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China’s “Silk Road” enriches its influence on South America, by Ariel Noyola Rodríguez

As the United States insists on articulating regional integral schemes oriented towards restraining its rise as world power (Transpacific Partnership, Pacific Alliance, etc.), China relies on the construction of economic corridors in land and maritime fields in diverse regions. On a first stage, the Chinese government established the strengthening of economic and political links with […]

NEO – Obama Plays US Foreign Policy Roulette – Veterans Today

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow –  First published  …  May 29, 2015  – I don’t often get shocked in this business anymore, but Obama’s first Arab publication interview with the Ashraq Al-Awsat newspaper did the trick. We took a giant leap from Iran finally being taken off […]

Your Radiation This Week #9 – Veterans Today

Beautiful mountain flowers and fields (San Francisco) May 29, 2015 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States and in your neighborhood. Let’s get right to it. RADIATION CPM* CITY STATE *Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is […]

EPA Still Selling Global Warming Remedies… ‘Reduce the Food Supply to Combat Global Warming’

  The EPA is finally getting serious about imaginary global warming.  It realizes that closing power plants is just not going to be enough to stop this non-happening global catastrophe. As everyone knows, the real source of imaginary global warming is people, and in order to solve this fictional problem, you need to reduce the […]

Liberals Think TPP is a Conspiracy Theory… How About a Name for Toilet Paper?… Most Questioned are Totally Clueless

Infowars reporter 12 year old Rex Jones takes to the streets of Austin, Texas, to ask locals if they know what the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is and whether they support this totalitarian secret trade deal set to crush our labor laws, food standards, internet freedom and health regulations. ~ Rex Jones – Video   Source […]

Who’s Driving the Rohingya into the Sea?

Who Are the Rohingya?  The Rohingya are a predominately Muslim people living in Myanmar’s southwest state of Rakhine – and have lived there for generations. Many may be indigenous to Myanmar, having settled their centuries ago. Others may have come to Myanmar as a result of British rule during the 1800’s. Despite the fact that they […]

How Brainwashed America Fell for The BIG ‘Gay Rights’ Lie

Those of us who have been following the debate over same-sex rights have known for decades that the number of homosexuals was never at the ten percent level. We knew it was around 2.5%. It’s probably less. ~ Gary De Mar – Related article WND reports… “A just-released Gallup survey says Americans ‘greatly overestimate’ the […]

Iran Nuclear Talks: Raising the Bar

On April 1, P5+1 countries and Iran agreed “in principle on all key aspects of a deal.” It’s a long way from preliminary to final agreement – especially with Washington involved, serving its own and Israeli interests.  It’s longer still believing America will honor what it agrees to. Its sordid history suggests otherwise – breaching […]

Boy Scouts of America President Says… "It’s Time to Go ‘Gay’"

Scratch “morally straight” and while you’re at it, you can cross off “reverent” and “trustworthy.” Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates is urging his organization to throw in the towel and allow homosexual adults to participate. ~ Tad Cronn “The status quo in our movement’s membership standards cannot be sustained,” Gates said at the […]

Unnecessary death, brutality, unconscionable neglect and medical malpractice at New York’s Rikers Island women’s jail

     After Judy Jean Caquias died in Rikers Island custody last year, her youngest sister received a box from her old apartment with all of her personal belongings. Her whole life distilled into a pile of odds and ends: pictures of family, old papers from school, an iron-on patch of a woman with a rainbow […]

Genocide: NATO deliberately destroyed Libya’s water infrastructure

     The military targeting of civilian infrastructure, especially of water supplies, is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions, writes Nafeez Ahmed. Yet this is precisely what NATO did in Libya, while blaming the damage on Gaddafi himself. Since then, the country’s water infrastructure – and the suffering of its people – has only deteriorated […]

Texas farmers facing ‘total loss for this year’

     Texas’ farmers were among the first to applaud the rain that abruptly halted a grueling multiyear drought that had tormented the region. But what began as a blessing has turned quickly into a disaster, as corn and wheat crops rot in flooded fields. “I think it is not all farmers, but some farmers are […]

VIDEO: The five stages of the awakening

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Source Article from

Do our bodies safely break down BPA? Fat chance, study suggests

     A new study suggests the long-held industry assumption that bisphenol-A breaks down safely in the human body is incorrect. Instead, researchers say, the body transforms the ubiquitous chemical additive into a compound that might spur obesity. The study is the first to find that people’s bodies metabolize bisphenol-A (BPA) — a chemical found in […]


