveil the […]

NATO is ‘completely vulnerable’ to Russian electronic warfare

     NATO experts acknowledged the vulnerability of their communications and digital infrastructure to Russian electronic warfare systems and therefore plan to develop a concept of protection against such systems by 2019. “The recent exercises on the eastern border of NATO, the presence in the Baltic States and the war in Ukraine have demonstrated the success […]

Your Pets May Get Sick from Exposure to Digital, Electronic, and Wireless Devices, CFL and LED Light Bulbs Even If You Don’t

November 28, 2018 By B.N. Frank Many pet parents go to great lengths to keep their fur children healthy and happy for as long as possible.  Activist Post has already published and shared many articles about how exposure to digital, electronic, and wireless devices and infrastructure as well as Blue Light, CFL, and LED light […]

Police Use Electronic Ticketing to Fine More People and Increase Profits

October 16, 2018 By MassPrivateI The opening seconds of the Saltus Technologies video says it all. Electronic tickets are about one thing, increasing productivity (profits). “The digiTICKET electronic ticketing solution is an innovative force multiplier for Public Safety – enabling officers to quickly create and submit tickets electronically. “ Enabling police officers to write more tickets […]

DEF CON Report: “Grave and Undeniable” Security Issues with Electronic Voting Systems

DEF CON Report: “Grave and Undeniable” Security Issues with Electronic Voting Systems October 1st, 2018 Via: Ars Technica: Today, six prominent information-security experts who took part in DEF CON’s Voting Village in Las Vegas last month issued a report on vulnerabilities they had discovered […]

Chicago’s Electronic Surveillance of Food Trucks Is Ridiculous—and Probably Unconstitutional

August 27, 2018 By Ilya Shapiro May a city both require certain business owners to forego their Fourth Amendment rights and also enforce regulations specifically designed to advantage competing businesses in a related industry? That’s the question to be answered by the Illinois Supreme Court in LMP Services v. Chicago. What’s Going […]

Here’s What Just a Few Days Without Electronic Devices Did for Children Reading Human Emotion

August 15th, 2018 By Marco Torres Guest writer for Wake Up World Children’s social skills are declining as they have less time for face-to-face interaction due to their increased use of digital media, according to a UCLA psychology study. Scientists found that sixth-graders who went five days without even glancing at a smartphone, television or other […]

Lawsuit Confronts Extortion Of Prisoners By Electronic Monitoring Firm

Lawsuit Confronts Extortion Of Prisoners By Electronic Monitoring Firm Above Photo: THE REAL TOKYO LIFE / MOMENT / GETTY IMAGES Robert Jackson was four days into a 120-day sentence in an Alameda County, California, jail when his wife passed away unexpectedly, leaving their three young children without a parent in the home. He was compassionately […]

China Prepares To Dominate South Pacific With Week Of Electronic Warfare Drills

While the Trump administration unveiling another round of tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion – for which China’s Commerce Ministry is planning “countermeasures,” Beijing quietly began conducting military drills at five bases for electronic warfare, cybersecurity, reconnaissance and tactical strikes at five training bases, reports the South China Morning Post. […]

Man Gets Tired of Sitting In Traffic, Hacks Into Electronic Billboard To Stream Porn

When you’re stuck in gridlock traffic, you might do any of the following things: scroll through your Instagram feed, fire up a new podcast, check yourself out in the rearview mirror, bang your head on the steering wheel, or flip off the guy in front of you. But one 24-year-old IT worker in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently […]

Russian electronic warfare firm to upgrade products after studying US Tomahawks downed in Syria

The missile, delivered to Russia after the tri-party night attack on Syrian government targets by the US, the UK and France in April, is of particular interest to KRET, a leading developer of electronic equipment for the Russian military, according to Vladimir Mikheev, an aide to the company’s First Deputy Director Vladimir Zverev. “Our new […]

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