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WATCH Greek police fire tear gas into metro station amid protests in support of jailed far-left hitman

Clashes have erupted between Athens police and protesters supporting a jailed far-left hitman, who was hospitalized after a long hunger strike. Officers deployed irritant gases in an attempt to muscle the mob into a metro station. Scuffles between dozens of left-wing protesters and law enforcement erupted in central Athens on Friday. Footage from the scene […]

Al-Manar TV Channel, Al-Nour Radio Station Lament Al-Naqqash Death: He Disappeared amid Bad Need for His Revolutionary Vision

February 22, 2021 The Lebanese Communication Group (Al-Manar TV Channel and Al-Nour Radio Station) on Monday mourned the Lebanese and Arab struggler, Anis Al-Naqqash, who sculpted his name on the way to Palestine and defended its flag. In a statement, the Lebanese Communication Group maintained that Al-Naqqash was the voice of right in face of […]

Israeli nanosatellite hitches ride on NASA rocket to International Space Station

Browse > Home / News / Israeli nanosatellite hitches ride on NASA rocket to International Space Station February 19, 2021 by JNS Read on for article A nanosatellite from Tel Aviv University will begin its travel to the International Space Station when it is launched from Wallops Island, Virginia, on a NASA resupply spacecraft tomorrow. […]

China Bans British News Station BBC

    BBC World News has been banned from the Chinese airwaves, Beijing’s state-controlled TV network announced. The tit-for-tat move comes after the UK media regulator, Ofcom, revoked the broadcast license of the Chinese CGTN network. China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) announced the ban on Thursday, stating that the BBC’s reports “violated the […]

The military radio station is too political? What about the army itself

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Radio Station Cuts Ties With Polish Program Over Allegations of Anti-Semitism

On December 11, a Canadian radio station ended its relationship with Radio Maryja, a Polish radio program based in Poland, due to allegations that the program promulgates anti-Semitic content. Matt Caine, vice president of CJMR 1320, a multicultural station that covers the Greater Toronto, sent a letter to the far-right Radio Maryja stating that Father […]

Singapore: Man Arrested for Holding Smiley Face Sign Outside Police Station

A man in Singapore was arrested and charged by authorities on Monday after standing outside a police station holding a sign with a smiley face on it, in violation of the city-state’s notoriously strict laws concerning public protest. Jolovan Wham, a committed environmental activist, was arrested for violating the city-state’s laws that require a permit […]

Elon Musk’s firm delivers astronauts to International Space Station

Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm delivered four astronauts to the International Space Station on Monday – the first fully-fledged taxi service for NASA by a private company. NASA turned to private companies to haul cargo and crew to the space station after the shuttle fleet retired in 2011. SpaceX qualified for both. With Kennedy back in […]

SpaceX capsule with 4 astronauts reaches space station

SpaceX’s newly launched capsule with four astronauts arrived Monday at the International Space Station, their new home until spring. The Dragon capsule pulled up and docked late Monday night, following a 27-hour, completely automated flight from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The linkup occurred 422 kilometres above Idaho. “Oh, what a good voice to hear,” space […]

The Anti-White Tunnel of King’s Cross Station

Let’s say you want to take the tube in jolly old England. Here’s what you are confronted with as you walk toward your train, intended to get you to feel bad for poor non-Whites. Bitchute link 00 Hits: 0

President Assad: Elections are Historic Station Written by Our People Through Their Electoral Pens and Their Will

Source Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on AUGUST 12, 2020 [embedded content] President Al-Assad before the members of the People’s Assembly: The elections are a historical station, the details of which have been written by our people by the voters ’stances, their will and their defiance, and affirming their determination to adhere to the constitutional requirements. 12 August، 2020Damascus, SANA […]

Oakland police station vandalized after hundreds rally in support of Portland protesters

   Hundreds of protesters participated in what started as, and was intended to be, a peaceful march through the streets of downtown Oakland Saturday evening to show support for the ongoing protests continuing in Portland since George Floyd’s death nearly two months ago. The event began at 7:30 p.m. at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza at […]

Drug Users Take Over Corridors of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station

Drug Users Take Over Corridors of San Francisco Civic Center BART Station April 30th, 2018 #zombieapocalypse Via: CBS: Shocking video is calling attention to what’s going on in one of the busiest BART stations in the Bay Area: drug users blatantly shooting up out […]

Germany’s Largest Public TV Station: ‘Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged’

Germany’s largest public TV station, ZDF heute, stunned millions of viewers during a report from the ground in Syria after claiming the chemical attack in Douma was ‘staged’.  Brave veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who all refuted Western reports of an April 7 chemical weapons attack. In a moment of refreshing honesty, Gack […]

The Pentagon Spent $60 Million on a Power Station in Afghanistan that Doesn’t Work

The United States has spent more than $800 billion on the never ending war in Afghanistan, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The bulk of that money was spent fighting the Taliban, but billions have also gone toward rebuilding the country and investing in its infrastructure. A lot of those projects […]

