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Video: ABC News Compares End of Trump Presidency To End Of Nazi Germany

Photos and video have emerged of thousands of National Guardsmen in D.C. forced to sleep OUTSIDE and in a parking Garage near the Capitol building after a Democratic lawmaker complained that ONE guardsmen was not wearing a face mask. It appears that this is the reward for protecting Democratic lawmakers: Around 5000 guardsmen were forced […]

CCP Stooge Eric Swalwell Compares Trump to 9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is embroiled in a Chinese spy scandal, likened President Trump to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. “Well, Osama bin Laden did not enter US soil on September 11, but it was widely acknowledged that he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country,” Swalwell said on PBS NewsHour on […]

Sean Penn Compares Trump Supporters to al-Qaeda, Says Trump Is ‘Bin Laden’

More than 74 million Americans voted last November to reelect President Donald Trump. Now actor Sean Penn has compared supporters of the president to al-Qaeda, the radical Islamic terrorist network, in what is the latest example of the left’s attempts to demonize conservatives as homicidal terrorists. Sean Penn also likened President Trump to Osama Bin […]

Iran’s President Compares ‘Great Big Terrorist’ Trump To Former Shah

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has compared Donald Trump’s government with that of the former Shah of Iran. He said President Trump’s rule “with a mindset of a merchant and a gambler” is ending in scandal while hailing his departure. RT reports: Speaking to cabinet on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said that, over the last three […]

Fox News Host Compares Deplatforming to Kristallnacht

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro compared the recent deplatforming of the app Parler to Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) on January 11. In response to the January 6 riot against Congress certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, social media platforms started clamping down on what they viewed as extremist rhetoric. Twitter banned President Donald Trump. […]

Schwarzenegger compares Capitol attack to Kristallnacht, slams Trump as ‘worst president ever’

Trump ‘sought a coup by misleading people with lies and I know where such lies lead,’ said the former Republican California governor 00 Hits: 0

PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh compares Jesus to suicide bombers

Browse > Home / News / PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh compares Jesus to suicide bombers January 4, 2021 by TPS Read on for article The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said that Jesus was “the first Palestinian self-sacrificing fighter” and the one who taught Palestinians “Martyrdom-death,” comparing him to suicide bombers. Good Friday […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother compares COVID-19 vaccines to Nazi atrocities

Piers Corbyn, the brother of former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been circulating leaflets around London — including the highly Jewish-populated area of Barnet, comparing the UK government’s coronavirus vaccination campaign to the Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. On the front page of the leaflets appeared a picture of the infamous […]

Cuomo Compares Himself & Dr Fauci To ‘Modern Day De Niro & Pacino’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been roasted online after comparing himself and Dr Anthony Fauci to the Godfather actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. It came during a press conference where Cuomo suggested the idea of making an ad with the infectious-diseases expert to promote the Coronavirus vaccine “I think your voice saying […]

Hungarian official compares George Soros to Hitler

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00 Hits: 1

A Boston Synagogue Compares Trump to Hitler

Imagine the juxtaposition. On Saturday, November 21, the New York Times published a half-page article titled “For Netanyahu and Israel, Trump’s Gifts Kept on Coming.” Its subtitle was even more specific: “Allowing the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard the ability to emigrate to Israel was just the latest in a long list of prizes for America’s closest ally […]

German COVID protester compares herself to Nazi resistance, security guard quits on the spot

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COVID restrictions protester compares herself to Nazi resistance fighter

 A woman protesting coronavirus restrictions in Germany likened herself to a resistance fighter killed in a Holocaust uprising. Speaking at a demonstration Saturday, a woman who identified herself as “Jana from Kassel” compared herself to Sophie Scholl, who was an organizer of the White Rose resistance movement in 1943 at the University of Munich. The […]

Snoop Dogg compares America to Nazi Germany via Instagram

Rapper Snoop Dogg likened modern-day America to Nazi Germany through an Instagram post on Wednesday.The rapper shared an image of a black and white American flag with a blue strip pulled off revealing a Nazi flag behind it – more specifically the official ensign of the Nazi regime. Snoop Dogg captioned the photo, “Amerikkka. US,” […]

Yair Netanyahu compares Israeli kibbutz movement to Nazi Germany

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Ex-ADL Chief Abe Foxman Compares Anonymous Internet Antisemites To Ku Klux Klan With Hoods

In a recent interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Abe Foxman — the former head of the Jewish supremacist organization the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith — laid the blame for the alleged increase in antisemitism worldwide on the free internet — and believes that eliminating user anonymity would go a long way in deterring […]

CNN’s Lemon Compares Trump Supporters to Drug Addicts — Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Facing ‘Truth’

CNN primetime host Don Lemon equated supporters of President Donald Trump to drug addicts during his Thursday night broadcast. Discussing a surge in coronavirus cases in less populated states, Lemon said, “I have many people who I love in my life. I come from a red state, and I’ve lived in several red states. There […]

