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Greedy Ghost takes over Europe: Don’t sit, don’t eat, in an age of profit before people

Don’t smell the coffee in Venice, at least not if you brewed it yourself on a portable mini-stove in the center of the historic city instead of paying for it at a coffee shop or café, or you could be in big, big trouble. Two German tourists who did that recently were fined a total […]

How tech unicorns are just like China’s “ghost cities”

(Natural News) Since the Great Recession, there has been an explosion of interest and activity in the tech startup arena. Tens of thousands of tech startups have been founded in recent years and there are now over three hundred new “unicorn” startups that have valuations of $1 billion or more. The startup […]

Ghost train: Runaway locomotive derailed by mining company after 92km without driver

The driver alighted to inspect one of the wagons at approximately 4am on Monday when the train, reportedly consisting of four locomotives and 268 wagons, took off for Port Hedland before he could get back on board, the Western Australian reports. It managed to travel 92km without anyone at the helm before BHP was forced […]

Mysterious ‘Ghost Ship’ Reappears After 9 Years Lost At Sea

The sudden appearance of a massive ‘ghost’ ship off the coast of southern Myanmar has shocked local fishermen who were stunned to find the freighter carried no cargo nor traces of crew. After nearly a decade lost at sea the ‘Sam Ratulangi PB 1600,’ finally ran aground on a sandbar approximately seven miles (11km) off […]

Letters from beyond the grave? Posing as ghost of ex’s mother earns jilted man suspended jail term

Ray Meadwell, 51, wrote a letter purporting to be from the dead of mother of Kay Winbury, his former partner, in which he told her she had made a “terrible mistake” in rejecting him. READ MORE: Shotgun wedding: Jilted lover kidnaps ex at gunpoint during ceremony in India The letter, which was said to have […]

Russiagate is a ghost story for liberals

Many years ago I was at a party where we were outside on a warm summer night telling ghost stories— spooky things which we had experienced. I had none to tell, but we all got into the spirit of the evening (no pun) and nobody tried hard to debunk any of the stories. There were […]

Watching The Hawks – Corporate Breastfeeding, Twitter Purges, and Ghost Particles

Watching The Hawks – Corporate Breastfeeding, Twitter Purges, and Ghost Particles Watching The Twitter announces it will begin purging suspicious, locked, and otherwise dormant accounts from its platform. The federal government is once again re-investigating the infamous 1955 brutal murder of 14-year-old Emmet Till. US politicians fight against breastfeeding? And groundbreaking new technology will […]

Engdahl: ‘Brzezinski’s Ghost’ and Eurasia Geopolitics Today

F. William Engdahl explains how the ‘ghost’ of Zbigniew Brzezinski is shaping Washington’s geopolitics across Eurasia – Russia, China, Iran…all targets on the grand chessboard. IMAGE: North Tehran by day. (Patrick Henningsen @21WIRE) F. William Engdahl New Eastern Outlook One of the most outstanding features of a truly standing-out Trump Presidency to date is how precisely the […]

The Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago

Albert Einstein, along with other Jewish luminaries, including Hannah Arendt, published a letter in the New York Times on December 4, 1948. That was only a few months after Israel had declared its independence and as hundreds of Palestinian villages were being actively demolished after their inhabitants were expelled. The letter denounced Israel’s newly-founded Herut […]

Gunboat Diplomacy and the Ghost of Captain Mahan

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Amid the intense coverage of Russian cyber-maneuvering and North Korean missile threats, another kind of great-power rivalry has been playing out quietly in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The U.S. and Chinese navies have been repositioning warships and establishing naval bases as if they were so many pawns on a geopolitical […]

Independent witnesses report silent ghost plane over Ripley, UK which ‘turned the sky dark’

     Separate reports of a mysterious ghost plane have emerged in Derbyshire where witnesses have seen a dark, silent shape’ sweep across the sky. Onlookers have stated they have seen a dark shape in the sky at around 6.45pm on Monday night at different locations across the county. Mark O’Brien believes he saw a quiet, […]

Ghost in the Machine: How Big Pharma Controls Our Perception of Drug Safety and Effectiveness

February 13th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma In this article, we look at the “Ghost in the Machine” – the murderous forces in our health care system that harm patients instead of help them. This article will expose the deceptions that occur in […]

Sailors Found Mysterious GHOST SHIP With Its Whole Crew Dead—What They Discovered Next Was Shocking

Explanations abound as to what caused the crew to die in a most ghastly-seeming way, and then caused the ship to explode suddenly and unexpectedly when rescuers attempted to tow her to port. The Dutch freighter Ourang Medan was traveling through the Straights of Malacca in June, 1947, when the vessel sent out a chilling […]

Breaking: Syrian Army’s 100-hour ghost offensive haunts jihadists out of south Aleppo

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:20 P.M.) – In an avalanche of major advances throughout Aleppo province’s southern countryside over the last four days, the Syrian Arab Army and allied pro-government militias have chased armed Islamist groups from virtually the entire region. Syrian army-led forces have swept armed rebel factions from southern Aleppo like a specter, blitzing through […]

88-year-old Taiwanese man dies after falling into ghost money pyre

nsnbc : An 88-year-old Taiwanese man who was burning ghost money for deceased good old friends at the closing of ghost month died from […]

Small Town Ohio Cop Shoots Self Blames Ghost

Related Posts DOJ-FBI “Small Group” Promote Defense of Spygate Operations – Former FBI/DOJ Officials Nervous, Hiring Lawyers… DOJ-FBI “Small Group” Promote Defense of Spygate Operations – Former FBI/DOJ Officials Nervous, Hiring Lawyers… These Are The Top American Cities For Starting A Small Business Friday’s jobs report has helped stoke speculation that the American labor market […]

Greece: Magnitude 6.4 earthquake turned Vrissa into a ghost town

nsnbc : The earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale, that struck Greek islands in the Aegean Sea on Monday, has […]

Trump’s Immigration Pick Attacked Obama Programs In Ghost-Written Senate Letters

A new citizen holds a package of documents during a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services naturalization ceremony in Miami. (AP/Wilfredo Lee) Lee Francis Cissna, President Trump’s nominee to head the federal agency that handles applications for visas, refugee status and citizenship, has put little on the public record in his 20 years as a lawyer, […]

Immigrants Are Building Trump A Wall — But Not The One He Wants

Print Friendly Above Photo: Pedro Lopez came to Cleveland to protest from Phoenix, Arizona CLEVELAND, OHIO — Hundreds of immigrant activists and their supporters from as near as Cleveland and as far as Arizona marched on the Republican National Convention arena on Wednesday and erected a wall with their bodies and banners that stretched down several blocks. The fabric […]

Whistleblower Manning rushed to hospital, reports claim attempted suicide

     Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning was taken to a hospital in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas after reportedly attempting suicide in the maximum-security military penitentiary, where she is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified documents. Manning was transported to the hospital Tuesday, according to CNN’s crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz. By Wednesday, she had been released from […]

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