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How can artificial intelligence help to fight climate change? We answer your questions

Climate change is the planet’s biggest challenge and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could provide the right tools in the global fight. There is still a lot we don’t know about planet Earth, and advanced machine learning and AI could offer a ‘silver bullet’ to help us unravel the mysteries of our atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere. AI […]

Jews Harness Artificial Intelligence To Censor ‘Subtle’ Online ‘Antisemitism’ That Eludes Human Detection

The Alfred Landecker Foundation has commenced “Decoding Antisemitism,” a new three-year project to detect online antisemitism using artificial intelligence in association with scientific institutions including King’s College London and the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at the Technical University of Berlin: A worldwide team of analysts, computational linguists and historians will aim to develop an […]

Blade Runner & HAL 9000 racist? ‘Whiteness’ of artificial intelligence ‘exacerbates racial inequality,’ new study suggests

A University of Cambridge study examining the depiction of artificial intelligence in film, television, Google searches, images, and voices, suggests it is yet another area that showcases racism. While most would likely assume a machine cannot have a race, the researchers said that they do indeed have “racial identities” influenced by “real world” stereotypes. These […]

COMMENTARY: Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence Wants Machines To Be In Charge Of The Planet

The first AI-based church was founded by Anthony Levandowski, the Silicon Valley multimillionaire who championed the robotics team for Uber’s self-driving program and Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google. Way of the Future “is about creating a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + […]

Artificial Intelligence: How Much Are You Affected By It?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich Artificial Intelligence: The preprogrammed handover of our natural, unalienable [1] Creator-God-given human sovereignty to technology. Have you ever wondered what AI or Artificial Intelligence is all about?  It’s the deliberate reprogramming of the human race to think and to act according to controllers who want to have absolute […]

Reconfirmed: Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat and Sick

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times If you’re still holding out hope that science will eventually prove artificial sweeteners to be beneficial, or at the very least harmless, you’re likely to be disappointed. Again and again, research shows no-calorie sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose cause the same problems as excess sugar, and then some. […]

Confirmed: Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat and Sick

May 12th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World A growing body of research shows artificial sweeteners raise your risk of both obesity and Type 2 diabetes — perhaps even to a greater degree than sugar. If you’re still holding out hope that science will eventually prove artificial sweeteners to be beneficial, or […]

Artificial Intelligence for Policing Stirs Ethics Concerns

A leading vendor of police body cameras and other law enforcement technology announced Thursday it would convene a panel of experts to serve as an “artificial intelligence ethics board.” The company, Axon, formerly known as Taser, says its ultimate goal in developing artificial intelligence technology is to remove the need for police officers to do […]

Artificial Intelligence Causes Its First Death – Can We Really Trust A Robot To Do Our Driving For Us?

Next Story On March 18th, 2018, the history of the automated vehicle industry was forever altered, as an automated vehicle caused its first reported fatality in Tempe, Arizona. A 49 year old woman named Elaine Herzberg, was struck and killed, by the vehicle while it was in autonomous mode. A video released by Tempe Police […]

Zuckerberg Admits He’s Developing Artificial Intelligence to Censor Content

(ANTIMEDIA) — This week we were treated to a veritable carnival attraction as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world, testified before Senate committees about privacy issues related to Facebook’s handling of user data. Besides highlighting the fact that most United States senators — and most people, for that […]

Artificial Intelligence – The Biggest Hope Or The Greatest Threat To Humanity?

Mike Sygula, Guest Waking Times In 1997, Deep Blue — the computer created by IBM — defeated World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov. Some say that it was one of the first major examples of AI in action, others believe that the technology used was still quite simple and shouldn’t even be called AI. 20 years later, […]

Researchers show how a moth’s brain is smarter than artificial intelligence

(Natural News) Insects may be simple, and in terms of intellectual capability, they will never be able to match humans, but they do have brains. They can definitely learn, as moths do when getting acquainted with new scents. But did you know that even moths can be smarter than today’s standard level of artificial […]

Can A Robot (Artificial Intelligence) Have A Soul? Can It Have Consciousness?

Next Story The existence of the soul has been written and contemplated on since the beginning of time. The idea that there are multiple components which make up a human being that are non-physical in nature is nothing new. Can we prove the existence of the soul? Not really, but if we look into studies […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Supercharge Surveillance January 29th, 2018 Via: The Verge: Artificial intelligence is giving surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyze live video with no humans necessary. This could be good news for public safety, helping police […]

Cyborg Soldiers, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Mass Surveillance May be Here Sooner Than You Think

January 19th, 2018 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Straight out of the science fiction film The Terminator, a 72-page Pentagon document lays out their plan for the future of combat and war, which will utilize artificial intelligence (or AI), robotics, information technology as well as biotechnology. Proponents of advanced technology — such as robot soldiers […]

