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Iran trades Australian-British woman spying for Israel for 3 Iranians 

TEHRAN – In a prisoner swap Iran has released an Australian-British woman who had been spying for the Zionist regime of Israel, the news agency run by the national TV reported on Wednesday afternoon. Instead three Iranian citizens – a businessperson and two others – who were held in foreign prisons were freed. The three […]

US spying on Denmark shows the real threat for European countries comes from Washington

    Revelations that America engaged in surveillance on Denmark should come as no surprise. It has consistently spied on its allies, and its efforts to vilify Huawei are simply an attempt to create a smokescreen. Denmark’s public broadcaster DK has revealed, citing anonymous sources, that the US National Security Agency (NSA) cooperated with the […]

RCMP Must Respond To Spying Allegations

Above photo: BIV Files. Groups say pipeline spying information passed to energy companies. The B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) is taking the RCMP in front of a judge for its alleged failure to respond to allegations of spying on groups and organizations and First Nations opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project. The suit, […]

The ‘Polish Dreyfus’ trial: ‘He wasn’t executed for spying, but for being a Jew’

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Facebook sued for allegedly spying on Instagram users through phone cameras

Nwo Report Source: RT News Social media giant Facebook secretly used iPhone cameras to obtain “extremely private and intimate” information about the uses of its Instagram picture and video sharing app, a new US lawsuit claims. The legal action follows Instagram users reporting in July that they had noticed the FaceTime symbol, which indicates that […]

Facebook Sued In Federal Court For “Spying” On Instagram Users Through Camera

In August, Facebook was accused of illegally harvesting the biometric data of users from its photo-sharing app Instagram. Now the social media giant is being sued again, this time for spying on Instagram users through their smartphone cameras, reported Bloomberg. The new lawsuit, filed Thursday (Sept. 17) in federal court in San Francisco by Instagram user Brittany Condi, claims Facebook gained access […]

East Jerusalem woman arrested for allegedly spying for Hezbollah

Israeli authorities arrested a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem who spied for Hezbollah, the Shin Bet domestic security service announced on Thursday. In a press release, the Shin Bet said that Yasmin Jaber was arrested last month under suspicion of attempting to recruit “Israeli and Palestinian civilians and residents to carry out terrorist activities in […]

ZOOM: The Chinese Spying Platform

Patriots for Truth Douglas, Michael, and Tyla explain why Zoom is a dangerous Chinese product designed to surveil Americans at work and play for the benefit of the Highlands Group, communist China, the Pilgrims Society, and the British Imperial Empire. Raw audio file: We have been watching with much consternation the roll out of […]

Former CIA Officer Charged With Spying for China

An ex-US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer has been arrested and is now facing life imprisonment after he and a relative allegedly conspired with multiple People’s Republic of China (PRC) officials to relay classified national defense information for more than a decade. Former CIA Officer Alexander Yuk Ching Ma was arrested by federal authorities on […]

Nunes: Obama, Biden Knew About Spying on the Trump Campaign

On Thursday, Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo interviewed President Trump. Trump told Bartiromo that the Obama administration “spied on my campaign, which is treason.” “President Obama knew everything. Vice President Biden, as dumb as he may be, he knew everything. And everybody else knew everything, Maria, and you know it. And Comey and Brennan and […]

Kanye West Claims Dems Spying on His Presidential Campaign

Kanye West has accused Democrats of spying on his presidential campaign amid a battle to get his name on the ballot across the country, TMZ reported citing documents it obtained. According to the tabloid, West claimed Democrats have hired a private investigator to spy on his team as part of an “organised effort of harassment […]

Your Phone Is Spying On You, And Companies Are Generating Secret “Surveillance Scores” Based On That Information

Nwo Report Each mistake that you make will be recorded by your phone, and that information will be stored and used against you for the rest of your life Source:Michael Snyder| End Of The American Dream Nothing that you do on your phone is private. In this day and age, most of us have become […]

Lithuanian officer in Poland suspected of spying — The Duran

The Internal Security Agency (Poland) detained Lithuanian officer Antanas K., suspected of spying for Lithuania. This is an unprecedented case of the detention of a Lithuanian official in Poland. 276 more words via Lithuanian officer in Poland suspected of spying — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Hits: 3

France arrests two intelligence officers on charges of spying for China

France has confirmed the arrest of two French intelligence officers who are accused of spying for the Chinese government. It appears that the two officers were captured and charged in December. However, their arrests were not publicized at the time, because French counterintelligence officials wanted to avoid alerting more members of a possible […]

Rogue Spying Devices Found In U.S. States Cause Call For Concern

By Aaron Kesel Rogue unknown cell-site simulators are being actively used in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia according to News4 I-Team who worked with a mobile security expert to determine the usage of the devices. Last month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said it had seen activity in Washington, D.C., of what appear to be rogue […]

