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As World Enters Depression, Jeff Bezos Could Become First-Ever Trillionaire

(TMU Opinion) – For most people across the world, the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown measures have been nothing short of ruinous. Countless small and large businesses have faced bankruptcy while in the United States, local government budgets are in shambles while the unemployment rate is projected by Goldman Sachs to peak at 25 percent, […]

COVID-19 Strike Wave Enters Third Month

COVID-19 Strike Wave Enters Third Month Above: Striking New Orleans sanitation workers. Credit New Orleans Hospitality Workers Alliance. Note:  The Payday Report has identified over 200 wildcat strikes that happened since the beginning of March. They suspect many strikes aren’t reporting at all for a variety of reasons and that the numbers are higher than they can track. […]

Asian Hornet Attacking Mouse As The Deadly Insect Enters The USA

Asian giant hornet, nicknamed ‘murder hornet’, killed a mouse in under one minute. The cell phone video showed the two wrestling on the ground while the hornet stung the mouse. ‘Murder hornets’ have toxic venom that can kill other animals and even humans. Native to temperate and tropical climates in East Asia, they kill up […]

Respiratory Specialist Reveals Anyone Who Enters Hospital With Breathing Problems Labeled COVID-19

A respiratory therapist with 21 years of professional experience who works in a hospital in Georgia has posted a video on YouTube in which he explains all the problems, contradictions, and inconsistencies with the official narrative of the alleged COVID-19 ‘pandemic’. This video was originally posted on an important website called One of the […]

Shelter Pit Bull Begs to Hold Hands With Anyone Who Enters the Place

If it wasn’t for the video of Speck that spread on social media like a wildfire, this Pit Bull would have probably still been at the shelter, spending his days dreaming of finding a family. But why does it take for a dog to go viral in order for people to get interested in adopting […]

Indian naval base enters ‘total lockdown’ as 20+ sailors test positive for Covid-19

At least 20 sailors at the INS Angre logistical support base in Mumbai tested positive for the virus, the Navy confirmed on Saturday, kicking off a sweeping “contact tracing” operation as the military searches for other potential carriers and locks down the naval installation. The residential block has been declared a containment zone, with the […]

“There Are Basically No Sales”: U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse From Nationwide Lockdown

By Tyler Durden 2020 is shaping up to be nothing short of a complete and total meltdown for the U.S. auto industry. The industry was already barely holding on by a thread before the coronavirus pandemic started, with China leading the rest of the globe’s auto industries into recession over the last 18 months. Now, in a […]

Syria war enters tenth year with no hope in sight

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AFP) — As it enters its tenth year, the war in Syria is anything but abating, as foreign powers scrap over a ravaged country where human suffering keeps reaching new levels. When protesters in March 2011 demanded their rights and regime change, they likely never imagined it would trigger a reaction that has […]

In Amarillo, Copper Workers’ Strike Enters Fourth Month With No End In Sight

In Amarillo, Copper Workers’ Strike Enters Fourth Month With No End In Sight Above Photo: Thaland Roberts, Pat Montaño, Zack Roberts, Jerry Andrews, and Tannen Andrews outside the Asarco copper refinery in Amarillo. GUS BOVA Laborers in the Republican-dominated Texas Panhandle find themselves in a protracted fight with one of the world’s largest copper producers. […]

Slavoj Zizek: US enters brutal ideological civil war as four-party system begins to take form

Two weeks ago, while promoting his new film in Mexico City, Harrison Ford said that “America has lost its moral leadership and credibility.”  Really? When did the US exert moral leadership over the world? Under Reagan or Bush? They lost what they never had, ie, they lost the illusion (the “credibility” made in Harrison’s claim) […]

The Syrian Arab Army Enters Saraqib in Idlib Eastern Countryside

SAA – File Photo February 6, 2020 Arabi Souri BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) captured the strategic city of Saraqib on early Thursday morning after the remaining jihadist rebels withdrew from the area via the last open road. The Syrian Arab Army entered the strategic city of Saraqib in Idlib countryside, […]

N95 Masks USELESS, Coronavirus Enters Body Through EYEBALLS, Warns Infected Doctor in Wuhan, China

(Natural News) N95 masks are useless against coronavirus. These masks don’t create a full facial seal, and a doctor in China is now warning that he contracted coronavirus by failing to wear a full face mask. Importantly most health care professionals shown in the media are wearing only N95-style masks which are […]

US Military Convoy Enters Oil Fields In Northeast Syria

US Military Convoy Enters Oil Fields In Northeast Syria Above Photo: A convoy of US military vehicles drives near the town of Tal Tamr in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah on the border with Turkey, on November 10, 2019. (Photo by AFP) A large US military convoy has entered oil fields in northeastern Syria despite widespread […]

A huge convoy for US occupation forces enters Syria’s Qameshli city

Saturday, 14 December 2019   HASAKA, (ST)_In a new breach of international laws, the US occupation forces sent today to Qameshli city in Hasaka province a new convoy composed of tanks, ambulances and dozens of vehicles and cars loading military and logistic materials . According to local sources, the convoy illegally entered this morning from […]

23 dead as violent unrest in Chile enters fifth week

Looting and demonstrations took place in cities across the South American nation, and an agreement on a political roadmap that will see Chile draft a new constitution has halted neither the anger, nor the bloodshed. Furious Chileans have since October 18 been protesting social and economic inequality, and against an entrenched political elite […]

Bennett enters Defense Ministry, declares ‘special situation’ in towns near Gaza

New Right MK Naftali Bennett officially took up the post of defense minister Tuesday, entering the position as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group in the Gaza Strip fire launched salvos of rocket fire toward Israel following the targeted killing of one of its top commanders. Shortly after taking office, Bennett, on the advice of […]

The rise of ‘Seaganism’: As another diet fad enters the market so does food propaganda

It seems every month a new diet is preached to us on television and in glossy magazines; the latest fad to get us all thinner and fitter while saving the world. The list is getting long. We now have lacto-vegetarians, flexitarians, keto diets, ovo-vegetarians, fruitarians, paleo lovers, freegans, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and many others. Exhausting. […]

Trailblazing bid to make factories pay $400m for pollution enters final stage

The biggest environmental class action suit in Israeli history, which demands that two chemical factories in southern Israel pay NIS 1.4 billion ($400 million) in damages for polluting groundwater and a popular spring and stream at a nature reserve near the Dead Sea, entered its final stage at the Beersheba District Court on Monday. The […]

Chicago teachers’ strike enters eighth day,300,000 students miss classes

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President enters EAEU summit hall – President of the Islamic Republic of Iran was welcomed by the Prime Minister of Armenia at the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) summit hall. Dr Hassan Rouhani is set to address the summit and explain Iran’s potentials for economic and commercial cooperation with the union. Source Article from Hits: 19

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