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Spain Releases Skin-Tone Stamps To Combat Racism, Makes Lighter Ones More Expensive

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s postal service is feeling a backlash from its attempt to highlight racial inequality. State-owned Correos España this week issued a set of four stamps in different skin-colored tones. The darker the stamp, the lower the price. The lightest color costs 1.60 euros ($1.95). The darkest one costs 0.70 euros ($0.85). Consigue […]

Foriegn Intelligence Surveillance Court Rubber Stamps Mass Surveillance Under Section 702 – Again

Apparently, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) didn’t get the memo. That’s because, under a recently declassified decision from November 2020, the FISC again found that a series of overly complex but still ultimately swiss cheese agency protocols — that are admittedly not even being followed — resolve the Fourth Amendment problems caused by the massive governmental […]

Moby blasted by liberals for daring to suggest food stamps should be limited to healthy groceries instead of junk food… the NERVE of that guy

(Natural News) Earlier this month, electronic pop music star Moby made an argument that has the liberals absolutely outraged. What was the argument, you might ask? That food stamps shouldn’t pay for junk food – because God forbid somebody insists that taxpayer money shouldn’t be used on welfare recipients looking to stock […]

American Airlines subsidiary workers say they must take food stamps, sell blood to get by

The workers, some of whom are paid as little as $9.48 an hour, rallied last week at airports in Phoenix, Philadelphia, Orlando, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C. Source Article from 00

Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps with Government Picked Food Boxes to Save Money

The Trump administration wants to scrap food stamps for low-income Americans and replace them with boxes of non-perishable food items selected by the government, Politico reported Monday. The proposal was touted by White House budget director Mick Mulvaney and included in the White House fiscal budget, released Monday. According to the administration, it […]

College students going hungry, relying on donated food and food stamps

     A nitro cold brew sells for $5, and a large mocha for $4.50 at a popular coffee and muffin bar in UC Berkeley’s student union. Downstairs, business is just as brisk at another food emporium. The provisions there are free. “I’m low on funds,” shrugged Christopher, a junior, as he stuffed apple juice, a […]

Video: Gangster Threatens to Kill Trump For Taking Away His Mama’s Food Stamps

Video: Gangster Threatens to Kill Trump For Taking Away His Mama’s Food Stamps Thugs waving guns declare “war” on the president Paul Joseph WatsonPrison August 9, 2017 Shock video has emerged of a group of gangsters waving guns and threatening to kill Donald Trump because he took away their mama’s food stamps. The clip […]

The Monster Behind Ontario’s Child Sexualization Program

  June 11, 2016 Ever the meticulous researcher, Levin kept a Word document cataloguing 1,750 individuals–his contacts on M, plus the people he’d met on other sites and through his prolific use of instant messaging. He noted their usernames, ages and locations, their sexual desires, their children’s ages, and what they liked to do with […]

‘Total mayhem’: Witness describes to RT chaotic scene after Brussels’ airport blast

“I was around 100 meters from the entrance of the airport when I heard a large blast and saw this screen of dust coming out. It was immediately clear for everyone that it was an attack. People started screaming and running away. We then went into hiding around the corner and waited for some time. […]

WHOA! Look At The Difference In Candidate’s TAX PLANS And How They Affect YOUR Wallet…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Here is a breakdown of how the candidates tax plans will affect your wallet should they be elected. If you have friends or family members that plan on voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, tell them to put their crack-pipe down for a minute and show them this. Here’s DONALD […]

Over 20 blasts in Damascus as ‘terrorists shell residential areas’ – Russian military

Over 20 blasts were registered earlier Saturday over a period of five hours, Kuralenko said. The information on the shelling was immediately passed to the US coordination center in Amman, the military said, RIA Novosti reported. READ MORE: Russia suspends all Syria airstrikes on areas & armed groups included in ceasefire – General Staff There […]

Early icebergs seen off Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

     You can usually time the welcome of icebergs by the arrival of summer and the tourism season, but this year the mighty bergs seem to be hugging the coastline early. Icebergs usually show up off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador in May and June, and draws large swaths of people to the province […]

Former British Prime Minister Blair Joins Call for a European Army

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently called in a Newsweekmagazine column for the establishment of a European army organised independently of the NATO alliance. As part of a broader plea for unity among the major European Union (EU) powers under the title “European unity has never been more important,” Blair wrote that the European powers […]

Scenes from the real world: Watch the Health Ranger’s totally INSANE donkey duet

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

The Big Question… When will Martial Law be Implimented?… Ask Your Pastor, He Knows!

I have never seen a time such as the one we are living in. We have so simultaneous threats to our health and well-being, that it is difficult to know where to begin. ISIS is running rampant across America. The Russians and Chinese are bombarding us with cyber attacks on a moment by moment basis. […]

BREAKING: FBI Official Just Issued TERRIFYING Warning For Those Who Live Near “Peaceful” Mosques

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A former FBI counter-terrorism special agent named John Guandolo has gone public with a BOMBSHELL and has issued a terrifying warning for the American people about Islamic centers and mosques around the country exposing that most are part of a broad “jihadi network.” In an interview with Breitbart, Guandolo claimed […]

U.S. progressives tag-team with ISIS to overrun and destroy America

(NaturalNews) Liberal “progressives” in the U.S. – actually, they’re regressives, because while they fashion themselves as forward-thinkers, their tendency to ban, limit and punish […]

More Restaurants Are Targeting Customers Who Use Food Stamps Sept 7, 2011 State sponsored transfats, sawdust, sugar, salt and high fructose corn syrup. The Way It Could Be: Urban Farming Guys Via: USA Today: The number of businesses approved to accept food stamps grew by a third from 2005 to 2010, U.S. Department of Agriculture records show, as vendors from convenience and dollar discount stores […]

Obama Agriculture Secretary: Food Stamps Create Jobs

Matt CoverCNS News Aug 17, 2011 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack repeated the White House claim that food stamps and other forms of government welfare are stimulus programs in disguise, stating that when government gives out money, it is creating jobs. “But I should point out that when you talk about the SNAP program or the […]

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