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Shuttered for seven straight months, Israeli cinemas face bankruptcy

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Israel to form panel to set standard for post-bankruptcy living wage

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Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy in US following Facebook debacle

Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy in US following Facebook debacle CNBC May 18, 2018 Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy at the center of Facebook Inc’s privacy scandal, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States late on Thursday. This past March allegations surfaced that Cambridge Analytica, hired by President Donald Trump’s 2016 U.S. election […]

Largest US Radio Company Files For Bankruptcy

IHeartMedia Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday as the largest U.S. radio station owner reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to more than halve its $20 billion in debt. The company said it ‍reached the agreement with holders of more than $10 billion of its outstanding debt that would restructure […]

Radio giant iHeartMedia poised to file for bankruptcy; owns 18 Massachusetts stations

Radio giant iHeartMedia Inc. is circulating documents for a bankruptcy filing that could come as soon as this weekend. Despite a year of negotiations on a restructuring plan, a formal support agreement still isn’t in place with the most-senior lenders, making a bankruptcy filing all but certain, Bloomberg Newsreported on Thursday. With 855 stations, […]

Gun maker Remington files for bankruptcy

Remington, the gun maker beset by falling sales and lawsuits tied to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, has reached a financing deal that would allow it to continue operating as it seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The maker of the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle used in the Connecticut shooting that left 20 […]

Buzzfeed Faces Bankruptcy As Victims Sue For Printing “Russia Dossier”

Buzzfeed is facing bankruptcy as victims sue them for printing the discredited Russia Dossier and former allies turn their backs on the failing pile of garbage.  Poor desperate Buzzfeed! Throughout the second half of 2016, we now know from the Senate memo, Buzzfeed was being briefed by British Ex-Spy Christopher Steele on the contents of […]

The Bankruptcy Of The American Left

The Bankruptcy Of The American Left Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig There will be no economic or political justice for the poor, people of color, women or workers within the framework of global, corporate capitalism. Corporate capitalism, which uses identity politics, multiculturalism and racial justice to masquerade as politics, will never halt the rising social inequality, unchecked […]

New Israel Fund’s Daniel Sokatch exposes the bankruptcy of liberal Zionism

Last week I wrote a response to an article published in Haaretz by Petra Marquardt-Bigman. In it, I criticized her decontextualized, vile and one-sided smear of the Tamimi family, which read like a propaganda document, not an article in a liberal outlet such as Haaretz. But Marquardt-Bigman is an easy target. Her bias is so […]

Will Bankruptcy Venue BILL Bankrupt Delaware?

By Aaron Kesel This reporter has been doing an ongoing series about Wall Street frauds aided & abetted by federal corruption; which includes issues of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital partnerships in “Bankruptcy Rings” spearheaded by crooked attorney at law, Paul Traub (see here – here and here). Due to a sudden illness, […]

The Bankruptcy and Enslavement of The U.S. Citizen by the Federal Reserve’s International Bankers

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913) “Hypothecated” all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, – in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. I have been reading […]

Justice Department reminds canna-businesses they can’t file bankruptcy

One of the most difficult challenges that U.S. canna-businesses currently face is that the federal tax code that prevents them from claiming credits and deductions on their professional income, even if legal on a state level — leaving cannabis companies with federal tax rates as high as 80 percent. If the lack of […]

Toys "R" Us Files Chapter 11: Second Largest US Retail Bankruptcy In History

Toys “R” Us Inc., the largest US “brick and mortar” toys retailer, filed for bankruptcy late on Monday night, as a result of a crushing post-LBO debt load and relentless competition from warehouse and online retailers, the “latest blow to a retail industry reeling from store closures, sluggish mall traffic and the gravitational […]

The Beggars for War: The US, North Korea and Bankruptcy

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Challenging Neoliberal Dogma: Pushing Indian Farmers into Bankruptcy Isn’t ‘Development’!

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Russians Vow To ‘Sue Buzzfeed Into Bankruptcy’ Over Fake Dossier

The owners of a Russian bank have launched legal action against BuzzFeed for publishing the “Russian dossier” that editor Ben Smith admitted contained fake news and unproven claims. The “Russian dossier” contained claims that the businessmen were involved in bribing Vladimir Putin years ago and took part in an alleged Russian government campaign to hack […]

Bill Introduced Allowing Cancellation Of Over $1 Trillion In Student Debt Through Bankruptcy

Courtesy of Sov Man’s Simon Black, here are several of the most bizarre legal anecdotes to take place in the US and around the globe over the past week, staring with an bill currently in Congress which is seeking to wipe out over $1 trillion in student loans. * * * A […]

Who Are The Biggest Losers From The Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

So does that mean that there are no losers or casualties (metaphorically speaking for now) from the bankruptcy filing? The answer is that in addition to the citizens of Puerto Rico of course, more than half of whom live in poverty and who are about to be crushed by even more austere financial conditions […]

Puerto Rico Files for Biggest Ever U.S. Local Government Bankruptcy

Puerto Rico Files for Biggest Ever U.S. Local Government Bankruptcy May 4th, 2017 Via: Reuters: Puerto Rico announced a historic restructuring of its public debt on Wednesday, touching off what may be the biggest bankruptcy ever in the $3.8 trillion U.S. municipal bond market. […]

Truth Will Out Radio: All Slaves to Israel

Radio Aryan June 10, 2016 Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks discuss the material in part 19 of Dennis’ documentary ‘Communism by the Back Door’. The terrorist state of Israel is only able to survive by extorting money from White nations and it does this in a variety of ways which are discussed by the two […]

Gutting Habeas Corpus

Print Friendly Above Photo: Doug Mills/AP The Inside Story of How Bill Clinton Sacrificed Prisoners’ Rights for Political Gain ON THE EVE OF the New York state primary last month, as Hillary Clinton came closer to the Democratic nomination, Vice President Joe Biden went on TV and defended her husband’s 1994 crime bill. Asked in an interview if he felt shame […]

More Arrests At US Capitol As Democracy Spring Meets Black Lives Matter

Print Friendly Above Photo: From US Capitol Police separated those who staged a sit-in at the steps of the building from the main body of the protesters, and proceeded to detain them. In addition to the overall demands to remove corporate money from politics and ensure fair elections, on Wednesday ‘Democracy Spring’ focused specifically on “racial […]

Iran eyes self-sufficiency in gasoline production thru refinery project

TEHRAN, March 12 (Shana) — Iran will no longer be an importer of gasoline once it launches Persian Gulf Start Refinery project, said an MP. Abolghasem Jarareh told Shana that the project is of crucial national significance for Iran as it turns the country from an importer of petrol to an exporter of the item. […]

Obama Haunted by Graveyard of Empires

Finian Cunningham (SCF) : US President Barack Obama has little to cheer about during his annual Christmas vacation – just as America’s longest-ever overseas war – in Afghanistan – flares up with no end in sight, and possibly for even more years to come. «The war in Afghanistan follows Obama to his vacation in Hawaii», […]

Toxic Firefighting Foam Has Contaminated U.S. Drinking Water

LORI CERVERA HAD ALWAYS been an active person. She liked camping, playing outdoors with her kids, and practically lived in her running shoes. She didn’t have much patience for illness. So when she developed a dull ache on her right side in May 2014, Cervera took a few Tylenol and did her best to ignore […]

Moral Bankruptcy: will U.S. veto Palestine?

Jim MilesGlobal Research Sept 20, 2011 This week at the UN – if the U.S. push to disable the process does not succeed – a vote will be taken on Palestinian statehood. The U.S. has already stated that it will veto any vote that supports Palestinian statehood. So why take the vote if that is […]

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