An investment banker jumped to his death from a luxury apartment building in Manhattan. Authorities confirmed Thomas J. Hughes was 29-years-old. A man leaping from a luxury lower Manhattan apartment building met a grisly end Thursday when he was decapitated after crashing into a railing, horrified witnesses said. The unidentified man jumped from a West […]

Genocide: NATO Deliberately Destroyed Libya’s Water Infrastructure

0000000 (SOTT)  The military targeting of civilian infrastructure, especially of water supplies, is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions, writes Nafeez Ahmed. Yet this is precisely what NATO did in Libya, while blaming the damage on Gaddafi himself. Since then, the country’s water infrastructure – and the suffering of its people – has only […]

Gay Marriage- Treating Unlike as Same is a Cabalist Ruse

  May 30, 2015  Douglas often recognized that the indiscriminate promotion of equality as a social objective was used as a tool by the globalist powers to distract, placate, and condition the masses so that tyranny could intensify unopposed.  Cf. C.H. Douglas, “Whose Service is Perfect Freedom” (Bullsbrook, Western Australia: 1983), 40 : “One of […]

Tyranny is in America’: Anti-Muslim armed rally organizer says he’s headed into hiding after getting death threats

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Indian PM Modi rushes in land grab

World Bulletin / News Desk  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to move more than 100,000 people living near coalfields in eastern India to new homes, making it easier to douse underground fires that have burned for a century and mine huge reserves of premium coal. Reviving output from India‘s nationalised coal sector has been one […]

Germany Now has World’s Lowest Birth Rate

Troy of HellenDaily Stormer May 31, 2015 Germany has drooped past Japan and now has the lowest birthrate in the world. BBC: Germany’s falling birth rate means the percentage of people of working age in the country – between 20 and 65 – would drop from 61% to 54% by 2030, Henning […]

Thousands protest graft in Guatemala

World Bulletin / News Desk Thousands gathered in the main square of Guatemala‘s capital on Saturday to protest against corruption after a wave of graft scandals prompted a Cabinet shake-up and the resignation of the vice president. Many of the demonstrators’ placards called for President Otto Perez to also step down; others urged a […]

All Female Ranger Candidates Fail, Calls to Change Standard

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2015 “Power Rangers was real… in my mind.” -Women The Army has announced that all the women who had attempted to graduate from Ranger School have failed to meet the standards. They are, of course, claiming that standards must be lowered to cover their physical inadequacy. Feminists […]

Radio Stormer Narrations: The Rising Tide of Color

Daily Stormer May 31, 2015 The tide has come in. The Rising Tide of Colour Against White World Supremacy by Lothrop Stoddard Lothrop Stoddard’s book warns of a takeover by the coloured races of the White world. Most of what he predicted has come true and his insights into Islam are particularly […]

4 Americans imprisoned in Yemen by Houthi

World Bulletin / News Desk At least 4 Americans and a possible 5th have been held by the Houthi rebels. All efforts to secure their release has failed. According to a report by the Washington Post, the Americans are believed to be imprisoned in the capital Sanaa, which Saudi Arabia has repeatedly bombed […]

​Interest free banking in Russia eases sanctions

World Bulletin / News Desk Head of Russia’s largest bank Sberbank, Herman Gref has welcomed the introduction of interest free banking in the country’s traditionally Muslim regions, saying it would help attract capital from Arab countries. “We will actively promote the development of such a tool as interest free banking, as it opens up a […]

Christ, Nietzsche and Caesar

Oswald Mosley May 31, 2015 Oswald Mosley with a Fascist flag Our opponents allege that Fascism has no historic background or philosophy, and it is my task this afternoon to suggest that Fascism has roots deep in history and has been sustained by some of the finest flights of the speculative mind. […]

Idaho school buys rifles, ammo to ward off armed attackers

SJWs Attacking “Liberals” for Not Trying Hard Enough to Ban Free Speech

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 30, 2015 As I keep saying, in the Western world there is no middle ground left. There are SJWs and there are Fascists and there are a bunch of retards who don’t know what’s going on. After the Phoenix mosque protest, there are hordes of SJWs on Twitter […]

ISIL shoot down helicopter over Hasakah

World Bulletin / News Desk ISIL has launched an assault on the largely Kurdish city of Hasakah in northeast Syria on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.  “ISIL fighters started an assault on Hasakah city and reached the city’s southern periphery, where they are clashing with pro-regime forces,” said  Rami Abdel Rahman, head […]

John Nash spoke of tweaking Einstein’s theory before death

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