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UN General Assembly 2019: Venezuela, Russia, China Denounce Violations of International Treaties and Distortions of UN Charter

As Venezuelan Chairman of the Non Aligned Movement, comprising 120 nations and observer states, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced devious and Machiavellian ploys attempted by the US to force regime change on his country, with efforts to isolate the country, together with vicious unilateral coercive sanctions. Having failed to force regime change on Venezuela, using […]

Larijani departs for Serbia to attend 141st IPU Assembly

MNA – Heading a parliamentary delegation, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani left Tehran for Belgrade on Sunday morning to attend the 141st Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). Larijani is set to address the Assembly on Iran’s stance towards regional and international issues. He is also scheduled to hold separate meetings with his counterparts from different […]

Watch Imran Khan’s Full Speech Before the UN General Assembly — Eurasia Future

The post Watch Imran Khan’s Full Speech Before the UN General Assembly appeared first on Eurasia Future. Filed under: Hindu Imperialism, Imran Khan, India, Indian Hegemony, Indian Lies, Indian Lobby, Islamophobia, Occupied Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan, Western Imperialism | Tagged: Climate Change, Imran Khan Speech in UNGA | Source Article from Related Posts Watch Live: Vindman, […]

Photos: Members of the Assembly of Experts met with Ayatollah Khamenei

ISNA – At the end of the seventh congress of the fifth round of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership, members of this assembly met with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution–Ayatollah Khamenei– this morning September 26, 2019.           Source Article from Related Posts Photos: First autumn snow in Tehran […]

With Iran on his mind, Trump to speak before UN General Assembly

Reuters – U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to make his case for keeping pressure on Iran on Tuesday at a United Nations General Assembly speech made more dramatic by attacks on Saudi oil facilities that rattled the Middle East and raised concerns about a broader war. It will be Trump’s third appearance before world […]

Iran president due in New York to attend UN General Assembly session

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will set off from Tehran for New York to deliver a speech at the 74th United Nations General Assembly session about the Islamic Republic’s stance on the latest regional and international developments. Heading a high-ranking delegation, Rouhani would leave Tehran on Monday to attend the annual meeting and hold talks […]

Gilets Jaunes Gather For Third “Assembly Of Assemblies”

Gilets Jaunes Gather For Third “Assembly Of Assemblies” Above Photo: Gerard Bottino / At their third assembly since January, Gilets Jaunes from all over France gathered to discuss ways of moving forward, strongly believing that their future is local. Last month some 650 Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) gathered for a meeting in Montceau-les-Mines, in the heartland of […]

Next Stop, the UN: Embassy Protectors and Other Groups to Stage UN General Assembly Protest

WASHINGTON — Following the illegal seizure by U.S. authorities of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, the group of activists who lived in the building for 37 days — protecting it from such a seizure at the request of the democratically elected government of Venezuela — is escalating tactics. In many ways, the fight of the […]

The Jewish Child-Rape Assembly Line

The Jewish Child-Rape Assembly Line Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape assembly line” among sects of fundamentalist Jews.   Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, the lone whistleblower among the Satmar, a powerful Hasidic sect, who recently was the victim of a […]

NATO ‘broke away’ from intl law, lost its legitimacy – ex-OSCE Parliamentary Assembly VP to RT

As the US-led military alliance marked its 70th anniversary on Thursday, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg stated that the bloc remains essential for global security. “We stand together, fight together, and, sometimes, die together,” he said in a speech in Washington. ‘Security risk & lawbreaker’: German MP says 70yo NATO should retire Stoltenberg, however, is not […]

Leftist Factions Unite to Form The Palestinian National Democratic Assembly

Five leftist Palestinian political factions announced on Sunday the establishment of the Palestinian National Democratic Assembly, consisting of all five factions, in addition to senior social figures. The assembly is composed of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of […]

UN General Assembly urges israel (apartheid state) to end their illegal occupation of the Golan Heights

A resolution urging Israel to withdraw from the entirety of the Golan Heights has been adopted by the majority of the countries represented in the UN General Assembly (UNGA). The Syrian Golan resolution was approved by a vote of 99 in favor, 10 against and 66 abstentions during the UNGA’s Friday session. The document declared that Israel’s decision to extend its legislation on the Golan Heights is null and […]

The UN General Assembly Adopts Six Resolutions in Favor of Palestine

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts US And Israel Were Lone Votes Against UN Resolutions Opposing Space Arms Race, Nuclear Middle East, Cuba Embargo US And Israel Were Lone Votes Against UN Resolutions Opposing Space Arms Race, Nuclear Middle The Africa-Palestine conference: why South Africa must lead the way  On September […]

Photos: 11th Asia Parliamentary Assembly session in Turkey

Iran´s saffron seeks global recognition The News – Torbat-e Heydariyeh, Iran: The labourers edge their way across a field of bright purple flowers gathering up the world´s most expensive spice,… Source Article from Related Posts Karma: British “White Helmets” Co-Founder Dead in Turkey By Tony Cartalucci […]

Why Freedom of Assembly Still Matters

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

Dead Brothel Owner Winning Nevada Assembly Seat is a Referendum on Hooking in America

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer November 7, 2018 People love hookers so much they’re willing to elect dead people to represent their interests in hooking. Americans are so pro-hooker, they will elect a dead brothel owner by a landslide. Fox News: A Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star who died last month […]

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech

The Whole UN assembly laughs at Donald Trumps speech By Dark Politricks Video by Blackstone Intelligence Donald Trumps recent speech was met with laughter at the UN general assembly as he congratulated himself on being the most popular and active US Presidency in history, forgetting all about previous Presidents such as Lincoln, JFK, Roosevelt and […]

Abbas Just Slammed Israeli Colonial Expansion in His UN General Assembly Speech

Speaking at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke of Israel’s occupation of Palestine, referring to its illegal settlement building on Palestinian lands, its racist policies against non-Jewish citizens, as well as its continuing occupation of Palestine for more than 50 years. Condemning Israeli colonial expansionism, the president demanded the international community to show […]

Trump vs. The JWO – More sovereignty, less globalism, Trump tells UN General Assembly

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,973 other followers Source Article from Related Posts How fake news happens: Inside Trump-Pokemon controversy & the media’s desperate bid for attention Hot on the tails of controversy surrounding the newest Pokemon title due to its […]

UN General Assembly Watch 2018

Let me preface my remarks by telling new readers that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama — both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging this dialectic conflict […]

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