Video: Democratic Ad Compares 2020 America To Nazi Germany

The Jewish Democratic Council of America is facing backlash after it produced a campaign ad that compared America under President Trump to Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. The video, titled “Hate doesn’t stop itself, it must be stopped,” features a split screen with footage of Trump rallies, and by its side footage of nazi rallies […]

UK Defence Secretary Compares Russia To Nazi Germany

Russia has been compared to Nazi Germany again, this time by the British defence secretary Gavin Williamson. Accusing Russia of using Nazi tactics in their alleged attack on Sergei Skripal, Willamson who last week told the Kremlin to “go away and shut up”, said thousands of fake online accounts were being used to “distort the narrative” surrounding […]

Reddit User Confesses To Austin Bombings – Compares Himself To ‘Zodiac Killer’

The Austin Police Department are investigating a mysterious Reddit user who claims to be behind the recent bombings and who has vowed to keep terrorizing Texas until he becomes “as prolific as the Zodiac Killer.” “My intention is not to kill people. I am doing this simply because I want to watch the world burn,” someone using […]

Russia compares US bombing of Raqqa to WWII destruction of Dresden

     Russia has accused the US-led coalition in Syria of wiping the city of Raqqa “off the face of the earth” with carpet bombing in the same way the United States and Britain bombed Germany’s Dresden during WWII. The Russian Defence Ministry, which has repeatedly been forced to deny accusations from activists and Western politicians […]

ESPN’s Wilbon Compares Jerry Jones to a Slave Owner for Requiring Players to Stand for National Anthem

ESPN’s Wilbon Compares Jerry Jones to a Slave Owner for Requiring Players to Stand for National Anthem Breitbart October 11, 2017 Monday on ESPNs Pardon the Interruption, co-host Mike Wilbon likened Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner because he said Cowboys players will either stand for the national anthem or not play. […]

Joe Biden compares supporters of due process to ‘Nazis’ who marched in Charlottesville

‘I’m gonna make an analogy, it’s gonna get me in trouble’ Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s* recent announcement that her department will revise Title IX enforcement practices led one angry former vice president to compare her to white nationalists and neo-Nazis. The architect of the Obama administration’s Title IX policy, Joe […]

‘Progressive’ NYC official compares cancellation of Israel-sponsored event to neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville

New York City comptroller Scott Stringer, council members Melissa Mark-Viverito and Rory Lancman, and press secretary Eric Phillips joined Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon in strong-arming the Queens Museum to host an Israeli-government sponsored celebration of the creation of the State of Israel. The Museum had originally canceled the event out of […]

Donald Trump compares Russiagate to Iraq WMDs propaganda

Donald Trump’s press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda turned to Russiagate as a US journalist tried to pound Trump on the Russia issue while inside Europe’s presently and historically most anti-Russian country. Clearly there was an attempt to stir tensions unnecessarily on the part of the reporter. Trump reiterated his repeated […]

‘American Nazism’: North Korea compares Trump to Hitler

“The idea is the American version of Nazism, far surpassing the fascism in the last century in its ferocious, brutal and chauvinistic nature,” the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in an article titled “We Reject ‘American-first Principle’- Nazism in the 21st Century,” which was cited by KCNA Watch on Tuesday. KCNA goes on to […]

Hillary Clinton Compares Herself To Wonder Woman

Two-time presidential campaign failure Hillary Clinton has gone on record comparing herself to DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, leaving witnesses stunned and suggesting that “Blunder Woman” would be a more appropriate nickname for a character based on the former Secretary of State. In a video message, which aired at the Women in Film Los Angeles’ Crystal + Lucy Awards in […]

Lightning strikes kill 57 within 10 weeks in Myanmar (Burma); compares to 10 deaths for roughly the same period in 2016

     From April to end of May last year 10 people died from lightning strikes, but this year the figure has risen to 57 between April and June 6, with another 18 people injured, according to the Department of Relief and Resettlement. Apart from Chin State, there were casualties in other states and regions. Deaths […]

Actor Jesse Williams Delivers A Timely & Powerful Acceptance Speech At The BET Awards

34 year old Jesse Williams is best known for his work as Dr. Jackson Avery on the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy, but beyond the screen, Jesse is widely respected as a global activist and the youngest member on the board of directors at The Advancement Project, a civil rights think tank and advocacy group. His work in […]

Wisconsin investigating rare bacterial outbreak, infections spread across the state

     At least 18 people have died in Wisconsin from a rare bacterial outbreak. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services confirmed at least 44 cases of Elizabethkingia anophelis were reported from Nov. 1, 2015, to March 2, 2016, with 18 deaths attributed to the outbreak, ABC News reports. Most of the infected are 65 and […]

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