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People Are Strange

Why are healthy people wearing masks inside and outdoors when “experts” were telling us that people without symptoms do not spread sickness? 00 Hits: 0

Monoliths: Why are these strange monuments appearing around the world?

Monoliths have popped up in surprising places over the past few weeks, including an American desert, a British beach and a Belgian field.  Several of these tall, shiny pillars have now been found at sites around the globe without warning or explanation since mid-November. The first was discovered in the US, when a helicopter crew […]

Monoliths: Why are strange monuments appearing around the world?

Monoliths have popped up in surprising places over the past few weeks, with the most recent appearing on a beach on the Isle of Wight. Several of these tall, shiny pillars have now been found at sites around the globe without warning or explanation since mid-November. The first was discovered in the US, when a […]

Strange Georgia Guidestones Receive Fresh Attention in the Age of the Pandemic

    Mysterious stone monuments in Georgia that call for a drastic reduction in the earth’s population are receiving fresh attention in light of the global coronavirus pandemic. The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980 at a cost of $500,000 dollars on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans” who remain anonymous to this […]

Strange New Startup Harvests Young Blood To Sell To The Rich

730 Shares A Florida-based company is attempting to combat the aging process by harvesting the blood of young people and transfusing it into patients 30 years old and above in a dubious new fad sweeping the US. Ambrosia, founded in 2016 by Stanford Medical School graduate Jesse Karmazin, has already established transfusion centers in five […]

The Strange Demise of the American Herald Tribune

Another independent news source is suppressed By Philip Giraldi Source Many observers would agree that the biggest loser in the recent U.S. presidential election was not Donald Trump, it was the media. The news that was presented to the American public amounted to a tsunami of negative reporting on Donald Trump buttressed by opinion polls […]

King Olaf’s Strange Encounter

By Will Vesper ONE DAY King Olaf Tryggvisson and his men sailed south along the coast of Norway in the ship Long Dragon. When they came to the fjord of Nidaros, the men had to take to the oars, because the wind was too weak to fill the sails. But the king was not in […]

Strange Historic Japanese Burial Ground Found In Downtown Osaka

In Japan, a graveyard has been unearthed in the heart of Osaka City . The Japanese burial ground is believed to have been an important historic graveyard that dates back several hundred years. The burial ground, condensed in a very small area, was unusual because of its circular graves. This extraordinary find is providing researchers […]

Strange gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles scientists

Scientists have detected a mysterious gamma-ray heartbeat coming from a cosmic gas cloud. The inconspicuous cloud in the constellation Aquila is beating with the rhythm of a neighboring precessing black hole, indicating a connection between the two objects, as the team led by DESY Humboldt Fellow Jian Li and ICREA Professor Diego F. Torres from […]

Bill Gates Says He Wants To ‘Save Lives’, Rejects ‘Strange’ Coronavirus Vaccine Conspiracies

Bill Gates has revealed his thoughts surrounding the “strange” conspiracy theories surrounding his efforts in funding a vaccine. The billionaire philanthropist says his critics question his motivation for funding a vaccine by reversing his intentions. He claims that he is only “giving money to save lives.”  Gates also said that he is optimistic about the […]

Creature from the deep: Strange sea mammal washes up on African beach (PHOTOS)

The strange-looking creature was found by researchers from the Namibian Dolphin Project as they walked along Sandwich Harbour in Dorob National Park last week. READ MORE: Culprit in decades-old lunar mystery finally found through lost Apollo tapes “We noticed an unusual object lying just above the high-water mark on the beach,” the group explained on […]

The Strange Power of The Placebo Effect Explained

The Facts: The Placebo Effect is a verified phenomenon. Reflect On: How mind is capable of transforming our own biology and our physical material world. Did you know that we can change our biology simply by what we believe to be true? The placebo effect is defined as the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in […]

Celestial mystery: Riddle of strange gas jets from Rosetta’s comet solved (VIDEO)

The jets, which reach several kilometers into space, have been identified in space missions going all the way back to 1986. Since their discovery, though, scientists have tried to understand the processes on the surface that cause the mysterious projections – and what they reveal about the comet itself. READ MORE: Alien invasion: French territory […]

The Strange Case of Christopher Snyder

The Strange Case of Christopher Snyder May 9th, 2018 Via: Heavy: A 41-year-old man who claimed to have a classified military past killed three people inside his neighbor’s house after a domestic dispute with his wife and then fatally shot himself during a standoff […]

A Strange Paradox: When People Say They Love Animals But Eat Meat (Video)

Next Story First off, let’s just get something out of the way: I am by no means placing judgment, blame or shame on those of who consume meat, I am merely offering an opportunity to reflect after watching the below video. Although, I do not personally eat meat, I do not label myself as a […]

