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Joe Biden Storms Off When Asked About FBI Seizing Hunter’s Laptop, Calls Lid On Campaign Events Until Thursday

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden stormed away from a press briefing after a reporter asked him about allegations surrounding his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings and revelations the FBI seized his laptop last year via subpoena. The Biden campaign later called a lid on campaign events until after Thursday’s presidential debate, with Biden now back at […]

Find Your Own State of Inner Harmony: Buddhist Practices to Weather Life’s Storms With Wisdom, Grace, and a Light Heart

No matter your circumstances, you can find a path away from suffering, even in these times of chaos, distress and upheaval. There is emotional and spiritual freedom beyond this global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and continued racial injustice. Join us for a remarkable FREE online event, where you can learn how Tibetan Buddhist practices can elevate our […]

Watch: Cars and houses buried by mud as France battered by storms

Cars and houses were entombed in mud in Breil-sur-Roya, a French town close to the Italian border, two days after torrential rains and floods hit the south-east of France. A family urgently emptied their house by the Vésubie river in Roquebillière which threatened to collapse at any time. “I feel like I’m still living in […]

Tap Into Your Key Energy Code to Help You Weather Life’s Storms: Find the Universal Intelligence Within – FREE Online Event

Have you noticed that you’re having more self-defeating thoughts –– especially in these turbulent times, when so much feels out of control? The truth is, these thoughts aren’t based in reality at all — they’re not taking into account how the Universe really works. The power of the Universe is here to support you. And you have […]

Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn Of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6

Hurricane Season 2018: Experts Warn Of Super Storms, Call For New Category 6 Above Photo: A new analysis of global hurricane data since 1980 shows the number of storms with winds over 124 mph has doubled, and those with winds over 155 mph has tripled. Credit: NASA A spate of record-breaking storms has spurred a […]

Three women killed by lightning bolt as heavy storms hit southern China

     Three women have died after being struck by lightning as extreme storms struck southern China, according to an online news portal. The women from Baise city in Guangxi autonomous region, died instantly after being struck on Wednesday afternoon, reported on Thursday. The report said they were on top of a mountain at Dongmen […]

Nonwhite Invader “Caravan” Storms US Border, Shouts of “Gracias, Mexico!”

The nonwhite invader caravan has reached and stormed the US border with Mexico, with hundreds brazenly climbing onto the fence, some lodging patently bogus “asylum” claims and many others just “vanishing”—all the while shouting “Gracias Mexico”!” to the awaiting controlled media. The “Gracias Mexico” greeting was in reference to the fact that the Mexican government […]

Au revoir, ‘linguistic regime’! French envoy storms out of EU meeting held in English

French language ‘police’ launch crusade against ‘smartphone’ Apparently irked by the lack of interpreting facilities, Ambassador Philippe Leglise-Costa stormed out of an English-speaking meeting between the ambassadors of the 28 states of the EU Council. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the post-Brexit financial framework, one of the core and most difficult issues […]

How They Do It– ‘Freak Ice Storms striking the Holy Cities of both Islam and Catholicism signals coming nuclear apocalypse’

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200+ Million in Danger – Freak Storms & Flooding Ahead For USA & Canada & Europe

200+ Rivers in Flood stage. 200+ Rivers near Flood stage. With the Mississippi & Ohio Rivers busting out banks and levees, we are facing a nasty storm that will begin to drop massive amounts of rain in the same saturated areas before it undergoes a bombogenesis process and kicks up 39 foot waves […]

Italy: Somalian Storms Delivery Room and Attempts to Rape Woman in Labour

An unreal situation in the Italian capital Rome, according to Libero; a Somalian man managed to get past the security of Sant’Eugenio Hospital and stormed a delivering room where he attempted to rape a woman in labour. Migrants have been found guilty of various terrible crimes but this is a first. Luckily the monster was […]

Man with Palestinian flag storms Israeli restaurant in Amsterdam (VIDEO)

The video of the incident which emerged on local media, shows the man carrying a Palestinian flag hitting windows of the Glatt Kosher restaurant. The man then kicks his way through the front door and a few seconds later emerges with an Israeli flag, the footage shows. READ MORE: ‘Bomb ready to blow’: Muslim, European […]

30,000 lightning strikes and large hail as ‘super-cell’ storms hit New South Wales

     More than 30,000 lightning strikes battered the Hunter Region as intense ‘super-cell’ storms hit the east coast overnight. The storms brought wind gusts of up to 90km/h and golf ball-sized hailstones to parts of New South Wales’ north coast and Queensland’s south-east. In NSW, the SES attended about 250 calls for help while in […]

Manmade GEO Storms In California???

The following article was originally published by TABU; Towards A Better Understanding. At 1 am last night 60 separate explosive fires like never before seen hit Sonoma and Napa Counties up to Mendocino County. Around 11:30 pm last night winds began to swirl out of nowhere. There was no weather event predicted or forecast. At 1 […]

Watching The Hawks – Slaves, Sun & Storms

Watching The Hawks – Slaves, Sun & Storms Watching The Shockingly, human slavery remains a tragically all-too-real issue in the modern world. Storm-caused power outages in Florida reveal the corrupt regulatory practices that keep the states homeowners from going solar. Global DIRTs Adam Marlatt joins the show from the island of St. John to […]

Are this year’s violent, massive storms going to be the trigger for violent social unrest?

