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Bankruptcy Tsunami Begins: Thousands Of Default Notices Are “Flying Out The Door”

By Tyler Durden Two weeks ago, when showing the uncanny correlation between defaults and the unemployment rates, we predicted that the number of Chapter 11 filings that is about to flood the US will be nothing short of biblical. All that was missing was a catalyst… and according to Bloomberg that catalyst arrived in the […]

Debt, coronavirus push Hertz into bankruptcy protection

AP — Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, unable to withstand the coronavirus pandemic that has crippled global travel and with it, the heavily indebted 102-year-old car rental company’s business. The Estero, Florida-based company’s lenders were unwilling to grant it another extension on its auto lease debt payments past a Friday deadline, triggering the filing […]

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy As Lockdowns Crush Rental Car Industry

As if 44,354 Robin Hood traders suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. What one world war, one Great Depression and numerous oil price shocks couldn’t do, the coronavirus did in less than three months and late on Friday, auto rental giant Hertz which was founded in 1918 when it set up shop […]

‘Current health crisis revealed ideological bankruptcy of our leaders’: Marine Le Pen slams govt as France eases quarantine

“This health crisis has revealed the ideological bankruptcy with which our leaders have been leading our country: the bankruptcy of the profit logic in public policy, the bankruptcy of ultra-liberalism, Europeanism, and globalism,” Le Pen told RFI radio. We’ve seen an uninterrupted series of inconsistencies and failures since the start of the crisis, and this […]

Neiman Marcus Files For ‘Prepack’ Bankruptcy, Joining J Crew

Just three days ago, we reported that Neiman Marcus – aka “Needless Markups” – was on the cusp of striking a deal with creditors for financing that would help tide it over through bankruptcy. Well, it looks like the big day has finally arrived. Bloomberg reports that Neiman Marcus Group has officially entered into a […]

First JC Penney, Now Neiman Marcus Set To File For Bankruptcy

Yesterday we reported that ancient retail icon and anchor tenant at malls everywhere, JC Penney, was finally preparing to call it a day, and was set to file for bankruptcy protection, in the process ending lease payments and putting the thousands of malls in which it had an outlet in cash flow peril. A few […]

Whiting Petroleum Files For Prepackaged Bankruptcy

Talk about a coincidence: just as we were discussing why April would be “apocalyptic” for the oil industry, as Saudi Arabia just unleashed an unprecedented record amount of oil to buyers in a scramble to put its high-priced competitors out of business, warning that “countless oil producers would file for bankruptcy”, former shale darling Whiting […]

Saudi purge continues as MbS pushes Kingdom towards bankruptcy (Video) — The Duran

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 502. via Saudi purge continues as MbS pushes Kingdom towards bankruptcy (Video) — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 17

Boy Scouts of America File for Bankruptcy Amid Tsunami of Child Sexual Abuse Allegations

(TMU) — Faced with a tsunami of sexual abuse lawsuits from thousands of alleged victims, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for bankruptcy Tuesday in a bid to continue operating. The organization, which just recently celebrated its 110th anniversary on February 8, listed its liabilities as between $100 million and $500 million, but its […]

Boy Scouts declaring bankruptcy to avoid facing sex abuse victims while keeping its doors open to predators & fresh recruits

“Parents should be told the moment they’re approached about signing their child up” that the Scouts are dealing with the fallout from a massive sex abuse scandal, comedian and social critic Lee Camp told RT on Tuesday. “That way they can make an informed decision. They can think to themselves, ‘On one hand my boy […]

Largest Milk Producer In US Files For Bankruptcy As Industry’s Profits Fall

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times The largest milk producer in the United States, Dean Foods, has filed for bankruptcy. The dairy industry has seen declining profits in recent years as fewer people are drinking cow’s milk, but 2019 was one of the worst years on record for the industry, especially for Dean Foods, which […]

As Fracking Companies Face Bankruptcy, U.S. Regulators Enable Firms to Duck Cleanup Costs

Justin Mikulka, DeSmog Blog Waking Times In over their heads with debt, U.S. shale oil and gas firms are now moving from a boom in fracking to a boom in bankruptcies. This trend of failing finances has the potential for the U.S. public, both at the state and federal levels, to be left on the hook for paying to […]

America’s Largest Milk Producer Files For Bankruptcy – Cow’s Milk Is Inhumane & Unhealthy

The Facts: Sadhguru has commented on ‘mystical’ phenomenon for a while. He has speculated about life that originated from somewhere else, not Earth. He explains how he believes 95 percent of it is simply false, but also speaks of a 5 percent reality. Reflect On: What are the implications of humanity waking up to such […]

Dean Foods files for bankruptcy as consumers increasingly reject processed cow’s milk

(Natural News) The largest commercial milk processor in the United States has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing heavy debt and substantial unfunded debt obligations as among the reasons why. The current owners of Dallas-based Dean Foods say that they eventually want to sell the company, but first need to get […]

Oxycontin Maker Files For Bankruptcy After Funneling Billions Into Private Accounts

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times The Sacklers, the notorious family that owns Purdue Pharma, the company responsible for the controversial opiate Oxycontin, is accused of transferring $1 billion to offshore accounts, in an attempt to hide their wealth, amid a flurry of lawsuits related to the drug. The New York’s attorney general filed a […]

Purdue Pharma Expected To File Bankruptcy Amid Settlement Negotiations "Hitting An Impasse"

The makers of Oxycontin, Purdue Pharma, are now expected to file for bankruptcy after settlement talks regarding the nation’s opioid crisis have “hit an impasse”, according to ABC News.  This impasse puts Purdue’s federal trial over the opioid epidemic on track to start next month and sets the stage for significant legal drama involving state […]

How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy

How Chicago Ticket Debt Sends Black Motorists Into Bankruptcy Above Photo: From A cash-strapped city employs punitive measures to collect from cash-strapped residents — and lawyers benefit. MY LAST SUMMER, Laqueanda Reneau felt like she had finally gotten her life on track. A single mother who had gotten pregnant in high school, she supported her family […]

Medical Madness: A Mother’s Choice Between A Child’s Care And Bankruptcy

Medical Madness: A Mother’s Choice Between A Child’s Care And Bankruptcy Above Photo: Lindsay Clark gets a kiss from her daughter Lily outside their home in Aledo, Texas, on May 9, 2019., Photographs by Allison V. Smith for Vox Two years ago, 36-year-old Lindsay Clark was facing a terrible decision. Her 2-year-old daughter Lily had […]

Sears Files for Bankruptcy

Sears Files for Bankruptcy October 15th, 2018 Via: CBS: Sears has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, buckling under its massive debt load and staggering losses. Sears once dominated the American retail landscape. But the big question is whether its shrunken version can be […]

Older Americans Increasingly Filing for Bankruptcy

Older Americans Increasingly Filing for Bankruptcy August 6th, 2018 Via: SSRN: The social safety net for older Americans has been shrinking for the past couple decades. The risks associated with aging, reduced income, and increased healthcare costs, have been off-loaded onto older individuals. At […]

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