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Fact Check: Chris Wallace Falsely Claimed Trump Is Ending ‘Racial Sensitivity Training’

CLAIM: Debate Moderator Chris Wallace claimed that President Donald Trump is ending “racial sensitivity training.” VERDICT: FALSE. Wallace, moderating the first presidential debate on Tuesday night, made a number of inaccurate statements in his questions to both candidates on the topic of race. One was the claim that President Trump is ending “racial sensitivity training.” […]

Hezbollah Invites Media Outlets to Inspect Site Falsely Claimed by Netanyahu as Missile Depot

Posted on September 29, 2020 by martyrashrakat Hezbollah Media Relations Department issued a statement in which it invited the media outlets to inspect the Beirut site falsely claimed by the Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu as a missile Depot. The statement added that the inspection visit, aimed at refuting Netanyhu’s claims, will be tonight at 22:00 […]

Netanyahu wages a holy war against protests. It’s already claimed the first casualty

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Atlantic Journo Who Claimed Trump Disparaged Veterans Was ‘Chief Salesman’ Of Disastrous Iraq War

The Atlantic journalist who penned a smear piece claiming President Trump secretly disparaged fallen U.S. troops as “losers” and “suckers” is also the same individual other reporters have dubbed the “chief salesman” of the neocons’ Iraq War. On Thursday, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that several “anonymous sources” told him that Trump canceled a visit to the […]

Illinois Police Just Claimed if Marijuana is Legalized, They’ll Have to Kill Their Police Dogs

(Support Free Thought) – Chad Larner,  the training director of the K-9 Training Academy in Macon County, Illinois said in a recent interview that police departments throughout the state may have to euthanize drug dogs if marijuana is legalized. Larner said that it would be abusive to retrain the dogs and that it could […]

Top NASA scientist previously claimed all ice will VANISH from the Arctic by this summer

(Natural News) Climate alarmists are everywhere — but real science continues to show that these scaremongers are the ones full of hot air. Back in 2008, a top “climate prophet” from NASA predicted that the Arctic would be free of sea ice by summer 2018. But data from 2017 has shown quite […]


TIMELINE OF THE GEORGE HEARST SWINDLER AND HIS CRIMINAL PARTNERS THAT CLAIMED TO HAVE MADE AMERICA AND THE WEST GREAT! GEORGE HEARST THE SWINDLING ROBBER OF GOLD & SILVER MINES George Hearst in 1880s placed as a respectable US Senator from San Francisco 1771 AD-1821 AD: Mission San Antonio de Padua was the third of […]

Russia Holds Military Drills on Disputed Islands Claimed by Japan

(ANTIMEDIA) — Russia is accelerating a military buildup on a chain of islands claimed by Japan, Bloomberg reports. Tokyo lodged a formal protest after 2,000 Russian troops held military exercises over a week ago on the four islands, called the Southern Kurils in Russia and the Northern territories in Japan. The Kurils make up part […]

The Story of the Woman Who Claimed She Visited Mars & Spoke to Aliens in 1894

A study published by PubMed concludes: “The results suggest that certain mediums can anomalously receive accurate information about deceased individuals. The study design effectively eliminates conventional mechanisms as well as telepathy as explanations for the information reception, but the results cannot distinguish among alternative paranormal hypotheses, such as survival of consciousness (the continued existence, separate […]

The Woman Who Claimed She Visited Mars & Spoke To Aliens In 1894

Next Story A study published by PubMed  concludes: “The results suggest that certain mediums can anomalously receive accurate information about deceased individuals. The study design effectively eliminates conventional mechanisms as well as telepathy as explanations for the information reception, but the results cannot distinguish among alternative paranormal hypotheses, such as survival of consciousness (the continued existence, […]

Prominent Researcher, Who Claimed Vaccines Cause Autism, Found Dead

The body of a well-known autism advocate, who led research on how vaccines cause autism, was found floating in a canal last weekend.  Jeana Beck, aka Gina Smith, was found floating in a canal behind the Roseway Inn where she and her family were staying on or around November 17th. reports: Our hearts go out […]

We discussed EU and Europol, not Puigdemont and Catalonia, claimed Charles Michel

nsnbc : Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met on the sidelines of the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, […]

Sheriff Claimed Cops Were Heroes For Trying To Save 3 Black Girls From Drowning But Dashcam Show They Watched Them Scream As They Drowned

St. Petersburg, FL – Dash cam footage reveals a Florida sheriff lied last month when he falsely claimed that his deputies took off their gun belts and attempted to save three drowning teenage girls. Instead of attempting to rescue the dying teens, the deputies can be seen on video standing beside the pond while listening […]

UN On Khan Sheikhoun – Victims Hospitalized BEFORE Claimed Incident Happened

  A UN commission concluded that the Syrian government is responsible for a widely discussed incident in Khan Sheikhoun. An alleged gas attack by air happened in April in an al-Qaeda controlled area in Syria. It was used by the White House to justify its bombing of a Syrian airbase. The now […]

Polish historian who claimed Nazi invasion ‘didn’t look bad for Jews’ gets govt. medal

The story surfaced after Anna Zalewska, Poland’s National Education Minister, awarded Tomasz Panfil, a history professor at the Catholic University of Lublin, with a ministerial medal for his “special contribution to education,”according to the Warsaw-based Institute of National Remembrance (IPN).  An IPN branch in Lublin, where Panfil also works as a researcher, advertised the award […]

