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Professional sport is a platform for celebrating inequality

Money rules sport, so much so that one of the main functions of sport today is the normalization of inequality and excessive wealth. In other words, because many of the most successful sportspeople and teams get where they are as a result of benefitting from more money and resources than their rivals, we indirectly end […]

‘Professional’ opposition figure: Can Juan Guaido offer a meaningful alternative for Venezuela?

The eight days Washington’s allies in Europe gave to President Nicolas Maduro to call new presidential elections in Venezuela have passed. The UK, Austria, Spain, France and Sweden have already granted their official recognition to Juan Guaido, who declared himself Venezuela’s leader last week. In doing so, they joined the relentless campaign the US wages […]

Professional Santa fired from parade after saying he wouldn’t consider hiring a female Santas

     The man who Farmers ditched as their longstanding Santa in tomorrow’s Auckland Christmas parade has said he is taking legal advice over a “big wrong” done to him. Neville Baker told the Herald on Sunday tonight it had been insinuated he was a “pervert”. “Everyone is picking things out and making me to look […]