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The state of this! Twitter’s advertising ban is ideological & anti-democratic

Repeat after me (with robotic hand movements): “state-controlled news media entities bad; ‘state-subsidised’ ‘private’ news media entities good!” This seems to be the logic that Twitter is working from in light of its announcement on Monday. The move seems to be a reaction to criticism of the social media platform for accepting advertising buys from […]

China accuses Twitter & Facebook of censorship over Hong Kong protest criticism

Twitter claims to have suspended 936 accounts, reportedly originating from mainland China, which they said appeared to be part of a coordinated state-backed campaign to criticize the protests in Hong Kong. Facebook said it also removed a number of “fake” accounts and pages linked to people associated with the Chinese government after a tip-off from […]

Twitter Briefly Bans Scaramucci For Calling Trump "Fattest President Since Taft"

Now that the BFF affair between President Trump and former communications director Anthony Scaramucci clearly over,  Trump appears to be getting the best of Scaramucci from a social media standpoint at least for now according to the Daily Mail. Scaramucci found himself briefly suspended from Twitter on Friday after he posted an insult about the […]

Twitter Censors Footage Showing Protesters Threatening To Kill Mitch McConnell

Twitter locked accounts belonging to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s  re-election campaign on Monday after a mob of left wing protesters surrounded his Kentucky home screaming death threats at the Republican. Twitter also punished several prominent conservatives who shared videos or quotes of the incident. McConnell’s campaign, known as “Team Mitch,” slammed Twitter for political […]

UK COLUMN: Boris’s Brexit Blag, Tulsi vs Twitter, Politics of Mass Shootings

This week: Boris’s Brexit blag, and Brussels’ new ‘EU Army’ becomes reality. Also, election meddling by Twitter as the Silicon Valley attempt to derail Tulsi Gabbard’s insurgent presidential run. Also, two back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton set the stage for an artificial civil war in America. All this and much more. Watch […]

2020 Debate: Tulsi Gabbard Takes Down Kamala Harris – Twitter Censors Gabbard

The second installment of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate was held in Detroit last night, and appeared to be more energetic than the previous night, featuring numerous lively exchanges between candidates. Most notably, sparks flew between Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and California Senator Kamala Harris, as Gabbard attacked Harris’s problematic record on criminal justice as […]

‘Food has no religion’: Indians Twitter-roast man who complained his order was delivered by a Muslim

Twitter user @NaMo_SARKAAR on Wednesday ignited a powder keg of social media outrage after publicizing that he had been prevented from canceling an order on Zomato after discovering that his food was being delivered by a “Muslim fellow.” In a series of tweets, the dissatisfied customer grumbled about how the food delivery app had “allocated […]

“Human Rights Activists” Celebrate Facebook-Twitter Censorship

Op-Ed by Joseph Thomas All Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with Bangkok-based geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci have been deleted. The extent to which both American-based tech companies went to target Cartalucci could be seen in a recent Reuters article reporting on it. The accounts removed in Thailand used “fictitious personas” to promote narratives about Thai […]

I’ve Just Been Banned From Facebook and Twitter

Update: I had a new Twitter account @cartalucci – also suspended. It was my only account and in the bio clearly stated “Cartalucci” is a pen name. However, I’m up on VK here. I have received and am grateful for a lot of support since Facebook/Twitter/Reuters’ coordinated smear/censorship campaign. I’ve also more than doubled my […]

Blacklisted News Contributing Writer Tony Cartalucci Banned From Facebook and Twitter

It even made international news with Reuters in their article, “Facebook removes fake accounts from Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Honduras,” claiming: The accounts removed in Thailand used “fictitious personas” to promote narratives about Thai politics, U.S.-China relations, protests in Hong Kong, and criticism of democracy activists in Thailand, Gleicher said. “We were able to […]

FaceApp May Be Quietly Keeping All Your Data — Same As Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Everything Else You Use

FaceApp is suddenly everywhere. Everyone from your college roommate to your Uncle Rufus is posting photos of themselves looking decades older than they are, and you want to get in on the fun. So maybe you google “FaceApp,” and that’s when you get wary. Story after story about FaceApp describes how it could be a […]

ICYMI: Trump’s Twitter tactic: The race card gets played because it’s just so effective

The president had told four non-white US congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from, which from an objective point of view does, at best, lean towards racism. There was outrage far and wide, but uncomfortably, there was also signs of a poll boost, and a scarily enthusiastic response from some of Trump’s supporters, […]

FBI to Ramp Up Surveillance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

By Tyler Durden The FBI plans to step up its efforts to gather information from social media – issuing a call last week for a new tool to monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms “in a timely fashion.” Citing the use of social media by terrorist groups, domestic threats, criminal organizations and foreign intelligence services, the […]

Roger Waters brands Twitter ‘thought police’ for suspending Assange support account (VIDEO)

“Twitter, you are Big Brother, now we know it for sure, we always suspected it,” Waters said in a video posted to Twitter. “You are an arm of the thought police. You are an arm of the forces of oppression. You wish to suppress freedom of speech, journalism, freedom of anything probably.”  The Unity4J account […]

AOC Sued for Blocking Users on Twitter

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being sued for blocking users on Twitter based on their personal viewpoints. Former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind filed the lawsuit following a federal appeals court ruling earlier in the day barring President Trump from doing the same. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has blocked me on Twitter yesterday apparently because my critique […]

Archaeologists on Twitter tear down Netanyahu’s claims that Palestinians have ‘no connection’ to homeland

@MartinNYC Bilge!! For your much needed edification and that of Bibi Netanyahu, father of Polish origin, real family name, Mileikowsky. The Jebusite/Canaanites were ancestors of today’s Palestinians and they founded Jerusalem circa 3000 BCE. Originally known as Jebus, the first recorded reference to it as “Rushalimum” or “Urussalim,” site of the sacred Foundation Rock, appears […]

Wikipedia Co-Founder Slams Facebook and Twitter for “Appalling” Internet: “They Can Control What You See”

“They can control what you see”. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has slammed Facebook and Twitter for abusing their power to create an “appalling” Internet while advocating “decentralized” social networks as the solution. “They can shape your experience, they can control what you see, when you see it and you become essentially a cog in their […]

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