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GOP candidates point to China when asked about threat of climate change

GOP presidential candidates former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed to emissions from China and promised to eliminate the Biden administration’s environmental policies when asked about the threat of climate change at an Iowa debate Wednesday. Moderator Jake Tapper noted that 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded and that… […]

2023: A year of unprecedented heat, Copernicus Climate Change Service reports

C3S revealed startling global temperature highs, marking a concerning milestone in the ongoing narrative of climate change. Source

“Scientists Warn ‘Doing Your Own Research’ Is ‘Dangerous’ (you might uncover a lot of lies)

Check out our sister site for other news Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 30, 2023, #438 From Geoengineering Watch “Scientists Warn ‘Doing Your Own Research’ Is ‘Dangerous’ and Turns People Into ‘Conspiracy Theorists’”, according to a new report published by Journal Nature. The climate science community is sounding the alarm about the grave dangers […]

Ted Nugent slams ‘bulls**t’ climate change as scam

Musician Ted Nugent slammed climate change as a scam and made false claims that global warming is “bulls—t” in a recent episode of his podcast Spirit Campfire. “You have to have sh—for brains to believe this global warming bullsh—t,” Nugent said. “If you believe it, you have sh—for brains. While you were sleeping, someone opened… […]

If Earth Stopped Using Oil 6 Billion Would Die

All over the United Kingdom and in some parts of Europe, orange vest-wearing climate fanatics are blocking traffic to raise awareness about their fears about oil and natural gas use, which at least one of their members says “is genocide.” It turns out that, were oil and gas to go away, upwards of six billion […]

2023’s record-breaking climate fury: Scientist reveals how global warming is supercharging storms, heatwaves, and wildfires

Unraveling the ties between global warming and catastrophic weather patterns. Source

COP28 Comes to an End. What Does 2024 Hold for Globalist Gatherings?

The COP28 meeting ended with an agreement to begin the end of the fossil fuel era. What’s next on the agenda for the Predator Class in 2024? The United Nations COP28 meeting of world leaders concluded last week in Dubai with an agreement which is being heralded as the “beginning of the end of the […]

eWeek highlights digitalization’s growing environmental footprint

Image Credit: Shutterstock/KPixMining As the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development eWeek 2023 convened last week, the conference highlighted digitalization’s environmental costs on the planet. The digital transformation the world has seen is causing raw material depletion, an increase in water and energy use, and more pollution and waste, the speakers said. From online […]

As planet heats, U.S. ramps up fossil fuel production, casting a shadow on COP28 climate goals

NationofChange remains a vital, ad-free source of progressive news and activism, all thanks to donations from readers like you. Support our transparent, reader-funded journalism with your generous donation. In a year predicted to be the hottest on record, the United States is paradoxically on track to achieve record-breaking levels of fossil fuel production. This surge […]

Big Meat’s aggressive campaign at COP28 a strategic push to influence climate policy

As a hub for activists and change-makers, NationofChange operates entirely on reader contributions. Help us continue being a transparent and ad-free resource for you with a donation today. A strategic plan by major meat corporations and industry groups to dominate the narrative at the upcoming COP28 has been exposed by DeSmog and the Guardian. The […]

At COP28, the road to climate action is paved with Big Oil loophole language

Image Credit: (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Powered 100% by reader donations, NationofChange is your ad-free, transparent platform for progressive journalism and activism. Make a difference by donating now. The European Union has clearly laid out its position: Climate neutrality, the Council of the EU  stated last month, will require “a global phase-out of unabated fossil fuels […]

White House releases National Climate Assessment

Image Credit: Grist/Getty Images The National Climate Assessment, a compilation of scientific knowledge and predictions of climate change impacts on American life was released by the Biden administration last week. The report, which is reviewed by hundreds of scientific experts, is the fifth of its kind. The report concluded that climate change will impact almost […]

Biden’s climate catastrophe: IRA unleashes fossil fuel frenzy, jeopardizing environmental future

In a striking revelation, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)—President Joe Biden’s flagship climate legislation—is under scrutiny for potentially enabling an upsurge in fossil fuel production. This scenario poses a stark contradiction to the Act’s intent of fostering a greener future. Oil Change International (OCI), a prominent environmental advocacy group, recently unveiled an incisive analysis, revealing […]

The Inflation Reduction Act: A boon for Big Oil and a blow to climate Action

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), President Biden’s flagship climate legislation, could ironically fuel a surge in fossil fuel extraction, elevating the profits of the oil and gas industry at the cost of the environment and vulnerable communities. This revelation, presented in a new analysis by Oil Change International (OCI), raises crucial concerns about the […]

