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Breakthrough Discovery of Earliest Cancer Case from Bronze Age China

An examination of the skeletal remains of a man from Bronze Age China has produced some astonishing results. Work conducted by the international research team resulted in experts finding one of the earliest examples of cancer in East Asia. Such discoveries are very rare. Potentially this could help specialists to better understand the disease, which […]

Netanyahu’s Gulf breakthrough: It’s his party and he’ll cry if he wants to

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Viking Shield Technology Revealed in New Breakthrough Study

How exactly the Vikings and their Iron Age ancestors made their war shields has always been a mystery, but a new study explains this in detail and shines light onto a traditionally shadowy aspect of ancient Nordic warcraft and weaponry. Iron Age and Viking Age cultures in Northern Europe crafted shields from thin wooden boards that were reinforced […]

Hamas denies report of breakthrough in prisoner exchange deal with Israel

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Watch: President Trump Announces Coronavirus ‘Breakthrough’ At White House

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Amazing New Siberian Mammoth Remains May Lead to Cloning Breakthrough

Russian scientists have retrieved the nearly complete remains of a woolly mammoth in Russia. The Siberian mammoth remains are so well-preserved that they still have flesh and hair. These remains are up to 10,000 years old and they could play an important role in the international race to recreate prehistoric beasts in laboratories. The remains […]

Super-heavy rockets & 600+ satellites: Putin eyes ‘breakthrough’ in space exploration

To orbit and back: Russia developing Soyuz-based pilotless craft to retrieve cargo from space “We have our own unique new ‘Sfera’ [Sphere] program,” the president said during a live televised call-in show. The project envisions “launching more than 600 satellites in the coming years,” which will become part of a new satellite positioning, Earth monitoring, […]

Major breakthrough: Syrian army declares Damascus area secure after clearing out ISIS-controlled pocket

     The Syrian army has declared Damascus and its surrounds fully secure after regaining control of a former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in the southern part of the city. The army made the announcement in a televised statement after establishing control of the Damascus neighborhood of al-Hajar al-Aswad on Monday, according to local […]

Space ‘cat blood’: Scientists on ISS a whisker away from major medical breakthrough

The somewhat extraterrestrial solution was created on board the International Space Station’s Kibo laboratory recently with the aim of replicating cat blood, reported Asahi Shimbun. The experimental module, which means ‘Hope’ in Japanese, contains a pressurized room where astronauts study space medicine, biology and material production. The latest investigation appears to be the manufacturing of […]

The Biggest Energy Tech Breakthrough Since Fracking

The electric car revolution is driving a lithium-ion battery boom that could be worth $67 billion by 2022 – as long as a supply crunch doesn’t choke it to death.  Thankfully, International Battery Metals Ltd. (CSE:IBAT; OTC: RHHNF) is seeking to revolutionize the economics of Lithium extraction. Traditional solar evaporation technology takes up to 24 […]

Human egg matured in lab for first time in possible breakthrough for fertility treatment

Modern medical technology allows mature eggs to be extracted and frozen for years, until a patient wants to use them for an IVF procedure. During each harvesting cycle, however, a limited number of eggs can be extracted, which may not be enough to guarantee successful fertilization. In certain cases, such as when a woman is […]

Tractor beam breakthrough could one day levitate humans – study

Engineers from the University of Bristol have demonstrated that it’s possible to stably levitate objects using the world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beams. Their findings were published in the Physical Review Letters on Monday.  Acoustic tractor beams use soundwaves to hold particles in the air. It was previously believed they could only be used to […]

Why do we gain weight in winter? Breakthrough study reveals less time in the sun promotes fat storage, as well as making us deficient in vitamin D

(Natural News) According to scientists, “winter weight gain” could be partly caused by a lack of sunlight exposure during winter. Researchers from the University of Alberta have announced that the according to the results of their study, the fat cells under our skin shrink once exposed to the “blue light” emitted by the sun. Peter Light, […]

US ready to talk to N Korea: ‘It’s a breakthrough, but many twists & turns might be ahead’

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Washington is willing to engage in direct talks with North Korea over the country’s nuclear program. “We’re ready to talk anytime they’d like to talk,” Tillerson said about North Korea on Tuesday afternoon at an Atlantic Council think-tank event in Washington. The statement came two weeks after […]

Brexit breakthrough: Here’s what it all means

Talks ran through the night between UK Prime Minister Theresa May, leader of the DUP – Northern Ireland’s biggest party – Arlene Foster, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Irish leader Leo Varadkar. Tensions between the leaders had reached fever pitch during the week as the heads of state fought their country’s corner. However, by […]

10 Breakthrough Lessons I Learned Trying To Heal My Kids From Autism, Anxiety & ADHD

Next Story By practice, I’m a psychotherapist who has been working for over a decade in the world of mainstream medicine, a body of experience that has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of both its strengths and weaknesses. But beyond my work, I’m also a mom who fiercely loves her children, and for […]