Entire mainstream media spreads dangerous lie that falsely claimed bodybuilder was killed by "protein shakes"

(Natural News) Meegan Hefford, an Australian bodybuilder, died suddenly because of a rare genetic disorder which prevented her body from properly breaking down proteins. She was 25. While her death is tragic on any level, her demise is being used by propaganda media to dissuade people from eating protein. Supposedly, the bodybuilder’s use of protein […]

London high-rise fire at Grenfell Tower claimed unknown number of lives

nsnbc : A yet unknown number of people have dies and scores were injured in a high-rise fire at Grenfell tower that raged throughout […]

Declassified Docs Show US Gov’t Knowingly Armed ISIS, Claimed Weapons Were ‘Lost’

By Rachel Blevins After an audit from the Department of Defense revealed that the Pentagon couldn’t account for over $1 billion in weapons and equipment that was meant for fighters in Iraq, the question remains: Did ISIS gain $1 BILLION in weapons and equipment as a result? The September 2016 audit was declassified after the human […]

Terrorist Group Who Claimed Responsibility for #Manchester is Funded by US — The Evidence

On Monday night, a tragedy unfolded in Manchester, England, as a suicide bomber walked into the Manchester Arena and detonated a bomb at the southern entrance. The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the bombing which is the deadliest assault in Britain since 2005 — as the death toll rose to 22. This cowardly […]

Cholera has claimed 115 lives in Yemen since April 27: ICRC

Press TV- The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says cholera has claimed the lives of at least 115 people in Yemen and left thousands of others ill as hospitals struggle to cope with an influx of patients in the conflict-plagued impoverished Arab country. Dominik Stillhart, the ICRC director of operations, said in a […]

Astronomers Discover Planet With Three Suns

Astronomers from the University of Arizona have detected a triple-star planetary system 320 light years away from earth. Popular Mechanics reports: A team of astronomers led by Kevin Wagner at the University of Arizona discovered the exoplanet. The scientists were conducting a survey of nearby worlds with incredibly vast orbits, scouring a small section of […]

Is your municipal wifi really free? Or are you paying with your sensitive data?

As usual, the devil is in the details: namely, the privacy policy that governs the system and the fact that it’s bottom-lined by the most powerful advertising company on the planet, Google.  In the capitalist marketplace, enormous corporations typically do not spend millions of dollars to be nice. And sure enough, while the companies involved […]

MI6 source who claimed Saddam had ‘spherical glass containers’ full of chemical weapons was actually describing scenes from Hollywood movie The Rock

MI6 has been ridiculed for relying on a ‘key’ Iraqi source who described unrealistic scenes from Hollywood Blockbuster The Rock. The Chilcot inquiry highlighted the ludicrous episode as it slammed flawed intelligence assessments that repeatedly suggested Saddam Hussein had significant WMD capabilities – even though no weapons were found.  It […]

E-cigarettes might lead to oral disease, study suggests

     Electronic cigarettes are perceived by many as an effective smoking cessation aid, and numerous studies suggest they are significantly less harmful to health than conventional cigarettes. A new study, however, claims the devices are not without risk – they could raise the risk of oral disease. Published in the journal PLOS One, the study […]

CNN’s Liberal Meltdown: Brexit Means ‘Xenophobia,’ ‘White Identity’ Win

Liberal CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour suffered an epic meltdown on Thursday night as it became clear that Britain was asserting its national sovereignty and voting to leave the European Union. The sneering Amanpour repeatedly derided it as an example of “xenophobia” and “white identity” politics. Early in the evening, with the result still in doubt, […]

New Cleveland RNC Police & Military Docs: FEMA Base to Setup at NASA

New Cleveland RNC Police & Military Docs: FEMA Base to Setup at NASA June 21st, 2016 Via: Unicorn Riot: A trove of new documents exposes how Cleveland’s impending Republican National Convention will subject the public to a massive domestic military operation. Following decades of […]

IMF Blames Neoliberalism For Low Growth And Increased Inequality

A new paper from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a pillar of neoliberal globalization and neo-colonial domination of the developing world, takes a rhetorical shot at the very system it perpetuates. The paper, titled “Neoliberalism: Oversold?,” is published in the June 2016 issue of the IMF’s official journal, “Finance & Development,” and […]

The Shuttening: PayPal Shuts Down BDS France

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2016 You’re no “Pal” of mine, Jew! I thought PayPal had pretty much finished shutting people down. They were one of the first companies to begin stealing people’s freedoms, and have done monthly purges since 2013. But now they’re upping the game, shutting down anyone who even remotely veers against […]

Ontario proposal would force parents of unvaccinated children into re-education camps featuring government vaccine propaganda

(NaturalNews) Canada’s Ontario province is proposing new amendments to its “Immunization of School Pupils Act,” which would require parents to submit to “education sessions” before being allowed to obtain exemption status from having their children vaccinated. Canada, along with the United States and Australia, has become increasingly authoritarian in its stance towards vaccination, […]

Denied Breaks, U.S. Poultry Workers Wear Diapers on the Job

Workers in plants run by the largest U.S. poultry producers are regularly being denied bathroom breaks and as a result some are reduced to wearing diapers while working on the processing line, Oxfam America said in a report Wednesday. “It’s not just their dignity that suffers: they are in danger of serious health problems,” said […]

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