Family of Taylor Swift Fan Who Died After Brazil Concert Calls for Investigation

Taylor Swift (Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) / Ana Clara Benevides Machado (Supplied by family) The father of a 23-year-old Taylor Swift fan who died shortly after an Eras Tour concert during an unprecedented heatwave in Rio de Janeiro says he’s “devastated” and wants promoters to be investigated after attendees said they faced “unbearable” […]

Richest 1% fuel climate crisis with excessive emissions, Oxfam report reveals

Excessive emissions from the wealthiest threaten global stability A recent report by Oxfam International uncovers the disproportionate impact of the world’s wealthiest on climate change, putting millions at risk. The report titled “Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%” highlights how the richest 1% of the global population, equivalent to approximately 78 million people, contributed […]

More than half of world’s largest companies’ net zero pledges are false promises, study finds

The recent InfluenceMap study, assessing the climate commitments of nearly 300 of the world’s largest companies, has uncovered a troubling trend: over half are at risk of ‘net zero greenwashing.’ This finding highlights a significant disconnect between corporate pledges to support the Paris Climate Accord and actual policy actions, casting doubt on the integrity of […]

2023 Lancet Report on health and climate change: a critical call for comprehensive global action

Introduction The 2023 Lancet Countdown report, a pivotal document crafted by 114 scientists from 52 institutions worldwide, presents an urgent and comprehensive analysis of the escalating health crises due to climate change. This eighth iteration of the report underscores the critical need for global action, highlighting the urgent issues facing humanity due to the changing […]

Fossil fuel firms accelerating climate catastrophe despite urgent warnings

Images Credit: Tribune Content Agency, LLC. In a world where the urgency of addressing the climate crisis has never been clearer, an alarming trend persists: Fossil fuel companies are forging ahead with plans to expand their destructive infrastructure, potentially pushing humanity closer to climate catastrophe. An updated database released by Urgewald and numerous partner groups […]

Australia wants to absorb entire country because of Global Warming

    The Australian government, in a landmark move, has extended an offer of asylum to the entire population of Tuvalu, a vulnerable Pacific nation threatened by the alleged rising sea levels. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced this significant initiative during the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ Meeting in the Cook Islands. Both nations signed a […]

Methane emissions from food waste alarmingly accelerate climate crisis

As EPA reports highlight the staggering methane emissions from food waste, the U.S. grapples with an overlooked environmental hazard. Source

Gavin Newsom Commits California to ‘Cooperate’ with China on Climate Crisis

Chinese state media on Sunday praised California Governor Gavin Newsom for a climate change agreement between his state and the city of Shanghai, signed during Newsom’s visit to China. “Chinese experts” applauded the potential for “cooperation” between the U.S. and China – on Communist China’s terms, of course – demonstrated by Newsom’s visit. Source

Jeff Bezos Teams up with WEF, calls for People to Eat Cockroaches to ‘Save the Planet’

The mainstream media is ramping up pressure on the public to begin switching from traditional animal-based diets to exclusively insect-based diets in order to ‘save the planet.’ Corporate media outlets are promoting the switch to the WEF’s insect-based diet and are admitting that there won’t be much choice in the matter. The WEF, and other […]

New study reveals melting ice shelves in Antarctica inevitable no matter the climate initiatives

The analysis shows the rate at which the melting of ice shelves floating in the Amundsen Sea in west Antarctica is three times faster in this century than the 20th century. Source

Are we the dinosaurs of the 21st century?

And how our wars distract us. Source

California enacts far-reaching climate disclosure laws

“This legislation will support those companies doing their part to tackle the climate crisis and create accountability for those that aren’t.” Source

Climate-related damage costs $16 million per hour on average globally, new study estimates

The study authors estimate the cost of the extreme weather damages from 2000 to 2019 to average around $143 billion, which breaks down to around $16.3 million per hour. Source

Getting mad and getting even

California’s climate lawsuit—the result of a deliberate cover-up. Source

Any antidote to climate anxiety involves organizing

The climate catastrophe brings new disasters every week and will continue to throughout our lives. But what we do will make a difference in determining how this all plays out. Source

The Amazon Is Getting So Hot That Dolphins Are Dying En Masse

Roughly 120 dolphins have perished in a tributary of the Amazon River over the past week, a mass death that experts think may be linked to an extreme drought and heat that is plaguing the region.  The mass death of these rare river dolphins has underscored concerns about the effects of human-driven climate change, which […]

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