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Yom Kippur Zoom reunites Holocaust survivors 71 years later

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As economy is collapsing due to Coronavirus, Germany to give $664 Million to Holocaust Survivors

Home » Economy, Europe, Manipulation, Theft » As economy is collapsing due to Coronavirus, Germany to give $664 Million to Holocaust Survivors     The German government on Wednesday agreed to pay $664 million in aid to victims of the Holocaust as they deal with the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Claims Conference, […]

‘Barbarous’ Nazi Persecution To Blame For High Levels Of Schizophrenia In Jewish ‘Survivors’

Ten years after the end of World War II, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency ran a story about a wealthy Jewish businessman in England who set up an endowment to fund the study and cure of schizophrenia especially among so-called Holocaust survivors who were allegedly subjected to traumatizing Nazi persecution: Joseph Portor, a Leeds Jew, has […]

Survey Claims Listening To Survivors Talking about Holocaust Promotes ‘Higher Critical Thinking Skills’

Home » Europe, History, Manipulation » Survey Claims Listening To Survivors Talking about Holocaust Promotes ‘Higher Critical Thinking Skills’     A new survey conducted by three Jewish supremacist groups — the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem — concludes that forcing young students to endure pro-Holocaust propaganda in high school allegedly […]

Survey Claims Listening To ‘Survivors’ Lie About Holocaust Promotes ‘Higher Critical Thinking Skills’

A new survey conducted by three Jewish supremacist groups — the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem — concludes that forcing young students to endure pro-Holocaust propaganda in high school allegedly makes them smarter and have greater empathy, tolerance and open mindedness to the Jewish version of reality: While Holocaust education on […]

‘You’re not even an animal’: Christchurch mosque killer confronted by survivors

Survivors and family members confronted on Wednesday Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a white supremacist who killed 51 worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand in March 2019. They spoke on the third day of a four-day sentencing hearing, after the 29-year-old Australian pleaded guilty to murder, attempted murder, and terrorism. Many of them have asked the […]

Does Israel have More PEDOS or Holocau$t ™ ‘Survivors?’

Let’s look at some numbers, even though we’ve been told math is racist. First up, the Holocau$t ™ Shysters… Damn, at that rate of increase, there will be 800,000 Holocau$t ™ junkies in a couple of years. Maybe math is racist? Racist against Gentiles. Pedophiles around the world know if they get in trouble with […]

Survivors From The MK Ultra Program Come Together To Sue The Federal Government

Next Story According to this CTV News article, survivors and families of an MK Ultra brainwashing program run by Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University in Montreal in the 1950s and 1960s have banded together to bring the horrors of this program more fully into the public eye. They are planning a class action lawsuit […]

More meds kill ‘em faster: Heart attack survivors prescribed antidepressants more than TWICE as likely to be dead one year later

(Natural News) It is easy to understand that having a heart attack can be a physically devastating experience. What many of us may not realize, however, is the emotional toll such an event takes on a patient. Many heart attack victims start feeling very anxious about their health, becoming convinced that they […]

Florida lawmaker fires aide who allegedly called mass shooting survivors ‘actors’

Source: ABC News An aide to a Florida state lawmaker was fired on Tuesday after he allegedly referred to some survivors of last week’s mass shooting as “actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” officials said. Florida state Rep. Shawn Harrison said he was “appalled” by the comments made by […]

POLAND – Law Returning Stolen Property to Jewish ‘Survivors’ To Be Re-Examined

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No survivors as Iranian oil tanker exploded and sank off China’s coast

nsnbc : A burning Iranian oil tanker exploded and sank after more than a week listing off the coast of China. An Iranian official […]

The Contradictory Testimony of Jewish Survivors & Other Eyewitnesses At Auschwitz-Birkenau

Should They Be In Jail With Monika Schaefer? Why Not? By John Wear In fact, the prosecution witnesses in the 1985 Zündel trial were so bad that the prosecutors did not call any witnesses in the 1988 Zündel trial. In addition to numerous Jewish survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau I have met, it is amazing how many survivors […]

Rescuers expand search for survivors of ship fire off China

AP — Rescue ships looking for 31 missing crew members from a burning oil tanker have expanded their search area to more than 2,600 square kilometers (1,000 square miles), authorities said Friday. The expanded search comes six days after the Iranian-owned Sanchi collided with a freighter in the East China Sea and burst into flames. […]

Palestinian torture survivors hunt ghosts of their past

Palestinian torture survivors hunt ghosts of their past   Jesse Rubin The Electronic Intifada 14 November 2017 A scene from Raed Andoni’s Ghost Hunting. Somewhere in Ramallah, footsteps echo against the concrete of an empty warehouse basement. Raed Andoni guides a handcuffed and hooded man into a cavernous, gray room, his hand on the man’s […]