‘Putin-hosted summit represents major breakthrough for Syria, but obstacles remain’

Russia on Wednesday hosted a three-way summit in Sochi between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. The primary goal of the meeting was to find a solution for ending the civil war in Syria. Vladimir Putin said Syria has a real chance to end its six-year civil war. […]

‘Breakthrough’ discovery inside Giza Pyramid baffles scientists

Its size suggests it plays an important role in the tomb’s structure. It’s the first discovery of its kind since the 19th century. “These results constitute a breakthrough for the understanding of Khufu’s Pyramid and its internal structure,” the scientists explained in a journal published in Nature. READ MORE: Pyramid scheme: Mysterious chambers found hidden in […]

NYU staging of Palestinian fighters in ‘The Siege’ marked a breakthrough

On October 12, I came out of the Jenin Freedom Theatre’s premiere of “The Siege” at NYU with a sense of elation and disbelief. A vivid commemoration of violent resistance to occupation had been put forth in an establishment venue (the Skirball Center), and everyone was the better for it. The play had been censored […]

Breakthrough science study confirms that probiotics can improve depression symptoms

(Natural News) Probiotics have a reputation for being a boon to gut health, but it may also have unexpected positive effects on mental health, according to new research. A study published in the medical journal Gastroenterology suggested that probiotics may be helpful in improving symptoms in patients with depression, reported. For the study, researchers focused on 44 […]

If Blueberries Were Pharmaceuticals, They Would Be Hailed As The Greatest Medical Breakthrough

Blueberries are miraculous natural medicine. If they were prescription medications, they would be called a “miracle” health breakthrough and an unprecedented milestone in medical science.  Yet, you can get them without a prescription, without a visit to the doctor and without “permission” from your health insurance provider. And unlike toxic prescription medications, blueberries are incredibly […]

The science behind a party trick may lead to a breakthrough in brain research

(Natural News) Researchers suggested that the popular bottle-breaking trick may help in traumatic brain injury research, as reported by the Science Daily. Researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah State University, and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology claimed that their findings on a phenomenon in liquid dynamics could give insight in the research of […]

Could This Be The Biggest Biotech Breakthrough Of The Year?

Someone dies of a stroke every 4 minutes in the United States. Globally, 15 million people suffer a stroke every year. It’s debilitating physically and financially—but one little-known company has developed a medical device that hopes to challenge that deadly statistic. It’s been quietly developing this new technology for 10 years. Now it’s released updated […]

North Korea Claims Breakthrough: Hydrogen Bomb Warheads and EMP Weapons

According to reports across the mainstream media — including the Wall Street Journal — North Korea claims to have successfully developed and tested a hydrogen bomb that can be deployed on its long-range missiles capable of reaching the United States. A magnitude-6.3 earthquake — caused by an underground testing detonation in North Korea — was […]

Anti-cancer breakthrough: 52 herbs were tested, and only these three were found to effectively fight cancer

(Natural News) The search for a cure for cancer wages on, and many people remain convinced that our planet’s many natural resources could hold the key to fighting this deadly disease. With nearly nine million people around the world dying of cancer in 2015 and twice as many people diagnosed, the need for an […]

Scientists Hail Cancer Cure Breakthrough That Heals Tumors ‘In Days’

A revolutionary type of immunotherapy has seen terminal cancer patients recover “within a matter of days,” according to a new clinical trial. CART T-cell therapy eradicates tumors in nearly all patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) who had exhausted other treatment options, researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have reported. reports: What makes immune-based therapies like […]

Science breakthrough removes nearly all BPA from water at very low cost

(Natural News) A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Auckland, and Oregon State University has recently developed a catalyst that effectively eliminates nearly all traces of bisphenol A (BPA) from water. The new catalysts, called tetra-amido macrocyclic ligands (TAML) activators are small molecules that are known to mimic oxidizing enzymes. According to the researchers, […]

Jews a Race, Not Religion, New DNA Breakthrough Proves

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BREAKTHROUGH science study confirms that omega-3 oils halt cancer tumors

(Natural News) By now, most of us are aware that eating foods like processed meat can cause colorectal cancer, but are there foods you can eat that have the opposite effect? According to a new study, piling some salmon onto your plate could have a very positive impact when it comes to this common type […]

Prostate Cancer Breakthrough: Combination of Three Plant-Based Nutrients Found To Melt Away Prostate Cancer Cells

A fascinating new study published in Precision Oncology has found that a combination of three plant-based nutrients “melts away” prostate cancer cells. The study, led by University of Texas researcher Stefano Tiziani, is entitled Combinatorial treatment with natural compounds in prostate cancer inhibits prostate tumor growth and leads to key modulations of cancer cell metabolism. As […]

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