(Natural News) In the days leading up to Hurricane Harvey making landfall in southeastern Texas, residents were advised to get out of the storm’s path and, if they chose not to, then hunker down and ride it out because it was going to be massive. And it was. It was also devastating. Besides testing the […]

German anti-immigrant politician storms out of live TV debate (VIDEO)

Weidel, from the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, exited the debate airing on public broadcaster ZDF live on air. The candidate in this month’s election could be seen gathering her papers and walking away as the audience applauded the remarks from Andreas Scheuer, a member of Merkel’s conservative bloc. Around 40 minutes into the […]

Solar storms cause sperm whales to beach in North Sea, study suggests

“Sperm whales spend their early, non-breeding years in lower latitudes, where magnetic disruptions by the sun are weak and thus lack experience of this phenomenon,” according to the new research, published in the International Journal of Astrobiology. Scientists studied the stranding of 29 sperm whales in the North Sea in January 2016 on beaches in […]

Scientists Wire Up Live Beetles To Serve As Robots In Singapore

Scientists in Singapore have created an “insect-computer hybrid legged robot” using live beetles. Cyborg beetles are remotely controlled through wires attached to their bodies that stimulate and jerk their wing muscles during flight, directing them toward a target. A controversial project is aiming to use beetles in place of robots in search and rescue missions following […]

Iran plant blaze not act of sabotage: Minister of petroleum

Iranian Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zangeneh says a raging blaze at a petrochemical plant in southwest Iran has not been caused as a result of an act of sabotage. The Iranian minister has traveled to the site of the blaze at the industrial zone of Mahshahr in Khouzestan Province to personally supervise attempts to extinguish […]

Mine worker killed in ‘sudden and powerful’ gas ‘blow-out’ in East Cleveland, UK

     A man has died in an underground accident at a potash mine in East Cleveland – one of Europe’s deepest. Worker John Anderson, 56, was killed by a “sudden and powerful release of gas” at the Boulby mine early on Friday, owners ICL UK said. No-one else was hurt and there was no explosion […]

Geopolitical chess players didn’t figure on an oil price crash

     The drop in oil prices has given the lie to the “Hubbert peak” theory. There will probably not be a penury of energy in the coming century. The price decrease is also probably the first step in dismantling the “human origin of global warming” theory. It has deprived the alternative sources of energy of […]

Is there a secret government-alien base at Denver International Airport?

     Comment: Yet another very interesting article to recently surface from a mainstream – if somewhat sensationalistic – website. If one considers that any of the darker more “conspiratorial” elements of the story are more true than not, then one must also look at the information presented below and consider what may be disinformation, and […]

Leader appoints new IRIB chief

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a decree on Wednesday appointed Abdol Ali Aliasgari as new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). In the decree, Ayatollah Khamenei accepted the resignation of Mohammed Sarafraz, who has held the IRIB presidency since November 2014, and expressed gratitude […]

How can Europe solve the problem of terrorism?

With the incidents successively taking place recently, many European countries, including Belgium, started to increase their security measures. However, many security experts believe that the measures taken by Europe within the scope of the fight against terrorism are still inadequate, as witnessed viz a viz Paris and the Brussels attacks. Not only necessary measures against […]

Russian Beacon satellite set to light up the night sky: ‘Artificial star’ would reflect sunlight to illuminate parts of Earth

From: The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, known as the ‘dog star’ or Alpha Canis Majoris. But that could be about to change if a crowdfunded project in Russia takes off as planned later this year. Called the ‘Mayak’ or ‘Beacon’ project, engineers are hoping to launch […]

Trump’s Son Has IRRESISTIBLE Offer For Critics Promising To Leave U.S. If Father Elected

During a Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., spoke with host Ainsley Earhardt about his father’s presidential hopes, and when asked about the critics promising to leave the country should Trump be elected, he made an irresistible offer. While it’s likely only rhetoric and hyperbole from those promising to leave […]

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s rise in popularity fueled by same societal ‘breakdown’ that birthed Hitler

     Noam Chomsky said the social conditions that are driving voters to Donald Trump also explain the rise of fascist leaders such as Adolf Hitler. The famed linguist and political scientist discussed the presidential election in a recent interview with Alternet, where he was asked to explain Trump’s growing popularity with Republican voters. “Fear, along […]

Benjamin Freedman: Americans Haven’t Been Free for a Long Time

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Jakarta attacks: Multiple explosions and gunfire rock Indonesian capital

     At least six blasts went off in the city center of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in an apparent terrorist attack involving suicide bombers. Witnesses describe casualties, chaotic scenes, and exchanges of gunfire with police. At least four people have so far been confirmed killed in the attack. The official Twitter account of the […]

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