6,417 Yazidis held by ISIS, 3,191 survivors registered, 90,000 fled to Europe: Khairi Bozani

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Khairi Bozani, the head of the Yazidi Affairs Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region […]

Toxic for generations: Kids born to chemo survivors are increasingly infertile, having 72% fewer children

(Natural News) What are the generational health effects caused by chemotherapy? Precisely, which genes are turned on and off when a cancer patient is inundated with these toxic chemical agents? Do the chemotherapy-inflicted epigenetic changes pass on to the offspring of the patient and how do these changes impact fertility for future generations? Chemotherapy has lasting […]

Final Destination: Two More Vegas Survivors Die Weirdly

Content originally published at Just weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a married couple from California died in a fiery wreck when their car rammed into the gate of their gated community and burst into flames less than a mile away from their Riverside County home. Dennis […]

3 Las Vegas Survivors Have Mysteriously Died Less Than a Month Since the Attack

Nearly one month after the Las Vegas shooting, three of the individuals who attended the Route 91 Harvest music festival have lost their lives—but the circumstances that led up their deaths had nothing to do with injuries they sustained during the shooting. According to a report, 28-year-old Kymberley Suchomel died at her home in […]

Prophecy theorists say the end of the world is almost here… and survivors will face seven years of absolute HELL

(Natural News) Many doomsday prophecies relate to the sudden end of the world, but if you believe one of the prophecies that is currently floating around, the end of days is about to set in and it will bring with it seven years of hell. At the center of this and other similar theories is […]

USS Liberty Survivors Speak About Israeli Terrorism [Video]

THE USS LIBERTY ATTACK WAS A FALSE FLAG OPERATION The USS Liberty attack was when the Israeli Military attacked an American ship, tried to blame it on Egypt, so that the US would go to war against Egypt. Israel has a history of getting the US to fight its wars (Iraq). They control most of […]

Conspiracy Fact? Hurricane Harvey Survivors Taken To Wal-Mart FEMA Camps

This article by Mac Slavo was originally published by We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s only a conspiracy theory until it’s proven a fact.”  And some in Texas think that survivors of Hurricane Harvey are being taken to Wal-Mart stores and held until they can be relocated to a more permanent location, aka, a FEMA camps. […]

Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water

(Natural News) There’s an old expression that goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I was reminded of that saying very often observing the situation before and after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida, respectively. And I’m quite certain I’m not the only prepper who was. […]

Russia Kills 800 ISIS Terrorists Overnight As US Rescue Survivors

Russian forces killed over 800 ISIS terrorists in Syria over the weekend as US troops airlifted the remaining survivors to safety, according to eyewitnesses.  Syrian troops supported by Russian warplanes conducted one of the biggest operations against ISIS to-date, with over 800 ISIS militants, 13 tanks, and 39 pickup trucks equipped with machine guns completely […]

Survivors Win Confidential Settlement In Lawsuit Against CIA Torture Psychologists

Two psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who were contracted by the CIA to develop torture techniques, agreed to a confidential settlement with torture survivors. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued Mitchell and Jessen on behalf of Suleiman Abdullah Salim, Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud, and the family of Gul Rahman. The lawsuit […]

Grenfell Tower Survivors Accuse Government Of Huge ‘Cover-up’

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have accused the government of a huge cover-up in their failure to report the real number of people dead and the real cause of the fire. According to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council (RBKC), 80 people were killed in the fire – a number far smaller […]

Britain’s Labour Party Supports U.S. 9/11 Survivors Demanding Release of Suppressed Report on Saudis

July 26, 2017 By Aaron Kesel Britain’s Labour Party is supporting the demands of U.S. 9/11 survivors demanding that Prime Minister Theresa May release a suppressed report into the extent of Saudi Arabia’s financing of Islamic extremism within the UK, The Independent reported. Last week, May’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, stated the report […]

Theresa May Blocks 9/11 Survivors Finding Out Truth About Saudi Arabia

British Prime Minister Theresa May has blocked 9/11 victims and their families from finding out the extent of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks.  Survivors of the attacks are urging May to release a censored report commissioned by former PM David Cameron which details how the Saudi regime funded Wahhabi terror and helped orchestrate the […]

Young survivors of Gaza beach slaughter three years ago ‘lost their minds’

Tomorrow marks three years since the most publicized atrocity of the 2014 Gaza assault: an Israeli missile strike that killed four boys while they were playing soccer on the beach in view of the hotel frequented by international media. The boys were from the same extended family, the Bakr family, and their deaths were even […]

‘Why is nobody reporting the real death toll?’ Grenfell Tower survivors ask

On Monday, police confirmed 79 people are known to have died in the fire. Of these, just five have been formally identified, while the other 74 are missing, presumed dead. Authorities have always said the figure could rise much higher, as the tower block was able to house up to 600 people. […]

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