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Italian F-16 Part Boycott Won’t Affect Self-Reliant Egypt

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Egypt’s defense capabilities won’t be affected by the Italian Senate’s decision to halt Italy’s export of F-16 parts to the country. The boycott was imposed because of Egypt’s alleged uncooperativeness in investigating the death of the Italian Giulio Regeni in Cairo. Egypt has, with few temporal interruptions, aimed at a foreign […]

EPA spends nearly $300k to track energy and water use of office workers while doing nothing about children drinking lead-laced water

(NaturalNews) While lead-laden water has destroyed the lives of many U.S. residents, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has remained disturbingly hands-off in the matter, if not ignoring the problem entirely. One case where their disregard for human safety is evident involves the residents of Flint, Michigan. Although regional EPA officials were aware that […]

6 Secrets To Becoming A Better Teacher

Your morning starts like this: You wake up and check your email, look through new updates while having your breakfast, and read posts on your favorite blogs while riding the train to your job. Before the working week begins you jot down tasks in your daily planner so you don’t miss meetings and important to-do […]

Protesters storm Brazilian capital after bugged phone call goes public which reveals President gave senior government position to her predecessor so he could avoid arrest over corruption

From: Protests have erupted in Brazil’s capital after a recorded phone call between President Dilma Rousseff and her once-popular predecessor was released, suggesting that she appointed him to her cabinet to spare him from arrest for corruption. Rousseff appointed Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as her chief of staff on […]

Why You Should Never Talk to the Police (Illustrated)

This post and the video above were shared with the CopBlock Network anonymously by a reader who prefers to use the pseudonym “Carrollton Speed Tax,” via the Submissions page. It shows why people should never talk to the police even if they act nice and offer to put sugar on top of stuff. In […]

The caste system has left its mark on Indians’ genomes

     Over 1,500 years ago, the Gupta emperors ruled large parts of India. They helped consolidate the nation, but they also popularized India’s caste system, making it socially unacceptable for people to marry outside their castes. Now, a new analysis of genetic variation among contemporary Indians has revealed that this social shift left a distinctive […]

Make Israel Great Again: Record Number of Jews From Western Europe Make Aliyah

Back when the “migrant crisis” was really ramping up, I made it very clear that this was all part of the Oded-Yinon plan for the creation of Greater Israel. Making a jewish state that spans from the Nile to the Euphrates has been one of the main goals of world jewry for thousands of years. Well, […]


2. Pressured to ban the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, despite nearly a month of brisk sales. (To download a free copy of the book,click here.) 3.  Effect the media’s self-censorship via a nationwide blackout about the very newsworthy book ban by 4. Write an op/ed for a Florida newspaper attacking Florida Atlantic University (FAU) professor James Tracy, who […]

Don’t panic go organic: Homeless activists feed an entire shelter with rooftop garden

     Every activist has read the increasing number of stories where homelessness is being criminalized, as if simply being homeless isn’t punishment enough. However, there is a rising tide among all walks of life that is beginning to view homelessness in a very different light. As a sinking economy and the criminal actions of the […]

Russia demands arrest of Su-24 pilot’s murderer who gave interview to Turkish media

“We demand that the Turkish authorities take immediate action to catch Alparslan Celik and his accomplices and charge them with criminal offence for killing a Russian pilot and taking part in hostilities as members of an illegal armed group in a foreign country,” Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. […]

Democracy Denied: US Turning Haiti Into Another Vassal State

Of course, this policy financed by my tax dollars, didn’t benefit me or my next door neighbors; but certain individuals in both the US and Yugoslavia benefitted handsomely from the gambit.  Oops, too bad about those hundreds of thousands of lives; too bad about Srebrenica. So, now, Robert Baer is trying to make amends, of […]

How Poverty Changes Kids’ Brains

How Poverty Changes Kids’ Brains December 16th, 2015 Via: Nautilus: When children grow up in poverty, their brains can take a different shape. That’s one of the stark and uncomfortable findings from the lab of Kimberly Noble, a pediatrician and cognitive neuroscientist at Teachers […]

1,250 trucks carrying Turkish exports blocked at Russian border: Shipping association

Some 1,250 trucks transferring Turkish goods have been blocked from entering Russia and are stranded at border posts, a Turkish shipping association says. “Russia has not given permission to Turkish trucks for entry or transit passage for the past four days,” Fatih Sener, the managing director of Turkey’s International Shippers Association (UND), told Reuters on Monday. “Apart from […]

China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase

Beijing is currently in talks with Djibouti’s government to build a naval facility to support the Chinese Navy’s counter-piracy and peacekeeping missions in the region, China’s top officials told media. They carefully avoided calling the installation a “military base” similar to those maintained by the US worldwide. Spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry Hong Lei says […]

Black Friday Saudi-style: Riyadh to behead more than 50 people

READ MORE: Saudi Arabia’s 175 ‘mass judicial executions’ in 1 yr condemned by Amnesty The information about executions was recently released in Saudi media, which said that up to 55 ‘Al-Qaeda terrorists’ and ‘criminals’ from the town of Awamiyya will be executed in the next few days. However, it hasn’t been specified when and how […]

15 jihadists arrested in Europe-wide raid while planning attacks

Police issued 17 arrest warrants and 15 suspected Islamists were immediately detained and face terrorism charges. Almost all of them are Kurds, except one who is from Kosovo. The location of one suspect is unknown, while another is believed to be in Iraq. The arrests took place in Italy, Britain, Norway, Finland, Germany and Switzerland […]

VIDEO: Teenage Girl BRUTALLY Slammed to the Ground by Violent Cop While Sitting In Her Desk

The following video was just sent to us by students at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. Those students witnessed a Richland County sheriff’s deputy violently attacking a young female student. School officials have told us that the incident happened on Monday. But that was about all they would relay. […]

VIDEO: Teenage Girl BRUTALLY Slammed to the Ground by Violent Cop While Sitting In Her Desk

The following video was just sent to us by students at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. Those students witnessed a Richland County sheriff’s deputy violently attacking a young female student. School officials have told us that the incident happened on Monday. But that was about all they would relay. […]

Oldest alphabet primer found on ancient pottery

     The world’s oldest-known alphabet primer was found in a list of ancient Egyptian words inscribed on a shard of pottery from the 15th century B.C., according to a new study. Called ostracon, the flake of limestone was unearthed near Luxor over 20 years ago. British Egyptologist Nigel Strudwick found it as he excavated Theban […]

Got $20? Liberals gear up for snap poll

Former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is part of a Liberal fundraising team as the party prepares for a possible snap poll. Picture: File Source: The Daily Telegraph A TEAM of Liberal Party luminaries, including Alexander Downer and Santo Santoro, has been formed to fast-track a multimillion-dollar war chest for a snap federal poll. The Liberal […]

In Rick Perry’s Texas, Firefighters Forced To Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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