Deadly Oil Spill Leaves Indonesian Bay ‘Like a Gas Station’

Indonesia has declared a state of emergency after a large oil spill ignited and killed at least four people in the port city of Balikpapan off the island of Borneo over the weekend. The blaze is now under control but the oil continues to spread. According to BBC News, the slick currently covers an area of […]

Chinese Space Station Crashes Down To Watery Grave In South Pacific

China’s nine-ton school bus-sized space station, Tiangong-1, has plummeted to a watery grave in the South Pacific ocean – and Michigan residents can come out of their bunkers. UPDATE: #JFSCC confirmed #Tiangong1 reentered the atmosphere over the southern Pacific Ocean at ~5:16 p.m. (PST) April 1. For details see @US_Stratcom […]

68 killed in Venezuela police station riot & fire

The fire took place in the General Command of the Carabobo Police in the city of Valencia. After the fire, dozens of relatives gathered outside the station, trying to break in to get answers, reportedly forcing police to intervene. Venezuela Prosecutor General Tarek William Saab has confirmed the incident in a series of […]

Chinese Space Station May Crash Into Michigan In Three Weeks

An out-of-control Chinese space station full of “highly toxic” chemicals may crash into lower Michigan, reports, which has predicted an April 3 reentry with a margin of error of one week before and after. While the list of possible targets include locations in Northern China, South America, Southern Africa, Northern Spain and […]

Berlin train station lockdown: Police declare suspicious package ‘harmless’ (PHOTOS)

The package was found on one of the platforms at the Ostbahnhof station at around 11:10am local time. The S-Bahn regional and long-distance platforms had been been blocked off while special forces examined the object. Trains had been allowed to pass through the station but were not permitted to stop for a time. Shops and […]

Local News Station Admits to Finding Barium in Chemtrail Fallout!!!

A Local News Station Admits to Finding Barium in Chemtrail Fallout!!! Because of the increasing censorship and ‘on purpose’ ad demonization, now more than ever, I really need your help in order to keep this small, independent media site going and sharing information with you 365 days/year. If you like my work and […]

Obama Aide Arrested For Running Fake Police Station In California

Three people, including one Obama aide, have been arrested for running a fictitious police force, complete with fake badges, weapons, uniforms and police vehicles, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.  The group, who claim to be descendants of the medieval Catholic military order the Knights Templar, include an assistant to California Attorney General Hamala Harris […]

Hand Grenade Attack on Police Station in Malmö, Sweden

A loud explosion has been heard at the police station in the Swedish city of Malmö. The blast was caused by a hand grenade, according to news reports. “The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way,” police spokeswoman Anna Goransson was quoted as saying by Aftonbladet. The alleged attack happened shortly […]

Man Dead and Woman Injured After Stockholm Metro Station Blast

Editor’s note: It has become increasingly apparent that police forces across Europe are deliberately downplaying the severity of these incidents. Whether attacks involve vehicles, bladed weapons, firearms, hand grenades or other armaments, the formulaic response from authorities has become glaringly obvious. Please note the prescribed way in which police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson states that the […]

Chinese space station could plummet back to Earth in March

China lost control of their first space station Tiangong-1 in 2016 – and now pieces of it could come crashing back down to Earth. Research organization Aerospace Corporation recently predicted the station could re-enter our planet’s atmosphere sometime around the middle of March. Around 2,000 to 8,000 pounds of the almost 19,000-pound station could hit the surface. Tiangong-1, or Heavenly Palace, […]

Russia to station naval task force permanently in Mediterranean

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Israeli Minister Wants To Name Western Wall Station After Trump

If Jerusalem’s soon-to-open high-speed rail line was extended to the Western Wall, what would the station be called? Why not name it after US President Donald Trump? That’s the proposal Israel’s transport minister recently pushed forward, according to an Associated Press report. Yisrael Katz told Israeli rail executives that he wanted to honour Trump “for […]

New Israeli train line with station named after Trump was built on stolen Palestinian land

On a windy winter day back in 2013 Palestinians from the West Bank town of Beit Iksa broke the law. They laid cement bricks in a rectangular foundation, assembled some tents, and hoisted a few flags. All of this was illegal and the villagers knew that, but they erected the encampment and gave it the […]

Botched Pipe Bomb Attack in Manhattan Subway Station

Botched Pipe Bomb Attack in Manhattan Subway Station December 11th, 2017 Via: Daily Mail: A Bangladeshi national in his 20s has been taken into custody with serious injuries after a suspected pipe bomb he was carrying malfunctioned and exploded prematurely inside a Midtown Manhattan […]

Israeli security guard stabbed at Jerusalem’s central bus station

Medics at the scene treated a 25-year-old man for a stab wound to his upper body, Magen David Adom (MDA), head of Israel’s national medical emergency service, said on Twitter. The attack occurred on Jaffa Street in central Jerusalem. Little is known about the attacker beyond the detail that he was neutralized and sustained a […]

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