Sacramento Residents Outraged By Secret Drone Program Spying on Neighborhood

By Nicholas West A group of residents from Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood are expressing their disgust with a secret drone program that has been exposed in the last month. As reported by Sacramento’s CBS local affiliate, John Mattox was the first to notice a low-flying drone in the late-night and early morning hours […]

Police use spying doorbells to create digital neighborhood watch networks

It seems like all I have been writing about lately, is how police are using cam-share programs to create city-wide surveillance networks. When I first heard about ‘Ring’ a smart doorbell with a video camera, I didn’t think much of it. I mean how could the police state turn what appeared to be […]

NSA triples spying rate on Americans’ phone calls, collects 530mn records in 2017

Over the course of 2017, the National Security Agency (NSA) collected some 534,396,285 call detail records (CDRs), representing a dramatic increase over the previous year when, the agency gathered details of 151,230,968 calls, according to the report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). A call detail record contains various attributes […]

DHS Expands Police Spying by Adding Surveillance Cameras to Bus Stops

By MassPrivateI Not content with surveillance cameras on buses, the police state has now begun adding them to bus stops. Last month an article in WTVR 6 revealed that the Greater Richmond Transit Center (GRTC) is installing more than one hundred surveillance cameras at bus stops. What should really concern everyone is the […]

Algeria: Eleven Africans Convicted of Spying for Israel

One Liberian with Lebanese nationality and ten Africans have been convicted in an Algerian court on charges of spying for Israel, the Anadolu Agency news service has reported. According to the report, the Algerian court sentenced a “Liberian national of Lebanese origin” to death and another seven African nationals from Guinea and Mali to 10 […]

HUGE: House Intel chair Devin Nunes says Trump spying was NOT based on any evidence; “all political"

(Natural News) The head of the House Intelligence Committee dropped a rather large bombshell on Sunday that the American Pravda media is doing its level best to ignore, and that is this: His panel has found no evidence whatsoever to justify the Obama FBI and Justice Department spying on Team Trump during […]

FLASHBACK – Israeli Spying in the United States

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New Kentucky Law Puts Limits on Drone Spying, Will Help Thwart Federal Surveillance Program

By Michael Maharrey Last week, a bill requiring police to get a warrant before engaging in drone surveillance in most situations became law without the governor’s signature. The new law not only establishes important privacy protections at the state level, it will also help thwart the federal surveillance state. Rep. Diane St. Onge […]

Norway used NSA technology for illegal spying

     Behind an abandoned military facility 40 miles northwest of Oslo, Norway built a surveillance base in close collaboration with the National Security Agency. Its bright, white satellite dishes, some of them 60 feet in diameter, stand out against the backdrop of pine-covered hills and red-roofed buildings that scatter the area. Classified documents describe the […]

Newly Released Documents Prove FISA Surveillance Court Spying on Innocent Americans

February 25, 2018 By Derrick Broze Newly released court orders show that the secret FISA court violates innocent Americans’ privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has acquired formerly classified court orders from the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) which detail how the court violates the privacy of innocent Americans caught in […]

Florida Committee Approves Measure to Ban Warrantless Stingray Spying, Help Hinder Federal Surveillance

February 15, 2018 By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, a  second Florida Senate committee approved a measure that would ban warrantless location tracking and the use of stingray devices to sweep up electronic communications in most situations. The new law will not only protect privacy in Florida, but will also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance […]

Seattle to Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash

February 12, 2018 By Derrick Broze After rejecting a massive network of surveillance cameras and tracking devices, Seattle residents are now being forced to pay for the removal of the invasive equipment. Following years of resistance from citizens, the city of Seattle has decided to completely remove controversial surveillance equipment – […]

FBI are now spying on all your Social Media

FBI are now spying on all your Social Media The Jimmy Dore Show Not that I didn’t know this before, and just like I predicted the DOW/NASDAQ to crash before it did, the next crash will be in the share prices of companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc, as more and more people move away […]

Florida Committee Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Stingray Spying, Help Hinder Federal Surveillance

February 7, 2018 By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, a Florida Senate committee approved a measure that would ban warrantless location tracking and the use of stingray devices to sweep up electronic communications in most situations. The new law will not only protect privacy in Florida, but will also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state. […]

Missouri Committee Passes Bill to Ban Warrantless Stingray Spying; Help Hinder Federal Surveillance

By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, a Missouri House committee overwhelmingly passed a bill that would ban the use of “stingrays” to track the location of phones and sweep up electronic communications without a warrant in most situations. Passage of the law would not only protect privacy in Missouri, it will also hinder one aspect of […]

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