Strange behavior coming from the sun’s gamma rays, cause unknown

     There’s something wrong with the sunshine. A nine-year survey of the sun’s gamma rays has turned up two surprises: an unexpected dip in low-energy gamma rays, and far more high-energy gamma rays than theory predicts. And we’re not sure what’s going on. “The sun is much weirder than we thought,” says John Beacom at […]

Strange loud bang heard over Wirral, Liverpool, UK

     Dozens of people took to social media to express their shock at hearing a loud bang across Merseyside this morning. The huge boom was heard as far and wide as Bootle and Wirral, with some New Brighton residents saying their homes shook. One woman described how her neighbours had all peered out of their […]

Strange Phenomenon Under Africa Threatens to Flip Earth’s Magnetic Field

As well as giving us our north and south poles, the magnetic field blankets the Earth, protecting it from solar winds and cosmic radiation. Without it there would likely be no life on our planet today. However, the forcefield has weakened significantly in the past 160 years and scientists have suggested that it could be […]

Where did medicine go wrong? The strange world of vaccines, pregnancy and children

     Something very strange has happened since I studied health, nutrition and holistic health sciences and matriculated in prenatal and infant nutrition. Back then, pregnant mothers were advised to take no medications, not even an aspirin! All medications were to be carefully “vetted” by the female’s obstetrician-physician and were to be taken only when absolutely […]

A CE Podcast About The Face on Mars & Strange Structures on The Moon – What’s Going On Up There?

Next Story We (Joe Martino, Founder of CE & Arjun Walia, Senior Writer) recently sat down and did a podcast (access our  our podcasts here and our Explorers Lounge here) with Ananda Sirisena, who is currently employed by a major software company as a senior training consultant. On top of that, he is a long-time Mars […]

Strange fates of those who saw JFK shot

     William Penn Jones Jr. was an American journalist, the editor of the Midlothian Mirror and author. He was also one of the earliest John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists. Jones attended the University of Texas at Austin and was a classmate of Henry Wade and John Connally. Wade later become the District Attorney in […]

‘So fascinating, so strange’: What the big hitters said about #1917LIVE

Described as “nerdy but entertaining” by Mattias Fyrenius, the chief of Nobel Media which handles publicity around the coveted prize, it’s unsurprising that  the project initially found favour with academics already obsessed with Russia, and au fait with the army logistics crisis of 1917 – though many noted parallels with the turbulence of 2017. The story […]

Mk Ultra Glitches and Strange Behaviors

When watching the following video clip, I’d like to know how people can dismiss these things as someone having drug abuse issues or “they’re just tired of the fame and want to be left alone.” It’s more than that… And of course it may sound crazy, but all celebrities are controlled in some way. […]

University Prof Speaks On The Strange Mars Configurations That Could Be Made By Extraterrestrials

Next Story Carl Sagan once said that “It is not out of the question that artifacts of these visits still exist, or even that some kind of base is maintained (possibly automatically) within the solar system to provide continuity for successive expeditions. Because of weathering and the possibility of detection and interference by the inhabitants of […]

Strange Twists in the Hariri Mystery

The strange case of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his surprise resignation, delivered in Saudi Arabia, has developed international overtones with rumors about his possible kidnapping by the Saudis and France extending an invitation for him to come to Paris before possibly returning to Lebanon. I spoke again to Beirut-based political activist and environmentalist […]

People Are Freaking Out Over Strange Alien Looking Bug, But It’s Actually Found Almost Everywhere

Australia is known for its abundance of creepy crawler critters, and it’s not uncommon for residents to see these furry and scaly things in the privacy of their own homes. Not long ago, one family found a dangerous snake, not only in their home but slithering around in their child’s toy box. Imagine the feeling of […]

Something Strange is Happening to Hollywood

Grace looks into the recent Weinstein revelations, considering what is being hidden and if this is being used as distraction. The careers of assets such as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are also called into question. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Strange Mars pits captured in incredible detail (VIDEO)

The mesmerizing footage, captured in March of this year, was shared by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter imaging project, HiRise. READ MORE: Mesmerizing Martian clouds captured by NASA rover (VIDEO) Protonilus Mensae is an area of Mars in the Ismenius Lacus quadrangle. The terrain features cliffs, flat-topped hills, and wide valleys, believed to have been formed […]

Info About Extraterrestrial Bodies & Craft With Strange Inside The Library of Congress?

Next Story Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help.  But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. — Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister (source) It’s funny how some statements […]

Strange Things About the Las Vegas Massacre

Strange Things About the Las Vegas Massacre Conspiracies debunked, real questions asked Paul Joseph WatsonPrison October 4, 2017 Who was Paddock’s hotel room guest? Who warned concert-goers 45 minutes before? What does his girlfriend know? What’s the motive – is it being covered up? Were dying victims prevented from receiving treatment? Please share this […]

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