Skynet Now: Pentagon Deploys Terrorist-Hunting Artificial Intelligence

By Jake Anderson Someday, future sentient artificial intelligence (AI) systems may reflect on their early indentured servitude for the human military-industrial complex with little to no nostalgia. But we’ll worry about that when the day comes. For now, let’s continue writing algorithms that conscript machine intelligence into terrorist bombings and let the chips […]

Europe is ALL IN for renewable energy: They are planning to build an artificial island in the North Sea to support the world’s largest wind farm

(Natural News) By 2027, an artificial island in the North Sea could soon be providing renewable energy for at least 80 million individuals in Europe. Dubbed the “North Sea Wind Power Hub,” the artificial power island will house “a small team of permanent staff.” The island will send electricity via long-distance cables to Britain and […]

AI Building AI – Is Humanity Losing Control Over Artificial Intelligence?

December 29th, 2017 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World We have the reached the stage of AI Building AI. Our AI robots/machines are creating child AI robots/machines. How will humanity control children AI when humans didn’t create them? Have we already lost control? AI building AI is the next phase humanity appears to be […]

SOTT FOCUS: Is Artificial Light at Night Making You and Your Kids Fat & Sick?

     Feeling sluggish during the day and restless at night? Exercising like a gym-bunny and watching your calorie intake but not getting positive results? You may be overlooking something that is literally staring you in the face. A recent study published by Penn State College of Medicine is the latest to shine light (no pun […]

Blockchain Explained – The Child of Artificial Intelligence

More Than Bitcoin Blockchain Explained: To a Child, Pre-Teen, College Student, Expert, and You Our Greater Destiny – 12/14/2017 by Doreen Agostino Internet of Things (IoT) Like it or not, blockchain interfacing with robots, AI and other kinds of identities is in our future so it’s best that we understand a key foundation of the […]

‘Minority Report’ Artificial Intelligence Machine Can Identify 2 Billion People in Seconds

Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognise people. The company – based in Shanghai, China – developed Dragonfly Eye to scan through millions of photographs that have been logged in the country’s national database. This means it has a collection of 1.8 billion photos […]

Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence

Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence December 11th, 2017 Via: Wired: Anthony Levandowski makes an unlikely prophet. Dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans and flanked by a PR rep rather than cloaked acolytes, the engineer known for self-driving cars—and triggering a notorious lawsuit—could be […]

Will Artificial Intelligence Become Conscious?

By Subhash Kak, Oklahoma State University Forget about today’s modest incremental advances in artificial intelligence, such as the increasing abilities of cars to drive themselves. Waiting in the wings might be a groundbreaking development: a machine that is aware of itself and its surroundings, and that could take in and process massive amounts […]

AI Building AI: Mankind Losing More Control over Artificial Intelligence

Is the next phase humanity appears to be going through in its technological evolution. We are at the point where corporations are designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines, robots and programs to make child AI machines, robots and programs – in other words, we have AI building AI. While some praise this development and point […]

The US and the Global Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

By Ulson Gunnar Artificial intelligence (AI) is already widely used by tech firms worldwide for everything from search engines to social media. It is also increasingly being developed for other applications including monitoring systems and decision making. Experimental platforms are already being tested that can review medical records and images to diagnose patients. […]

New Artificial Intelligence Designed to Be Mentally Unstable: What Could Go Wrong?

By Jake Anderson We tend to think of artificial intelligence entities as flawless intellects, early prototypes of the powerful ‘artilects’ futurists imagine will one day rule our world. We also tend to think of them as not being subject to unhappy thoughts or feelings. But one company has created an artificially intelligent machine-learning system that suffers […]

SPECIAL ALERT: The 13th and 14th are high risk days for the start of the artificial “End Times” battle

[Alert Over: 14 November 2017] – Trump departed Asia safely and the 3-carrier naval exercise has now concluded. So the globalists either backed off from their plans or I was tilting at windmills the whole time. I’ll leave it to you to decide which. Speaking of windmills, I’ll lay out the things to watch for as […]

SPECIAL ALERT: The 13th and 14th are high risk days for the start of the artificial “End Times” battle (+ a P.S. – How the globalists set up the Philippine assassination)

RT is reporting that the US Navy has started the three aircraft carrier drill near Korea. It started Saturday and is scheduled to last for 4 days. And according to this Daily Mail article, the carriers are to be clustered together on Monday the 13th (which begins in less than an hour in Korea). This […]

SPECIAL ALERT: Monday the 13th is a high risk day for the start the artificial “End Times” battle

RT is reporting that the US Navy has started the three aircraft carrier drill near Korea. It started Saturday and is scheduled to last for 4 days. And according to this Daily Mail article, the carriers are to be clustered together on Monday the 13th (which begins in less than an hour in Korea). This […]

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